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Religious Freedom: Mura's Way

Updated on January 16, 2015

Religious Freedom: Easier than you can imagine.

When we think of religious freedom, we often think simply of finding the right religion and trying to adhere solely to it. It's hard for a lot of people and I'm going to help you understand exactly how you shouldn't be doing that. Not because it's wrong or right. But because we don't know what's wrong or right. Bar a few exceptionally morally justifiable rules.

Many times, murder, rape, and theft are spoken of in a plethora of religions and cults. While these rules are more than likely rules a god or goddess would expect you to adhere to, many people would think that other rules are to be followed as strongly. But there lies our problem. Other rules. Rules that don't necessarily strike as morally wrong, based on if you were to hear about those without hearing about the so called consequences in religions today.

How many of you have actually read the bible itself? And how many of you have ever wondered why a rule is there that you see? Well, there's always the "possibility" that what you are reading, is a modern day manipulation of what was the bible. Which is my own belief. I believe that the really fancy looking King James bible you picked up online at Amazon for $29.99 was exactly just that. I'll show you why I think that.

1: Religion is supposed to be free. Just as your initial schooling years are. And with that comes a set amount of guidelines that god or a god would normally list in the bible. Guidelines are supposed to be free as well. Otherwise, if you speak of consequences, then people who can't pay money would be damned to hell automatically.

2: Correlating with the previous reason, Jesus teaches to not value the materialistic things such as money. Thus you should expect any bible to be free as they are the guidelines.

3: Jesus doesn't give to shits about what amount of money said person makes. Why would he condone the selling of the bible as if it was a tool for humans to use to support selfish reasons? Jesus would send that ass to hell for selling you a bible, if it was really an accurate bible. And since it's probably not, then it's exploitation of something as personally sacred as religion.

With those in mind, it's my way of life to take what I hear in bibles today as a grain of salt. Do you know anyone or are someone who has lived for three millennium in order to validate a book talking about being the new testament? No. Not usually. And chances are you don't or aren't. Here are my rules on this and how they can help you.

1: If you read a bible, do not pay attention to anything that speaks of ambiguous morality about things such as sexuality or relationships such as incest or homosexuality. There was more than likely not a single thing spoken of in the new testament when Jesus was around during his first coming. We can't validate, so don't pop your blood vessels worrying about people you care about who are gay for being gay. Worry about them for being with a bad partner. Not their sexuality. And this also applies to gay marriage. Leave it be. We're not in danger of dying from low population. And if you see no such rules against murder, rape, and theft, leave that shit in the dust.

2: If you see a bible being sold for any amount of money, leave it, cast it off as sinful, and burn it if you must. If it's not supposed to be burned, chances are, god would do something undeniably life altering to stop you, or have the soul of Christ come from it and restore it or castrate you for trying. Or in the case of females, zap your vagina with a bolt of lightning.

3: Atheist who tell you they can prove god doesn't exist are to be ignored. Atheists who tell you that you can't prove to them he exists, but can't prove he doesn't are to be discussed with if you so choose. Agnostics know that they can't prove anything on human means alone to you about god. At least good ones know and won't pretend to know.

4: Do not allow yourself to fret about sin for more than a few thoughts. Merely understand that humans can't help but sin, repent by living with that truthful thought, desire to be able to not sin, ask for forogiveness if you did sin, and move along. Life will not wait for you to assure yourself with more than what you think. God is still moving life along even without you. And if you're immortal, then you've got all the time in the world.

Jerusalem: Religious vacation spot?

Jerusalem: Hot spot for religion

Jerusalem. Perhaps one of the biggest hot spots to instigate religious discussion. It is said to be the place where Armageddon is to take place. The spot that the anti-christ is supposed to make his claim to godhood and where he'll be cast off as blasphemous by the non supporters and true religious believers.

Or, for the people who don't want to worry about that like some do, as in us, it's our favorite religious vacation spot to get our fill of religious scenery. Are you a movie maker? Use it for inspiration for where you want a scene to be or what you want your religious fictional city to be based on.

Some Extra Notes

Don't let people tear you down. Avoid those overly critical and extreme religious people.

If you masturbate, keep doing it. At least it helps to keep sexual frustration down. That alone can lead to rape. And masturbating to hot sexy anime girls, or real girls, can keep that problem down. Rape is a far greater sin than what you've done with your hand. Destroying someones sense of free will is terribly more dangerous.

If you're gay, and your parents won't take care of you, then don't sweat it. Leave em behind in the dust. Or try to do some meditation to see if you're confusing a bisexuals gay clock for homosexuality.

Opinions and thoughts.

Please give your opinions and thoughts on this advice in the comments section.

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