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Muslim’s Destruction From Within

Updated on December 3, 2016
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Kamrul Ahmed is a freelance journalist and a social activist from Bangladesh. He is also a freelance civil engineer.

Labelled the world's most persecuted people, the Rohingya minority of Burma are now becoming known as Asia's new boat people

Muslims were vowed with the responsibility to install peace and justice for all mankind. If Islam teaches them to stand for what is right and stand against what is wrong then it is also logical to call them a great nation. This is mentioned clearly in the Holy Quran (3:110) that Allah called those people as best nation who enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong. Obviously when they gave up their responsibility of defying unjust and establish justice they did not remain the best anymore, as a result other nations defeated them and oppressed them brutally. They were punished and replaced by other nations when they gave up their responsibility as promised by Allah (9:39).

The fall of Muslim empire started with the onslaught of Baghdad in the hand of Hulagu Khan and the misery of the Muslim world continued thereafter, leading complete destruction in the British colonial era. The story of occupation and carnage is as vivid as ever. At present there are 600 million Muslim refugees in the world. Ironically even the Muslim countries did not give them asylum. Many refugee men have been forced to sell sex for food in Europe.

Our Muslim predecessors at some point in time forgot their duty to stand for what’s right, they forgot their responsibilities that was entrusted upon them towards human civilization and started living luxurious life taking full advantage of their regimes. That downfall and humiliation is the consequence of abandoning their duty and Muslim population today facing destruction paying the price of their predecessor’s deeds. Their misfortune seems to be hunting them down wherever they go. I doubt whether they can avoid misery leaving their religion, changing their Muslim identity or holding liberal ideas. Whoever has a Muslim background of any sort are hated all over the world. Their misery is no better than an animal. Like street dogs they got rejected everywhere, like football they are kicked out, such as their fate.

American president-elect Donald Trump said that he would ship all Muslims to mars. In Myanmar they are literally slaughtered, Rohingya Muslims facing genocide, fleeing Myanmar by boat, they are known by the name `boat people’. It is unlikely that international organizations like United Nations, NATO, OIC, and SAARC will stand by them. The only identity the Muslims will get is refugees. Their grievance lead them to choose the path of terrorism, they are forced to make living illegally by drug trafficking. Eventually this results in more hate and despise towards the Muslim among other nations and it is increasing day by day.

Who Will Stop ISIS?

I am afraid our Muslim leaders have lost their minimum common sense to comprehend the reasons behind this disgrace and assaults. It is such a tragedy that not only Muslim population is oppressed by other nations, they are killing each other in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other African countries.

If we describe the atrocity committed by Myanmar government as the Holocaust then what would we say about the shia -sunni bloody conflict, The barbaric killing of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, and the Syrian civil war? Who to blame for displacing from their home, who are killing burning alive, beheading them? Yes, they are Muslims. In 1971 liberation war who killed 3million Bengalis (most of whom were Muslims)?

When Muslims all over the world facing such atrocities, they are still shamelessly treating the other minorities living among them with same kind of brutality, killing and displacing them. They call others `cursed’ when they are the one who are cursed. Muslim leaders forgot that racism and sectarian conflict is not the teaching of Islam. Muslim leaders do not realize the fact that the sectarianism was the notorious political weapon that the British colonial authority used to divide and rule them. The Muslim leaders have no idea that there is no place for making class differences and differentiating people as minority in Islam. The only scale for judging should be on the basis of right and wrong.

It is definite that due to their deeds the so-called Muslim population earned their ill fate and eventually will be destroyed. No one can avoid their fate and whatever they earn by their deeds. Once the Jews nation faced destruction, the Jews lost their glory and underwent horrible misfortunes. Now is the time when Muslims face the reality and get what they have earned for themselves. No one will be saved from its consequences if they do not realize the truth, leave alone the Muslim world. Our Government as well as the authorities of the Muslim world must realize that, no matter how liberal ideas they maintain, how secular views they possess, the Muslim world is in fact the target for prey by the Authoritarian imperialists. It is not any isolated event that is happening to the Muslim world, there is connection. If it is evaluated separately and tried to solve differently, then I am afraid the chance of surviving is slim. The Muslim world has to assess the situation unitedly and make their efforts together. If someone thinks that he is immune then it is a matter of time that he will be affected and there will be no way to survive.

© 2016 Kamul Ahmed


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