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My Angel's Visit - A True Story

Updated on May 1, 2019

On Easter Sunday many years ago, my first husband left me. He met another woman within days of leaving and actually was introduced to her by a woman that I foolishly thought was one of my closest friends. I was shocked and devastated and wanted to know what was going to happen in my life. Another friend of mine was visiting a foretune teller and invited me along. Of course I went. That started a long endless chain of visits to anyone that I thought could give me hope for my future. Eventually, I started reading my own tarot cards because I was still very unhappy but didn't have the funds to continue these never ending visits. I guess you could say I was obsessed. After one visit, I had to spend the night with my grandmother because I was so frightened I couldn't stay in my house alone. I felt like my house was haunted. During these years I kept enduring losses in my life. One of my cats was stolen and the other ran way while he was staying with my parents during a business trip.

Finally after years of being involved in the New Age/Occult movement, I would slip into such deep depressions that I would frighten myself. Each time I felt better, I would secretly live in fear of the next depression that I was sure would strike. By this time, I had moved away from my hometown because I was risking a layoff if I stayed. I was very lonely and I drank heavily. This certainly didn't help my depressions. I held a very demanding job, worked long hours, got very little exercise, and had almost no social life. This certainly was a cocktail for disaster. I felt as though I was on a treadmill with no way off. I continued to read tarot cards, set up astrology charts and visited fortunetellers, mediums and spiritualists on a regular basis. I kept hoping they would tell me that my life would change and I wanted desperately to look forward to something. At the time I didn't realize that according to the Bible this is an abomination to God which brings curses onto your life. My life truly was a mess.

During these years, Christian people kept coming into my life. I worked with a lady who kept telling me she was praying for me. I didn't know what good that would do.

One night I woke up with a big desire to jump out of my bedroom window. I felt like I was obeying a command to do this. I sensed that if I jumped, I would be able to fly. As I got out of the bed and headed for the window, an angel appeared before me and shoved me back into my bed. I knew he was an angel because he was bigger than an ordinary man. He must have been 7 or 8 feet tall. He had a light complexion and actually looked Scandinavian. He had a look of steel on his face. As soon as I was back in the bed, he disappeared. I was very frightened and couldn't get back to sleep that night. I lay there wishing daylight would come.

I decided then to move back home so that I would be near my family. I would like to say that my life changed overnight but it was actually a gradual change. When I returned to my hometown, I found my house destroyed by renters and I lost my job only months after returning. Out of desperation, I lay in bed one night and couldn't stop crying. I finally called out to Jesus for his help.

God finally began working in my life when I called out to Him.

I found a job just days before I was supposed to leave the payroll. I put my house on the market after restoring it and fortunately sold it to a neighbors' son. I was given relocation money to move out of state this time. As soon as I got to my new location, I met a Christian lady who got me involved in a Bible study and introduced me to someone who later became one of my strongest Christian friends. I can't say it was all easy as I broke away from occult activities and learned to trust God as my source.

My faith really began to develop when I continually prayed for the Lord to bring a Christian man into my life. It had been 11 years since my divorce by this time and during this time I had never been involved with anyone who treated me well. However, I kept standing in faith for a husband. I was praying one day and the Lord spoke to me that He had chosen my husband. One Sunday morning not long after, a friend asked me to go to a singles event at a bowling alley. I started to tell her that I never missed church but suddenly decided this one time would be okay. Sure enough, I met my future husband that morning. Through my marriage, The Lord has provided me with a joy and peace I never knew existed.

I always remember my special angel and thank the Lord for sending him to save me from jumping out the window.


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