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Spiritual Psychic Gifts: Do You or Your Family Have Any

Updated on September 27, 2018

Psychic Gift or Curse

When I was a child between 6-8 years in age, I received many strange feelings I could not, and cannot now completely explain. They always made me feel that something was going to happen or had already happened and no one had told me about it.
These feelings were so strong, they scared me, especially at night when many of them visited my dreams as nightmares. I was so frightened by them, I had trouble sleeping

Nightmares and demons
Nightmares and demons | Source
Demon | Source

Nightmares And Demons

I didn't just have the feelings occasionally, but every night. My parents didn't know what to do to help me. They even gave me a Bible to place under my pillow, but nothing changed. I had dreams that were usually about demons hurting other people, and occasionally me trying to make the demons leave them alone, which caused them to come after me. My parents woke me up many nights because I was screaming at the demons, or screaming in fear.

Time Travel
Time Travel | Source

The Dreams Changed

The episodes continued for what I believe was more than a year, and then they began to change in their fierceness; to a point where I was not totally afraid of sleep and dreaming. They became almost like traveling ahead in time while I slept. I dreamed about many things that came true later; maybe not exactly like I dreamed them, but close enough that I recognized the affinity of them.

My Brother And I Dreamed The Same Dream

One of the many incidents of extrasensory-perception (ESP) or clairvoyance, occurred when I was a young teenager. My younger Brother, Randy and I had an unexplainable dream, which we dreamed on the same night, and every detail in the dream was identical.

There was an older house on our property in Mississippi, and one night I had a dream that involved it. I dreamed Randy and I were walking along the road in front of the old house, when we saw three ghosts, each with a broom in hand, sweeping the front porch. We were very scared and tried to run, but could only move forward very slowly, as if in slow motion. I looked back and saw the ghosts chasing us, but the harder we tried to run, the more difficult it became, and finally, we both fell.

We were horrified to see the ghosts coming for us, but we weren't able to move. When the three phantoms arrived at our location, they reached down and helped us up, as they laughed at us, not in a sinister way, but a comical way. We were able to move normally then, and the ghosts disappeared.

An Old Farmhouse
An Old Farmhouse | Source

The Morning After

At the breakfast table next morning, I began telling my family about the dream, and when I said, "we saw three ghosts on the porch," my brother looked at me very strangely and said, "they each had brooms and were sweeping the porch." At that point, we continued telling about the ghosts in sections, where I would tell a little bit more about the dream, and he would take it up from there and stop after telling more and I would then take over. This occurred exactly the way I dreamed it, and he said it was also exactly the way he dreamed it.

You tell me what the chances were that we dreamed the same dream, while we slept in different rooms. I feel that I somehow picked up his dream thoughts through some type of ESP or other connecting psychic ability, or maybe he did, but I never heard him say that he felt like he had that gift.

My sweet Aunt Arness is with the angels now.Pixabay
My sweet Aunt Arness is with the angels now.Pixabay

Aunt Arness (Aycock) Turner

Soon, I began having these feelings while I was wide awake, and even during the day. I remember my mom and uncle telling me that my Aunt Arness Turner had these feelings also, so when she came to visit, we talked about the dreams and about the manifestations which occurred after the dreams, and the empathy that connected the dreams and feelings to later events, many involving other people. We talked about these feelings as long as she was alive, and her sickness and death visited me before they happened, just hours before she passed away. Here is what occurred.

Three ghostly skeletons sitting on a front porch
Three ghostly skeletons sitting on a front porch | Source
Spritual Gift
Spritual Gift | Source

I knew Something Was Happening to Aunt Arness

The most overwhelming feeling I've had about my aunt occurred the night she died. I was a St. Louis County Police Officer, and I and another officer, Mike Armfield were eating at a Steak & Shake restaurant, when all of a sudden, a wave of emotion went through my body, and I immediately thought about my Aunt Arness. I told Mike about it, and went to a pay phone, called my mother and asked if she had been contacted by Aunt Arness or any of her family, and she said no. I told her about my feelings and hung up, but the feelings continued into the night, and late that night my mom called me and told me Aunt Arness had died. I had a tingling sensation in my head and neck when it happened, and I've just had the same feeling while writing this article.

My Gift

My birth family realized at that point, I had a special gift that connected me to my aunt, who had the same gift. This gift has helped me deal with things that happened after I felt them, and it gave me the power to be a good police officer.

Do You Have a Special Gift

If you have had similar experiences, please let me know, and if you are willing to allow me to write about them, and use your name, I'll place them in articles in the future. Maybe your experiences will help others who have them and don't know what to do about them. In the end, I know that God gave me mine, and I feel the bad dreams I had as a child, made me a stronger person, and a better policeman because it prepared me not to fear what I would have to deal with in my 28 years of service.

Light of God
Light of God | Source

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