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My Beginning Messages from Archangel Michael #3

Updated on August 27, 2012
Photo by Mary Soliel
Photo by Mary Soliel

The channelings continued every day. On November 29, 2001, Archangel Michael gave me such comforting information:

Be gentle with yourself for you have gone through so much. But now you can relax. Oh Mary, you can honestly relax now. Just take a seat and enjoy the joyous ride. You will purposefully connect with your soul. Isn’t that what you’ve wanted for so long, to be in constant connection with your soul? Well that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. You’ll be with you. It will be a grand and glorious reunion.

I feel that is increasingly happening right now, getting in closer touch with who I really am. This is again why I’ve continually pointed out that these words Michael imparted were more for me now, when I rediscovered these writings eight years later from when they were actually channeled. They gave me an early glimpse, but this is remarkable and awe-inspiring to find they were actually prophetic.

As I review these words of long ago, I feel the excitement and wonder of what it will be like when we all connect with our souls, when we all have this blessed reunion. When we fully connect with our souls, and find the illusions melting away, we’ll have peace on earth, yes, Heaven on earth.

He continued:

There will come a time when the old you is merely a memory and you will honor your past self. I know you’re feeling out of sorts today. That is because you are making this grand shift and your body knows it. Every cell in your body knows it, and it is normal and expected that the body would resist change. Let us together affirm, “I fully accept the new energy of light that will infiltrate my being. It is a gift from God.”

Many of us are very aware of what is commonly referred to as ascension symptoms. We are often tired, achy, and sometimes don’t even want to get out of bed. This passage can make us look at how we perceive these difficulties with new eyes. They are only confirming the changes we’re experiencing on a cellular level. So I suggest using Michael's affirmation above to help make this shift as easy as possible.

In my previous article, “My Beginning Messages from Archangel Michael #2,” I described that ever since I wrote about “liquid light,” many readers have contacted me sharing that this relatively new term to most is resonating with them. Last night, I shared these beginning messages from Michael with a close friend, and told her about “liquid light,” which was a term she never heard of before. Just today, the very next day, she texted me that she just started reading a mystery novel, and it mentioned “liquid light!" Needless to say, she was “blown away.”

At this moment as I write this article, on November 30, 2009, I’m sitting in a Brakes Plus waiting for my new brakes to be installed and overhear someone on television singing “A Whole New World." Oh yes, it will be a whole new world and this is the beauty of synchronicity, always validating what is truth, in often the most unassuming and gentle ways.

On November 30th, Michael said something that perfectly sums up feelings about my future in recent days:

There is no way to know right now at this moment just how much your life will change literally overnight. But trust me and don’t be afraid, you will be well pleased.

Something has shifted within me many times over recent years, but especially right now, and I know of many who have experienced the same. Perhaps you have felt it too. This is no race, and how and when we feel the shift is no competition nor is it a reflection of one person being better than the other. There are so many dynamics involved, and the timing will be according to what is right for each individual.

Copyright © 2009 by Mary Soliel

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New! Mary Soliel's E-Book of Channeled Messages from Archangel Michael!

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Yes I agree, great stuff from Archangel Michael.

    • Mike Dennis profile image

      Mike Dennis 

      8 years ago

      Thanks for more wise words from Michael. Yes, it's grand for self to know self more and more. And all the wonderful signs and goodies that life brings us make living worthwhile. blessings


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