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My Coffee Thing

Updated on May 18, 2011

Good Coffee... Wow... I mean REALLY GOOD!!!


My Coffee Thing

My coffee thing started in the USA... and God played a pretty good trick on me... (God has a great sense of humor) Everyone else in the world seemed to know that Brazil has the best coffee... Even I knew it at one time... I did a Report on South America in the 6th grade.. even to the point of talking about Coffee beans and stuff... But when it was time for me to go to Brazil to do missions work I totaly thought I was going to a 3rd world country with no amenities...

On the morning I was to catch the first plane I stopped at a coffee shop and got a 4 shot coffee mixed with chocolate... (called a 4x mocha) drank it on the way to seattle... stopped at another coffee shop on the way to the airport itself and bought another one... After getting through all of the Check in procedures and baggage checking etc I found that Sea Tac airport had a starbucks inside... so I had another one.... Got to Atlanta Georgia about 5 hours later and was thirsty... Hey... there's a star bucks!!! Bought another one to go... after all I thought "I wont see any more good coffee for the next 3 months.. mite as well enjoy it while I can"

Ok... so I get to Sao Paulo airport and I havent slept in 26 hours... I did not sleep on the flight and the Coffee has now worn off...

I manage to get through Customs and I have another 3-4 hour flight to get to Recife right... and so.. Im wore out... tired.. need a Coffee and Im out of luck right? I sit down in my seat and just about the time we hit altitude... here comes the Stewerdess with a coffee pot and little tiny thimbles for cups... just plain coffee with sugar... Plain for Brazilians that is...

The Coffee was the best I ever tasted...

I just looked up at the ceiling and shook my head... You got me on that one God... ( I could swear I heard him laughing)


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