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My Experience With Astral Projection

Updated on July 2, 2020
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Alex has taught at seven public schools, been accepted into three honorary societies, and traveled the Americas and Europe. He has his BS.


Introduction To Astral Projection

What if, every single night there was the opportunity for an adventure? What if, every night you went on a trip? It appears that we do. The land of dreams seems to be very real to the dreamer. Is not our waking state a greater dream? Astral projection describes phenomena that are apparently part of the natural world. It is not something to be feared. It seems to happen whether the person is conscious or not. Sometimes we remember our travels, and sometimes we are aware during our travels. The level of one's consciousness is always subject to the possibility of change. Meditation can life certain aspects of our consciousness. In fact, some people use meditation to help with astral projection.


Is Astral Projection The Same Thing As Lucid Dreaming?

I would argue that both phenomena are the same phenomenon. I think that "lucid dreaming" is a more accepted description. Do we really leave our bodies, or is it an illusion? Is it some combination of both? Should we call it lucid dreaming, because it is only an illusion? I think naming it all depends on the context of the conversation. And, I think that something can be an illusion while still feeling very real to the observer. Moreover, I think there is something very real about astral travel. I can't state how much of it is real, and in what ways. But, there does seem to be something real here. The phenomenon is generally natural, and thus substance use is not part of the experience. Substance use is often seen as a way to have a pseudo-experience. If hallucinogens are not used, then could our dreams hold some merit in reality?


Don't Use Substances For The Experience

There is one substance, that I am aware of, that can induce sleep-visions. Don't use such substances. Such experiences may not have a greater hold in reality, and they may harm parts of the body (like the liver). I used an aid, and had certain experiences on two different occasions. Once, I woke up to a dog-like creature next to the bed in a lucid dream. The other experience is noteworthy. I was visited by an angel, who looked like she may have been from African-American descent. She told me something that eventually sobered me up from all substance abuse. The experience was intense, and I do not wish it on anyone. I will not name the substance, but substance use is not the way to a good astral projection experience. Moreover, questionable substances can often do harm to the body.


My Experiences With Meditation

Meditation and hypnosis may be recommended as aids to astral projection. I have never had much fortune with hypnosis, but I have had some luck with meditation. Once, I remember using a mantra from Samael Aun Weor and laying on my back. I eventually felt tingles throughout my body. Some disturbance in the other room snapped me out of it before I could leave my body successfully. Samael had a lot to say about astral projection. I will be leaving a link below.

My Experience With Lucid Dreams

My first lucid dream occurred when I was very young, perhaps four or five or six. I was at one of my grandmother's house in the dream. There were other family members there, I think. There was at least one other family member. I tried to convince them that this experience was a dream. They laughed, perhaps thinking I was being silly. They did not believe me, or perhaps they did not believe I was being serious. During one astral experience, I began flying towards the moon. Something made me uncomfortable. I believe the height I was at may have thrown me off. Whatever the case, I returned. There was another astral experience where I was floating. I think it was the height that got to me again. These were not my only lucid astral experiences. Once, I recognized that I was dreaming and tried to float. Hands tried to hold me from the stairs I was on. This leads me to certain questions. Is every lucid dream astral travel? Are there different levels of illusion that we face in our sleeping, and perhaps waking, states? I don't have all of the answers, but I love the questions.

Have you ever astral projected?

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Recommendations For Your Astral Experience

Here are some items that I have had some success with. Lay on your back when preparing for sleep, intending to leave your body. Throughout your day, ask yourself if this is a dream? Try things like jumping to see if you can float. If you float, then you have your answer. Specific mantras may help, but meditation in general may be beneficial. Try to focus on one good mantra while you are in bed before sleep. I hope all of you the best in your adventure! Good dreams.

© 2020 Alexander James Guckenberger


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