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My Experience With the Lion of Judah. A One Hundred Percent True Story of a Near Death Experience

Updated on October 25, 2018
Dean Baron profile image

Dean is an experienced ex-drug addict who found the Lord. He is highly anointed by God when it comes to helping others.

The Lion of Judah, Jesus Christ
The Lion of Judah, Jesus Christ

I Triple Dog Dare You to Huff this Gas! The Gateway to Hell

I was ten years old. Already hanging out with the "wrong" crowd. I was a scrawny kid, a real weakling. But I ran with the coolest group of kids in Orofino, Idaho! Ron was our leader. He was a real tough guy. He smoked cigarettes, marijuana, and seemed to always have fun and exciting "adventures" to go on! I was just glad to be accepted by someone. Whenever we tried something new I was always the first to go, excited for a chance to look cool. But on that cold October night Ron had something real dangerous planned, "huffing" gasoline. We arrived at what would be later the scene of my death, and the most frightening memory I'll ever have.
The time was about nine o'clock pm. We had been out since after school and I was getting tired. "Now what?" I asked Joe. "You." "Are gonna huff gasoline." Ron informed me. I told him no way! But then it happened..."I triple dog dare you!" Oh great, a triple dog dare! Now at these times (the nineteen 80's) when one was dared with the triple dog...Well, you couldn't say no. My little heart sounded like a wounded bunny rabbit, beating so fast that I was dizzy. "OK." I said, looking down. I was scared to death! Something inside of me told me to run.But I didn't listen to it. Ron had the can ready to go. He showed me a five gallon container filled to the top with fresh gas. "Do it like this." Ron instructed me. I placed my mouth over the gas can's opening, leaving a small crack between my lips and the can, just as Ron showed me. The next thing I remember I was standing before a Bright Light...the Lion of Judah.

"You cannot see my face, for man shall not see me and live."

— Moses Genesis 33:20 Holy Bible

So Hot! The Eternal Decision of Fire...

So quiet. That was the first thing that I noticed. And dark, there was no light anywhere. I couldn't see anything at all! I started to panic. "Where are my friends?" I thought. I screamed, bloody murder I screamed. My scream just echoed, bouncing off some invisible canyon wall. I tried to move, but I was frozen, petrified. Urine ran down my legs, hot and steaming. I was dead. I suddenly realized that I had died. I do not know how I knew this, but I just did. All of the sudden, I felt free, more free than I had ever felt before. And, then it happened...The quietness suddenly wasn't quiet any longer. A really high pitched "squeal" was coming from all around me, so eerie it was, like something from a nightmare! I tried desperately to block it by covering my ears but could not. It seemed to be coming from inside of my mind! Heat, I felt heat. The temperature went slowly from ice cold to warmer and warmer. I could move! But not far, as the squealing was just to painful. I went to my knees in pain. What happened next I will never forget as long as I live... Before I saw Him, I felt Him. Everything in my whole being knew. Even before my mind knew, something else inside of me knew first. There was anxiety like you wouldn't believe. A feeling of desperation, of intense fear. All of the sudden I remembered Everything that I'd ever done wrong! I had visions of fighting with my baby sister, of feeding her worms as I held her down while she cried. I felt my mother's pain when I told her that I "hated" her. I even felt the pain of my pet hamster as I was to rough playing with him. "Oh God I'm So Sorry!" I yelled..."Please Forgive Me!" I screamed. It was at that moment I saw it. A very small speck of bright light coming from above me, in the far off sky. At first I thought it was a star, but as it got closer the "heat" begin to get worse. Way worse. The feeling of impending doom completely took over my very existence. I knew. But I didn't want to know. What was coming, now the size of a baseball wasn't a star. It was Him. The Almighty, the Creator, the Father, the Son, what was coming was the face of God, the Lion of Judah. And boy was He angry. I looked up at what was brighter than any sun, brighter than a nuclear explosion. I felt dirty, filthy, caked in my sin. Everything in me shouted out in agony. His face, so Horrible! Yet, so wonderful! A Lion, surrounded by a mane of intense beams of pure light, almost like the sun but much much brighter. I could not stand to be in His Holy Presence. I felt so ashamed for what I had done in my short life. Even though I knew that I was about to be punished, I was OK with it. In fact I felt this strange feeling of "honor" deep inside. I knew that His Judgement was fair and true. He was doing what I had forced Him to do. I knelled before God for what seemed like an eternity. I was frozen in fear. Something was changing, I sensed Him getting more angry. I couldn't take it. The heat and light was so intense that I just could not be in His presence any longer! I thought in my mind, "Jesus help me." The ground began to shake and move. A monstrous crack spit the earth beside me open. A gaping mouth of lava lied right beside me. I knew that it was the "pit." I knew that in that pit was Hell. I felt déjà vu. Somehow I felt like I'd been there before. It felt familiar. I looked down in the hole and seen millions of people, all grasping the sides of the pit trying to climb out. The fire was hot, and their was a stench like rotten flesh and feces, kind of like a port a potty, but much worse. As I stared into the gates of Hell I felt relief. I felt this strange sensation of escape. As I thought these horrible ideas, I could move! I stood up trying to block the light and heat coming off of my Creator's Face. Then I leaped, into the gates of hell I went. I fell. Hands reached out grabbing me and clawing my body, tearing the skin right off of my bones. But you know what? Hell wasn't as bad as looking into the face of God! I felt emotion's that I never knew existed. Torment like no other. I just kept falling, by now I was just a dirty, bloody skeleton. Still falling, trying to except my knew home, I felt something wet hit me on my bony forehead. "Water in hell?" I was confused. Then I looked up toward the mouth of the pit...


Rescued by Jesus, Eternity Grateful

I couldn't believe it. The salt from Jesus' tear ran into my eyes, burning them. I saw His hand. I reached for it, but I couldn't grab it, it was about an inch to far away. Then I saw His face. So kind, so loving, so handsome. He reached down, grabbing me by the wrist. His grip was so strong and powerful, I felt so secure, so loved. I started ascending. Faster and faster I went. As I was fling through what seemed like a never ending tunnel of light I heard my mother crying. I will never forget the sound of absolute sadness in her voice. The sounds of other people's voices got louder and louder. Suddenly I felt Jesus' hand let go of me. I longed for Him, an aching in my soul. He told me in the most awe inspiring tone of voice (a slight Hebraic accent) "Your Momma needs you, time to go home my Son." I blinked my eyes and I saw my mothers face. Her tears dripping onto my fore head, running into my eyes burning them from their saltiness. "I'm alive!" I tried to yell. My throat hurt so bad from having a tracheotomy, and the chemical burns from the gas. I wasn't really able to say much for a week or so. I was so happy to be alive, and not in hell. Then I remembered Jesus. My heart shook inside my chest, aching for my God, my new best Friend and Hero...

"Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”

— Deuteronomy 31:6 Holy Bible

The Aftermath From My Experience With Jesus and Being in Hell

After I got home from the hospital after a three day stay I found out what happened. All of my friends that were there came to see me and told me everything. What had happened is almost as frightening as the trip to the dark side. I sucked on that old gas can for over five minutes before I fell over, blood running out of my mouth. Convulsing, I lied on the ground dying. I lied there, unable to breath for thirty minutes before help finally arrived. My lungs collapsed, both of them gone. By the time paramedics arrived I was long gone, deader than a door nail. I was loaded up into the ambulance where they worked on me for almost another forty minutes. I was clinically deceased for one hour. When my "buddies" saw what happened they all ran off. Thank God one of them, Donald stopped by a neighbor's house to call for help. I'll never forget that...thank you my friend. The doctor's pronounced me dead at 12:33 am. But Jesus wouldn't have that! Just as they had pulled the tube from throat I opened my eyes and began to breath. They claim that I'm a "miracle" as I suffered second degree chemical burns in my mouth, throat and lungs. My friends eventually went home that evening of my return home, ten and twelve year olds get bored easily. But Ron stuck around. Both Ron and I were alone in my back bedroom. I looked up into Ronald's face and didn't notice anything strange, at first. Slowly his bright blue eyes turned completely black and pupil less. His mouth smiled this evil smile and as he stared down at me he whispered in the most demonic voice you could ever hear..."F****NG P**SY. I passed out. When I came to he was gone. Ron lived in that small town of three thousand his whole life, went to prison once for drugs. But what is really disturbing is the fact that I'm not his only victim. You see, he liked thrills, thrills at the expense of others potential death. In a small town news gets around quickly, and there are many stories of Ron "daring" people to do stuff extremely dangerous. Jumping off of buildings, jumping into shallow creeks from high cliffs are just a few that I have heard about. Ron passed away a year ago from a drug overdose. I wonder if he saw God's Face after he died? Somehow I doubt it...

Years Latter, My Experience Still Haunts Me...

Most people when I tell this story just smirk and scoff. They say that I was just "tripping out" from the inhalation of the gas. I wondered that myself for a while. But after doing research on inhalants, I decided against me just "tripping." You see, when one huffs chemicals, the "high" one feels is nothing but the brain dying off. It's actually brain cells popping making the user feel light headed. Yes, it is possible to see some visuals and hear things, but what I saw was a whole different dimension! Plus, I was dead. Either way, this experience has changed my life. For many years after my death I couldn't use ANY drug or alcohol. Why? Well, every time I even thought of getting high, smoking, or even taking an aspirin I would "feel" the presence of "heat" on my face and the back of my head. One time I drank some champagne with my girlfriend, I was eighteen years old. After I got a little "buzz" going I suddenly felt heat on the back of my head. I instantly went into a panic attack. Unfortunately, years latter when my daughter was diagnosed with cancer I became a heroin and meth addict. The "feelings" of heat finally left me as I continued to used drugs. Officially, I have died three times. I'm forty one years old. The two other times that I passed on where heroin overdoses. I came back both times without any medical assistance, remembering nothing but pitch black. The only way that you can tell is that I am a little slow catching on to some things, such as having an one on one conversation. I have been clean from all drugs for over five years now, and I finally have found out why God has kept saving my life. I am extremely "Anointed" by our LORD. I love helping othersand I will never ever forget the night that I met...The Lion of Judah.


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