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My Experiences with the Spirit World

Updated on December 20, 2010
the famous classic picture of a ghost that appeared in a picture of a western picture
the famous classic picture of a ghost that appeared in a picture of a western picture

While growing up as a child, I never believed in ghosts or the paranormal. I was raised strictly Catholic, and had always believed that God would protect me from anything and everything. I always believed that God was there to protect us in everything, even if we couldn't see it. Boy, was I wrong. That was until I starting hearing from friends about stories and myths about things I didn't quite understand back then, and I sure didn't believe in it either. As far as I was concerned, if I couldn't see it,touch it, or feel it, it wasn't real to me. That all changed when I hit my late teens and early twenties.

My first encounter was with some friends of mine when I was in my late teens. They had convinced me somehow, to tag along with them to check out a local haunted house in our town. We knew the history of the abandoned farm house, had heard stories of ghosts, and other unexplained happenings that people had witnessed themselves. We wanted to check it out for ourselves,as crazy teenagers we wanted to experiment it ourselves. I didn't think anything could or would happen to me, as I thought, if I couldn't see it, it wouldn't hurt me. I was about to find out that frightful night, I was wrong.Upon approaching the abandoned farm house, I had this creepy feeling overwhelm me. I just felt these cold chills I couldn't explain and honestly i never felt before. This is where I wanted to run, or wished my faith would kick in, and it didn't. As well, I felt we weren't welcomed, and I wanted to leave. Being a teenager,I really didn't talk much about my feelings, and what I was feeling this creepy night sure wasn't pleasant or nice at all. I kept  having these eery feelings rush through me. Something I never had experienced before or could explain and I thought they would just subside. As we walked on the property, towards the home with our flashlights, I felt we were being watched, but not by a person. I couldn't quite put my finger on it at that moment, but I swear something was just "staring" at us or lurking around on that property. At that time, I should have ran when I had the chance.

This was a hot summer night. Once inside, I felt so cold, it was like winter walking in the home. In parts of the home, you could feel whats called "cold spots". At that time, I didn't understand what they meant, and it freaked me out so bad, I thought i stopped breathing at times to some of us having our flashlights with new batteries giving out. We had cameras running, and that too, gave out several times. That scared me, knowing that one of the cameras was brand new. Why would it just die like that? A few of us even heard creepy noises upstairs that we couldn't explain. A friend and myself decided to be brave and check upstairs out. Supposedly from the history we knew, someone had died in one of the upstairs bedroom and their spirit was roaming the home. My friend had convinced me to go with him upstairs to investigate around. For some unknown reason, my heart sank walking up those stairs that night. It was like I knew something was going to happen, and yet I was asking for it. As I had walked into one of the bedrooms, my friend and myself got very cold. In fact it was quite icy cold. My hair on my arms was standing up, and so was his. Very rare we thought at the moment, but being unexperienced as we were, we didn't think nothing of it at the time. We the bedroom was much colder than the rest of the home. Very odd for a summer night evening, we thought. Roaming around , we noticed a window overlooking the entire view of the farm and the road itself. Before I could even walk towards the window, my friend and I saw a shadowy figure appear at the window and disappear as fast as we saw it. More like an apparition as it would be called today. We couldn't explain what we had witnessed, but how was it possible that this apparition moved from the wall out the window and disappeared? I wasn't about to find out, and whatever faith I believed in, was now gone. I screamed out of course and my friend too. We stormed for the stairs.

As we left the upstairs, frightened enough, I was behind my friend walking down the flight of stairs. I felt this cold breath on my neck for a brief second. Was that the wind? That's impossible on a summer night, there is no breeze. A breath on my neck is not possible here if no one is behind me. Not saying a word to my friend, we paced fast downwards wanting to leave with the others. Before I got to the bottom of the stairs, I felt this unknown force try to push me down, as if wanting to make me fall on my face.What would cause that? I freaked out so badly, I ran out the door so fast, you couldn't blink fast enough and into the car, locking all the doors. My friends and myself, had enough of investigating this home. The dirt road where the farm sat was in the shape of a 'U', and only minutes away from the main road. As we were leaving, I swore I saw something or someone in that window where my friend and myself saw that apparition.I was panicking in the car bad enough, like I was going through a anxiety. I couldn't believe what I had witnessed and even felt behind me and I just wanted to crawl under my bed.  Where was God now? He wasn't protecting me or my friends from whatever we couldn't explain. We drove on that dirt road, driving away from the farm, not looking back. The main road was only minutes away, but we felt we were 'trapped'. After twenty minutes, we were circling that dirt deserted road where the farm sat.  Some of us picked up on it faster, and were screaming at the driver to find a short cut. How was that possible? We knew we had disturbed the home, but didn't think it would bother us from leaving its property. We circled that dark deserted dirt road for two grueling hours.

I was literally so shaken up, I couldn't talk about what happened for about a week. I never returned back to that farm ever again. Over the years, I've experienced other paranormal activity. I had played with an original Ouija board with some friends one night, which resulted in us opening the 'Spirit World". Something I don't really recommend at all, unless you truly know what your doing. That Ouija board went flying up over our heads, went flying across the room, making doors slam and the candles blow out. When the Ouija board  went flying up, I at first thought it was a friend playing a prank with string. When some of my friends started screaming, I then realized this was no joke. That had as well scared me quite a bit for a day or two. I've witnessed shadowy figures float past me, to hearing disembodied voices that would creep one out so badly, you think you were the one losing your mind. As a teenager, I learned that my faith in God had decreased, and I had turned my religion to Wiccan, to understand more in depth about my inner self, along as well of my "ghosts".

Today, I have a better understanding of the "spirit world", and have had "vibes", to "dreams" that come and go within me. I still deal with spirits, apparitions and things I can't explain at times, but have learned to adapt to them much better now as I couldn't when I was younger. I'm no longer afraid of things I can't explain.


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