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My Friend life and in death

Updated on May 4, 2010

Steven Forris Kimbrough


Realizing I started my site to discuss our gifts from God and knowing most I have spoken to believe in the gifts....many are that point they do see and believe...just difficult to write about or maybe just put in words sometimes! Here I am going to make an attempt to write and try to express the unwritten too!

My recently deceased friend Steven Forris Kimbrough........a native american and Duke graduate....a dear friend and father of 2.....that he was raising himself. He called himself "Mister Mom". He was a botonist and lover of the land and all Gods gifts within.

Steven talked with me for months, trying to convince me to start this site. Really I just felt I wasn't ready to just tell anyone about all this.....but he assured me I was ready to help anyone that needed or wanted my guidence. We talked for hours at a I would tell him about people in his life that I had never met or even heard of. This went on for months....and he would send me dreams...The next day I would express them and he would let me know he had sent them . Little did I know at the time I was being tested in all forms of Gods gifts to me! He stated I was psychic and a healer.......I had no idea about the healing part. The great thing is that most people have that.......just they didnt know as well! Many questions I had for Steven...and he would go to an indian book of interpretations. However He said.....Mia I am not what you are...and you are the brightest star with all the gifts....I am just here to help you gain confidence!

My last conversation with Steven was that I was very worried about him and driving. Could he please delegate some of his duties?? He always felt It was his duty to do all for his family and he would not even ask for help! Steven was an amputee...and had recently broken a rib ( which I also warned him of that fall too) and now his wrist was not working at all. He had crutches made of copper....( that was my birthday present to him....he wanted something cool) and he fell on them and broke a rib.....(ughhhh)

During my last convo with Steven.......I called him to ask about a strong smell of smoke n my home ...that had no reason to be here.....and 20 minutes later a strong smell of orange blossoms. He became very quite... I ask him again......he said" smoke means death and orange blossoms means heavenly". He stammered for more words to try to comfort me....Saying it could mean the death of something and the start of new.

My concern for Steven had been very much a large stress in my world for 2 weeks.......and now this...smoke and orange.........ughhhhhh........he would not listen to me and I didn't wanna say that I saw him dying in a car.

Weeks had gone by and Steven didn't call me or messages or email......he had not returned any of mine as well. Then one day I was thinking about him and looking at his picture.......ahhhhh the smell of oranges swept thru my was beautiful. Knowing right then it was my inlife spiritual guide and now in death my spirit guide.....I quickly researched for his name on the internet. He had died 10 days after my last convo...and he had been in the hospital a while due to complications of the car wreck!

Much do I miss him on earth...but he is with me ....really in my day to day life.....When he shows up here....the orange is overwhelming at I started buying make the days he is not here....well beautiful smelling and in hopes that he knows...I truly love him!!

My written farewell to my dear friend...but words can not place my love for him and how he has helped me see...........if the gifts that God gives us are not used.......we miss so much more ....that can never be replaced with man made things. Love dont cost a thing.....and without God love and touch....we are lost !


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