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My House is not haunted.....Just wanted

Updated on February 13, 2010

My spirit friends

 Through the years I have been very aware of paranormal activity,  especially where ever I live!  Moving a few times thinking that would rid me of the bizarre happening and colorful sensations!  To be honest, now I would not even desire such!  My life with these special spirits would not be the same nor as interesting! Now when I move I look forward to the new ones that might be inspired to come visit me and my family!  Finally once I understood that i am a medium and their way in to my world,,,,,,,,I can help them find the peace within to continue on to the next world completely!

For the most part I have only had sweet and kind spirits, although I have had  a couple of incidents with evil and unkind! Those I choose not to speak of here and will someday write an article covering the such!

At the moment I have a little girl here in my apartment, she actually found my 12 year old daughter on the playground here and followed her home! Quite cute she is, as she looks a great deal like my daughter! We moved to another apartment in the same complex.....and why yes she followed again!  She has been seen by a few of my guest and ofcourse my daughter! She is playful and we do worry she will lock us out of our home. She holds door knobs, pushes on the door and has opened the door for me when i was trying to unlock and come in with groceries!  Lights are turned on and then when i get out of bed to turn them off...she turns off quickly! My apartments are only 2 years old and no problems with the electrical! Every once and a while she will show me just her hand.......and something in to warn me about ...and she was correctly pointing to a source of stress for a few days later!

Last year there was a presence that I was unsure of, it was sad and dark feeling!  I just could not get the visual of it,  so I tried something new, ghost writing, I had heard of it but not very confident in the outcome! Well turns out he had much to say about a woman down the street  that he loved very much!  He said his name was Jamal and he wanted to me to look for her! He spoke of the land and the woes!  A few weeks later my eldest daughter walked the poodles and found a rest home and the owner fit the decription of that woman ...and she spoke of Jamal as her father and him having to sell all the land for the huge mall and other developments that we reside near! He was forced to by the city! How sad that is........and he was!

   It seems they just need to feel peace within to move on! Almost as if me understanding gives them the motivation or maybe just not as confused anymore to where they are suppose to be! Unfortunately it took me years to grasp this! For many years I just ignored, thus making the bizarre events more often and wilder sometimes!

    My daughters and I have and do still witness much, however they seem to only come out to my friends or family that are  very open to such! Thank God I would guess...we still get freaked out sometimes!

  One it appears does not like me drinking coffee......  my cofee cups get thrown to the floor to break! Coffee makers were thrown as well!  I now do not drink find that I was allergic and didnt realize at that time that was a source of allergen for me!  I have so many, but to weed that one out made me realize when I did make a single serving...that is was an issue!

How hilarious it is to see my poodles jump up and bark at a spirit......they follow them around and once they get used to one in particular they just wag their tail and lay back down!  To me and my girls it is a way of life and have found our home is just wanted...not haunted! 


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    • Momma Mia profile image

      Momma Mia 7 years ago from North Carolina

      Thankyou for reading ......and I would like very much to help you in any way that I can. I will read your hub now and look forward to chatting with you soon.



    • LightIsLove profile image

      LightIsLove 7 years ago

      I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who sometimes has experiences. Your story is great. You have a great gift..... and do not let anyone make you feel bad aboout it..... Reading experiences like this is what helped me write my only hub. You my find it interesting. I do have one picture I shared. If you do read it, I hope it inspires you. Maybe you can help me figure out what it is...... Love Is Light