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My Human Our Emotion

Updated on October 25, 2014

Get Rooted in Your Truth

Just because someone hands you a glass and tells you it's empty, doesn't mean that it is.
Just because someone hands you a glass and tells you it's empty, doesn't mean that it is.

Emotion-Weakness or Power?

Emotion is one of the biggest mysteries to humans. Also, I think it to be one of the most underused powers we have. Emotions haven't been fully understood collectively, in turn we haven't been aware of our gift of power in them. We understand more now.

Here in the West, emotion is perceived as more of a weakness; a break in our appearance to be in control. Perhaps this is why it has been viewed as our "lower" perception or only for the feminine, which carries its own negative connotation. When the feminine is imbalanced without the masculine, we see a loss of focus and growth is sporadic and underachieved, rather than steady, focused and to full capacity. Whenever we have the feminine off balance to the contrary, we see a fast spreading loss of control strongly, in all the wrong directions.

When we can see the importance of the feminine and the masculine; the need for the masculine to be forceful and steady, while at the same time carrying the receptivity to be guided down the right path and allowing the feminine to smooth out the journey for everyone, we can understand emotion.

Much like the patriarchy we live in now, the missing piece is the awareness of our ability to shape our emotions thus change our environment and with it, our experience.

Control makes us feel strong. However it can be heavy if misused. If God is located inside us or if we calm ourselves enough to go inward and listen to our creative power, we can always be aware of our control. Showing it through emotion is a strength in that, it shows what you are genuinely feeling. Being authentic will always be a power, because you are living your best expression of God.

We must begin to become aware of our natural control and power. It’s been clouded by fear and outside sources of control for a long time and it feels a bit foggy. It's okay, the fog is clearing.

Align Your Desire With Your Decision

It's Divine to Be You

First thing, take accountability for what you feel and be excited about it. It’s your human experience! Don’t take everything to be such a negative thing. Why? It’s a waste of energy. Unless of course, you are trying to find out what it feels like to waste your energy. In that particular case and others like it; carry on.

“I’m pissed!” “I’m so sad!” “I’m exhausted.” “I’m so damn happy!” “This is what joy feels like!”

Remember when you say, I am (I’m), you are saying;

"The spirit or energy in me is having this experience through the vehicle of this body."

There is no need to destroy your vehicle or any other vehicle while you are in this state. Just have your own experience with it. Share it with others with an open heart (intentfully; purposely thinking, “My heart is open”). You will be less likely to do something you may have to be accountable to later, in a capacity you didn’t intend. All this with the awareness that you had a choice in the matter triggers the guilt feeling. Always be your best. Always appreciate your experiences. Once acknowledged, there is no need to stay in this state long.

  • If it’s a pleasurable experience of emotion, put all of your creative energies into feeling what you want to get out of it.
  • If it’s a not so pleasurable experience, put all of your creative energies toward what is needed to be learned and to get out of that environment.

Know That You Have Some Wisdom

When you know the woods there is no fear, only beauty.
When you know the woods there is no fear, only beauty.

Don't Judge it as Negative or Possitive

Check it against your creation, to see if it’s worth the emotion you’re giving it. In another way, check to see if what you are doing is contributing to the human, place, goal, you are existing in (want to be/trying to be/working at being) or if it’s causing a hiccup in the plan. This is internal mind work. This is not to be yelled out at anybody unless that is the experience you are planning to have.

Ask yourself without judgement:

  • Does this emotion have a foundation of lies or is it from a genuine source?
  • Am I feeling this emotion because I haven’t done enough research?
  • Have I considered any other spirit in this experience of rise in power?

Love & Compassion need Flexibility

Appreciate Your Journey

Appreciate your emotions as a rise in power. Know your emotions are a boost to either help you jet out of a situation or create brand new awesomeness. Treat yourself and others involved in this emotional moment the best you can.

  • If they have contributed to this feeling, chances are they’re close. Depending on your decision, this will be either be absolutely beautiful, horrific, or somewhere in between. Keep yourself and all other humans as safe as the possibilities will allow. They’ve just helped you boost the power of your own creation.
  • If you find that this emotion is a repeated occurrence (particularly a non pleasurable one), consider that you have to handle it well to move on and learn from the experience. If you keep doing the same thing with your energy, you will indeed get the experience again. This is not insanity, it’s just stagnant. When it’s a positive experience, we like to keep doing it sometimes well past the lesson. When it’s a negative experience, we tend to choose to feel trapped in it.

When we don’t express our highest or most creative selves, we begin to feel unappreciative of our environment.

Express what needs to be expressed with love and move on before more madness is created.

Sadness is called on because we want to grow. Everything in nature just grows. We exclusively have a choice in how we grow. Emotion plays a big role in this. Stagnation feels unnatural. Through emotion we can learn and grow.

  • When you power your emotions towards your own creation, by following your intent; what you do, intentionally, weighed against your life purpose, biggest goal, or other specified reason; you grow. You’re more likely to feel elation after the emotion subsides instead of guilt, disappointment or anger.
  • When you power them towards something that you are not intending to create, something that is non-beneficial for you, or something that will hurt another, you will still grow. However, when your emotional high has subsided, you find yourself having to start over the process of having to stop the behavior that's causing the emotion. If you hurt another, it will hurt you. It’s immediate. Something has been taken from the victim that only you now own. You then spend so much energy trying to give that back to other people, only to receive it again. This is the nature of karma and the cycle of hurting.

Be Aware of Your Breathing

When you know who you are and what you want out of life, communicating that through your creation is confident and fluid.
When you know who you are and what you want out of life, communicating that through your creation is confident and fluid.

Know Who You Are

Remember that you are God of your creation.

You cannot blame a God or a Devil elsewhere. They are now, in you, and which ever action you take, you are contributing to the next moment of it.

Be receptive to your experience (feel the feminine) and greet it with elation. Do not fear your experience or your power. Know that it was a specially made occurrence tailored for you to boost you in one of many ways.

  • Know that everyone has their own creation going on, so you can truly only be for sure about what’s going on in yours. Keep that in mind until you don’t need to.
  • Trying or working at holding back your emotion is not appreciating fully the experience.

We are all made of the same stuff. We are using our bodies to experience it. Just be more of what your highest thinking being say’s you should be.

  • Pull your deities, gods, and energies inside of yourself to create the most fantastic scene in your mind. Make it beyond the wildest movie or game you’ve seen or book you’ve read.
  • Throw, push, (feel the masculine) your intent out there and direct your emotion to empower that intent and make the picture come true. The more the picture you've created encompasses everyone and everything healthy and loved, the more content you will be with what you have created. If you prefer, you will be more content with what you decided to do.

Love, hug, cry, paint, dance, sing, run, write, help, practice yoga, a martial art or sport or meditate on this vision; CREATE! Keep your intent clear and make actions that create your desired vision.

Challenge Your Thoughts of What You See

Reflect Learn Grow

When the moment is over, however long it last, take a moment to look at what you created.

Think about how you could’ve done something even more awesome. Be accountable, learn your knowledge and gain your wisdom.

  • If anyone was harmed, either work with them to fix what was harmed or initiate the work of fixing it. Your integrity will be felt by others based on the decision you make here. Be careful of appeasing agreements. Be honest. Do what you say. Gain your knowledge. Move on creating your existence.
  • If everyone involved had a pleasant or beneficial experience, live in the elation for awhile. Communicate with each other for a while after to exchange lessons learned. Be honest about your particular experience to keep the lessons pure. Gain your knowledge. Then move on creating your existence.

When you are experiencing the aftermath of emotion alone; live in it for while. See what it feels like to be in this moment experiencing this emotion. Gain your knowledge and move on creating your existence.

Enable Your Oneness With All

Oneness With Yourself

When you know what you've learned; hold close the knowledge of the lesson learned (it will probably come up again soon) and let go of everything else completely.

If you can do this, when you meet the situation again something magical happens. The knowledge you held on to, while only feeding it with good intentions of your learning, has turned into wisdom!

With wisdom you no longer fear the experience again because you have the knowledge in your mind to feed the wisdom in your actions.

You can move smoothly through it, allowing your focus to be on something else. That's how the things you struggle with just seem to disappear. It's not time that heals, it's you healing your thoughts and moving on to higher things. This time though, don't just forget about it. Learn your lesson, keep your knowledge, and really let the rest go.

Are your emotions controlling you?

How do handle your emotions?

See results

True Power Feels Strong

Don't be afraid of your emotions. They exist for our beneficial use. If not, we wouldn't all have them. Learn to work with your body and its systems, not against them. Use terms that lift your body and its systems up. Tell yourself affirming statements of power instead of limiting statements. Don't try, do. Don't believe, know. Don't survive, live!


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    • Kukata Kali profile imageAUTHOR

      Kukata Kali 

      4 years ago

      Many thanks cuttler! I appreciate your thoughts as well. :)

      Please ALL, I'm open for any questions that would provide further clarity as well.

    • cuttler profile image


      4 years ago from HubPages

      this is deep. Really deep. I couldn't say more. Your hub is so n=enlightening in so many ways. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • Kukata Kali profile imageAUTHOR

      Kukata Kali 

      4 years ago

      Wow! I cannot tell you how humbled I am by that comment. Thank you! And thank you for sharing it. I feel if we can get a basic understanding of our own power then we can understand how to love each other better. Truly, it's needed so much right now. Thanks again, I will keep expressing!

    • Richawriter profile image

      Richard J ONeill 

      4 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Hey there!

      My what an expressive and sensitive soul you are. I love finding people of your ilk here on hubpages. So creative and deep-thinking, the world needs more of you.

      Anyway, yes, in the west we really do equate those who express emotion as being weak and pliable like putty in the hands of manipulators.

      I saw your indirect reference to Einstein's quote there too - pretty clever and a great way to illustrate the point. Those positive emotional experiences you speak of could be addictive behaviors right, like taking drugs for example because they give you a massive heightened feeling of joy. Just as an example. And the wrapping yourself in negative emotional experiences could be something like living in the past right, like never letting go of memories of abuse and reliving them over and over.

      This hub can really touch many people. I hope it gets found.

      I'll be sharing it on my Facebook where there are many sensitive souls in the healing process.

      I don't often add these days, but I'm going to add you as you are a delightfully grounded and spiritual person. I can learn a lot from you.

      Thanks and keep up the writing. Never let up because you have a lot to share.


    • Kukata Kali profile imageAUTHOR

      Kukata Kali 

      4 years ago

      Thank ya'll so much. I hope it helps someone :)

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      You just KEEP BRINGING THE HEAT ...and I love it!!!!

    • Yolanda Marie profile image

      Yolanda Marie 

      4 years ago

      Emotions are indeed powerful creative tools. Mastering the skill of effectively harnessing them to create what we want and need is definitely important. Great information!


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