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My Human Our Holy & Our Evil

Updated on January 7, 2014

Challenge Your Perspective of the Original

Not Yo Momma’s Unity (80’s Baby)

Our perception of unity has been developed in an environment where, groups of oppressed people; Indigenous, Afrikans, Jews, Women, and Children have had to band tightly together in order to cause change. That was a powerful example and indeed necessary at the time. I send unconditional love to all that have struggled before I in the ways they did to get us here. We were not however given that opportunity of their blood, to repeat what they did with “better” weaponry. In the wake of Nelson Mandela's transition, there is so much passion in these words. I hope you feel them.

Be Your Most Beautiful Self

Unity of the Self and the Choice in the Living

We have unity in our churches, organizations, societies, family and places of business. We hold strong to those because our parents and grandparents taught us to. Now, in this moment, the war is not outside of us. We can burst open the veils of physicality and if we are open, we can see to the core of us all. We are at war with ourselves over the control of our conscious minds.

Every moment we are making the choice to ignore the situations we are in (personally & globally), we feed the demon we are so afraid of.

There are other options. There is an infinite plane of possibilities we pull from, we are creators. If we step up and take our place, we can direct the power in it. Now, with so much of our basic needs being supplied by profit driven resources, most of our environment is poisoned. We can do something about this. Do you understand that you are energy? You affect, personally, everything in your environment and beyond.

Your energy is your value. What you spend it on will yield your cultivated creations. Your energy is crafted by your thoughts, words, and actions. Then they are projected out into the collective energetic field that surrounds us all. It is absorbed and continued on into more creation as energy does not perish, it only transitions. If we spend our energy doing what brings us feelings of elation and joy, think of how that will affect us all. When we are happy, we are more likely to be cooperative.

Nothing makes us less cooperative than being late or wasting our time. We view the space that we work in as time. Rather it is our energy that is being spent or possibly, leaving an opportunity for our energy to be classified as wasted. It is divided by time for the benefit of others. If you begin to think of the energy you spend on things that make little difference in the lives of others, there develops this sense of being incomplete. Your being has not been fulfilling its own need to connect (love) others. It is loving to your being to love others. Love and compassion need to begin to be the foundation of our nations, instead of economy. It is our choice. Our choice to help the world is reflected in our choice to communicate effectively with those around us.

We have a choice. Choose well. Choose beauty. Choose love.

We See God In Creation

  • Romans 1:20 (KJV)

    For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

    We can see the invisible nature of God clearly, by the things that are made.

Labels Make Holy & Evil Easy...Too Easy

The earth grows what she needs to sustain her beings. This includes us! In our society of historic disrespect of any culture or groups of persons that connect directly with the earth, it’s not hard to see why she is being destroyed and we are allowing it.

Have we really lost the knowledge of how abundantly her fruits, vegetables, and herbs prevent disease and heal cells gone array?

This behavior of condemning those that connect with the earth goes back before the Salem Witch Trials and continues on with the demolishing of indigenous lands right now today. On one hand we are fascinated by their culture and on the other hand we condemn their practices because of religious beliefs. Are we still falling for that one? Some of the humans that are called evil are some of the most connected humans to the earth.

They spend their time, as they understand energy, picking herbs and mixing them to tilt the scales of creation to the benefit and healing of the earth. They don’t scream when they see her creatures, they approach them with wonder and love. They, we, are not special. We choose to love her and all her beings including (for me particularly) humans. Labels will never fully convey the beauty of ones spirit; but their actions and what they create will tell the whole not so hidden truth. Besides, calling humans names is just mean.

Wiccans have always been some of the most knowledgeable humans about the earth's herbs.

Shamans are so connected to the plants they just know which ones are needed to heal and have a record of helping keep balance in their communities with the intentions of healing the world.

How can you call someone that prays over the water you drink from thousands of miles away, evil?

What does your belief system do to heal each other or the earth? I don't mean spreading a message either. I mean spending energy on actions driven by the intent of healing or causing some benefit.

It Ain't That Hard

Anything keeping us separate from our natural state of being; joy, connected to each other; loving, is the evil in this world now. If you are blaming anyone for your circumstances you’re perpetuating the cycle. Your energy is your birthright. No one can make your decisions for you unless you allow. Once you hold yourself accountable, you can change anytime you want. As long as you hold on to the blame, you give those powerful pieces away, and often to those that don’t care to hold them. Now your life is the fault of some sort of evil? Someone is evil and that made your life the way it is? You could’ve been done with that the day it ended. I realize that sometimes it’s not that simple. However, yes it is. This is why we have creativity. It helps us smooth out the rough edges in our love connections. We can ask the questions,

  • How connected do I want to be to this other human or other being?
  • If I want to keep the connection, what can I do intentionally making decisions out of love, to help keep it healthy and growing?
  • How can I contribute to disconnecting if necessary, for the moment, with the most beneficial and loving outcome for all beings involved?

Expand Your Perspectives

Don't Sell Your Story Short

I know humans have so many old stories in our heads about what happen at this time, what we lost, and how hurt we were. We all have our stories.

Remove yourself from the emotion and think of it like a powerful mythology. Make yourself the hero of your soul and create a better picture in your head. Take actions to make that a reality. When you tell others about it, make sure to put in all of the fancy details.

That’s exactly what our ancestors did. This is the nature of your Bible and other spiritual text. When you are doing what you love or passionately working for change, you can feel the alignment with the divine. You are then divinely inspired. If your story has an angel coming down and landing on your shoulder telling you secrets to success, it’s cool. I'm not judging you. There is no need for me to call you a liar if you are okay with your story. You may inspire me to do something better in my own story. This is the power of authentic communities. You are important, you exist. You share that commonality with every other being on the planet. Just be yourself.

Great Perspective! Creating a New Culture

Creating Consciously

It has become common place to dismiss our need to move through emotional discomfort to learn how to better connect with those around us. Most often we secretly wish negative karma on the object of our frustration. "That's okay, God got me." We comfort each other not with reasonable solution oriented ideas, but, "The devil is busy." We are blaming God & Satan for our everyday actions and decisions. Nothing is wrong with these sentiments necessarily.

I do however think it's a good idea to spend some time on the actual issues and emotions we feel. If we stop labeling them negative, bad, or the devil, we can take a step back and see that there is light and dark. There is hot and cold. There is ebb and there is flow. There is the masculine and the feminine. All aforementioned dualities exist together and create life. We have the elements, they work perfectly together to create the brilliance of life you see around you. It is our natural balance. We are the only species that refuse to connect to each other based on judgments of our ideas.

If you fear evil it is because you have known your own evils. You've felt how it is to be intentionally disconnected from your humanity. Look around us. What are you doing? You still pointing the finger at forces that you believe exist beyond our control?

Evil is an idea, It grows because you feed it.

You think it when you see someone that looks different, more intense, or more free than you. You allow those thoughts to vibrate out of your mind (and sometimes mouth) and contribute to the that idea being real. Why? You compare them to yourselves because you have forgotten who you are. You have lost value in your own eyes. If you are a vessel of God in anyway, why would you fear it? If you know you are made from the universe himself, mother earth herself, then a wild mix of chemicals that reflect light, what would you have to fear? Who would you have to call out to in order to make aware. Step it up humans.

Allow your thoughts to feed life, love, and compassion. This is not to be confused with positive thinking. That is a good start, but then align your intentions to be more loving. Don't stop there, then you speak words that lift humans up. Before you go, you take actions toward your intention that show in action, the reflection of your soul. If there is a holy, that is it.

Gold, jewels, special fruit, and moments in time don't make holy. How you treat yourself and others shows what's inside your soul. And there is no need to make a comparison. Both exist, stay focused on your spirit knowing and appreciating that without theirs, yours could not be.

Just Between Me & You

Our idealism often blocks important information that we should keep aware. Being human, living on a planet and knowing that there are other humans out there, near and far that don't have their basic needs met. That's something that should stay somewhere in our awareness. It keeps me reminded of my mission. Although I do have moments of sadness as it is necessary just as grief, I don't stay there long. I gain what I need and add that to my next step. My next step is always one closer to being even more free so that others can feel that too. Yes, even the good stuff starts at home. Be awesome. Don't forget those that came before us. Remember you share blood and spirit with them. Use the strength they must have had, to breakthrough your own bullsh*t. No one else can do that for you.

  • Isaiah 45:7 (KJV)

    I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

We forget that God, in most religions (if you look deep enough) is all. We spend so much time fighting the devil, fighting the ego, and trying to be positive that we forget, we have the choice of both.

We don't have to fight anything. We could just be aware of our choice and say no to anything that doesn't move us forward. Calmly walk away from the things you were and move into the human you are. Accept that whatever you are calling "negative" as a possibility but keep your mind focused on the other billions of possibilities that may work better for you.

We are linked to each other. We are the same species. To deny any part of it, is to deny yourself. Both are important. Just play your position and respect the position of others. We are one.

Life is so much happier when you appreciate....everything.

Kukata Kali


Horses Mouth Research

Horses Mouth Research


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    • Kukata Kali profile imageAUTHOR

      Kukata Kali 

      4 years ago

      Thank you! Sobonfu Some is not really a Black girl, but an African Woman, and a wonderful one.

    • manatita44 profile image


      4 years ago from london

      Another awesome and beautiful Hub. Look for more followers, you have a lot to share.

      I had not heard of this black girl in the video. She does an excellent job with a loving spirit. Inspirational prose with good messages on compassion, love, learning how to better connect with our joy ... Hari Om Tat Sat!


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