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My Inspirational Meditation Cards and Writing Goals

Updated on March 15, 2010

I have been pondering what I could write about; was going to write an article about self-publishing, but I noticed we have quite a few hub writers who are published authors, so there is really nothing new that I could contribute. I figured the best source of information would be from a published author, so I made a request for the hub to be written. I would love to read of an author's experience with self-publishing or through a contract with a publishing company. (The request was recently answered: On Being Published)

I was writing a book on transcending grief in honor of my 18-year-old nephew who passed away 3 years ago; I didn't make that much progress, just 50 pages or so, but my heart is not in it anymore. The handling of grief is personal, depending on our background, religion, spirituality or lack of it - I truly believe that Nature gives us what we need to handle loss. I created a website with my sister (my nephew's mom) which is a source of inspiration, guidance and resources that may be helpful to others. The link is in my profile page.

I now understand why is it that my heart is not in writing the book on grief. I realize this was a process for me to heal, by allowing myself to feel the sorrow and learn to still my mind and spirit; it was this part of myself, that gave me resilence and courage and the ability to transcend the darkness of sadness. I needed to do this, in order to also be a source of strength for my sister; she deserves nothing less from me. One never gets over the loss of a child, but the burden of the pain has become less oppressive, and the ability to be compassionate and more appreciative of life has become much deeper. To me life is sacred, reason, why I appreciate it, and laugh often too. I am not always serious, as I may appear to be. :)

Now that I have decided to nix the grief-writing project, and continue to focus on life's possibilites, it has created a space for me to move in a new direction. I will start writing a book on a topic that is in alignment with my nature - which will be of an inspirational, psychological and spiritual topic, and also create various sets of affirmation and meditation cards, a few which I am sharing in this hub.

Since I have more time, I have also dug my old manuscript of a children's story about angels, which almost got accepted by "Hampton Roads", about 12 years ago. It was so thrilling to receive a "maybe', instead of a "no, thank you". I suspect, a few readers are wondering why it wasn't published. The editor wanted my book to be illustrated, and at the time, I didn't know anyone who could illustrate my story, and then I got caught up with work at the bank. By the time I responded which was :::averting everyone's cyber eyes:::: a year and a half later, the editor had left the publishing company. I know... I know... I sabotaged my good, but that was my pattern then. Instead of resubmitting my manuscript to publishing companies who hardly share the profits, and like to reject works, I have decided to self-publish this little story. It should be fun!

As promised, below are a few cards from one of the decks I am creating.

In the Now





Once you write your book, will you self publish or submit your manuscript to a publishing company?

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