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Do You Believe God Talks to People?

Updated on June 9, 2010

In January of 2000, I felt that God had some things to say to me and that I needed to spend extra time with Him. So, for the month of February, I did not watch TV or other things I normally did to relax and I, instead, spent that time reading the Bible or praying in my room, waiting to hear what He wanted to say to me.

The first night, He quietly spoke to my heart and said, "You are about to experience some difficulty in your life. Hang on to Me. I'm going to help you through it."

Okay, either I'm crazy and making that up, or the God of the universe just spoke to me. I wasn't sure which, so I simply wrote it down. Time would be the proof I needed. Only God knows the future. If it didn't happen, then it was only in my head.

The next night, again, I heard what I thought were His words spoken quietly in my heart, "You are about to experience a lot of pressure in your life. Know that I'm with you and I will hold your hand through this time in your life." Again, I simply wrote it down, resolving that "time" would make the verdict--the final decision--if God was really speaking to me.

Yet another night, I heard this: "Keep your friendship with JoAnne's family." Something a little more definitive this time. Not only did I hear that but I also felt something--that something was going to happen in the future that would disturb my relationships with my closest friends: JoAnne and all of her extended family. I felt it would be disheartening to me and those I love.

Night after night, He'd tell me similar things and then let me know that He was my source of help. Also, through a dream, God let me know these difficulties would begin in April of that same year. (Remember, this was in February.)

Sure enough, April came, and one-by-one, I went through some very hard personal situations (including a tremendous strain on my friendships with JoAnne and her family). Everything happened just as God said it would. And Just as He promised, He helped me through it all.

I don't have all of the answers but I can say that my relationship with Him is not shallow like so many of the religious, hypocritical people you have probably met before.

Many people know Biblical rules and regulations but have never had any kind of tangible encounter with God. I know Him--not because I'm anyone special, I was just sick of lifeless religion and hypocrisy and wanted something real.

Six years ago, I asked, "God, are you real? Jesus Christ, are you really who the Bible says you are? If you are, talk to me! Speak to me! Show me!" That's when He stepped into my life and totally demolished the mental list I had of who I thought God was.

He stuck out His hand to me as an introduction and said, "Let Me show you who I really am."

John 10:27 "My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me."

5 - 26 - 2010

(This was written many years ago as an oral assignment for a college course I took. I still don't have life all figured out and I certainly don't know everything there is to know about God. I'm still processing life with all of its surprises (good and bad) and analyzing religion with all of its formulas and rules, wondering what to keep and what to toss out. I'm still trying to get to know this God and His Son, Jesus.)


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    • Joni Douglas profile image

      Joni Douglas 7 years ago

      Fabulous post. I certainly believe that God talks to us. When I don't hear Him, it is because I am not listening.

      Thank you for this hub.

    • MyInfo411 profile image

      MyInfo411 7 years ago

      I agree, Duchess. I've experienced fanaticism at its worst, and "God told me" used for manipulation more times than I care to remember.

      For me, this specific time was kind of a marker for me--for my own beliefs, my own faith.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. :)

    • profile image

      Duchess OBlunt 7 years ago

      This is a touchy subject. Way too often people say God told me .....and then go on to say something totally against the teachings of the Bible. So while I do believe God speaks to us, I also believe there are too many fanatical people out there who believe that God only speaks to them because they read the Bible more than other folks, or whatever - and then there are those who use these things as an excuse for something they want to do that just isn't right. Too many times this has been used for bad and not good for me to take any of it lightly, or believe too quickly. Unfortunately, that's probably exactly Satan's plan....