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My Theory of God

Updated on July 9, 2015

In The Beginning

In the beginning, there was nothing. Then sub-atoms of different elements clashed together to make new elements. It was no surprise that planets were born, but how about living creatures. Unlike planets, living things are not made of simple minerals. Even a plant is made of hundreds elements. In a galaxy, a planet may form simply when there is a center of gravity. Thousands of rocks and minerals will form around the center making only a lifeless giant rock. Even planets are uniquely made. How can the core of the earth form on it's own. Even if it did, how did the mantle and crust form. How did the earth form so perfectly that it looks like it was made.

Living Thing

Compared to us living things, planets seem like simple matter. Humans or any animal for matter are made by billions cells and those cells are made by trillions of particles. How did an animal body form so perfectly on it's own. How did our correspondent cells form exactly where their supposed to. Especially, why do all animals have the exact face pattern. We all have face and their crafted like their made by someone. Particles aren't smart enough to form themselves into beautifully crafted beings like ourselves and other animals. Even the nucleus of a cell only has information on what to do and that information must be provided by someone else.


I think god created the elements and living things using atoms. Everything needs material to be build by. God created the universe. We still don't know for sure if he exists or not, but the beings in the universe can't be built by itself, especially when it's shows craftsmanship. God is real, we may not be able to see him, but we can see he's creations. I hope that you agree with my theory and if you have your own, please comment below. Thank you for reading and have a pleasant day.

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    • Jaiselin profile imageAUTHOR

      Jaiselin Subramaniam 

      3 years ago from Port Dickson

      Thank you for commenting

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      3 years ago

      Interesting theory, I enjoyed reading it. I actually wish you'd elaborate more on your view of 'God'. I can't decide if I agree with you because it depends on how you define 'God'.

      I don't have a conflict being both a theist and accepting science. I believe in many Gods (personal deities), as well as a Divine Source (an impersonal force, not a sentient being). I also believe the natural world developed through natural means-- ie, the Big Bang, abiogenesis, evolution, etc. Animals mostly have the same faces because they all came out of millions of years of evolving from the same sources-- this was the genetic blueprint, which changed slightly over unbelievably long periods of time... there are many other animals who don't resemble the 'normal' face we're used to at all because of different influences on their evolution. But even spilled ink blots and passing clouds look like something we're familiar with-- because our brains are programmed to recognize patterns. That doesn't mean anything specifically designed those random patterns.

      Science shows us the blueprints of how such things in nature developed... that doesn't mean there can't be Gods; only that Gods didn't need to micro-manage and personally sculpt everything in nature with a pre-designed plan, because nature was simply set on a course, and took it.

      If you're talking about a more limited, more specific concept of a God, such as one Supreme Being who designed everything like some mad artist-- no, I don't agree. That makes less sense to me because we know from observing nature that things can develop naturally, and that different influences can change the way something develops, and most of these things can in whole or in part be explained. I don't think there needs to have been a Supreme Being with a blueprint for everything, not when nature is a force that's always in motion and needs no real help.

      But as I said, just because nature didn't need a multi-tasking designer doesn't mean there are no Higher Powers.

      Good hub, voted up.


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