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True Ghost Stories and Hauntings.

Updated on February 14, 2014

Ghost Stories

Halloween only comes once a year but scary, spooky stories are great year round. I know some people have had some weird things happen to them and not all can be explained. Over the years I have had some strange things happen which I will write about later. Some ghost stories I have been told by others and I will pass these on too you. Ghost stories are good to tell around a campfire far up in the mountains or at home during a storm. So sit back and let me tell a few spooky tales.

My Ghost Stories

This one isn't really a ghost story but has haunted me since I was a little girl. I am going to say that I was about 5 years old when this happened. My family and I were living in an older house in Long Beach, California. For some reason one night I got up and crept to my closet. Why? I don't really know. I remember opening the door and getting on my hands and knee's peering into the closet. The closet is one like you see in many older homes very small with a regular door and one bar running across. I went under the clothes that were hanging there and went forward on all fours towards the back left corner. I actually went through the wall and peered around. It was dark, quiet and seemed to be a forest. I remember being curious but also scared to go any further. I decided not to go any further and crawled out of the closet, closed the door and went back to bed. Never did it again and didn't tell anyone for many years.

In another house we lived in we had a ghost that always walked down the hallway. i saw him once and my mother saw him multiple times. It was an elderly man with a hat on and he was always seen in the same area. Later we found out that a previous owner had died in his study/office. My Mom figured every time she saw him he was heading for the room that had once been his office.

There is an older house in the old part of San Diego called the Whaley House. I have been on tours of this house a number of times. One time we went down to visit Grandma and decided to head to old town. My brother was about 4 or 5 years old at the time. We head up to the house and stand on the front porch just outside the front door. One of the ladies that worked there opened the door and welcomed us. My brother got to the door and proceeded to back peddle out the door. He refused to go in, so my Grandmother stayed out on the front porch. While sitting out there with him she asked why he didn't want to go in. He said there was a scary man hanging there. Come to find out there had been a suicide in the house by hanging.

The house I am in now isn't a very old but I have seen a few things while living here. Not to long after my dog Pongo died I woke up and saw her standing in my doorway to my bedroom. I got up thinking she wanted to go out, but remembered she shouldn't be here. This happened more than once seeing her in the house. I night I woke up and there she was I just looked at her and told her it was okay she could go on, that I would be okay. She had been with me through some very rough times and for some reason I thought she doesn't want to leave me alone. So I gave her the okay. I have also seen someone walk down my hallway more than a few times and always in the same spot. The animal thing isn't the first time this has happened. I woke up once think my cat had jumped on the bed and was being a bed hog. But he had been dead for over a week when that happened.

My brother used to stay at a friends house that was known to be haunted. No one smoked in this family but you could on a few occasions smell pipe tobacco. My brother said he was never scared but things did happen while there.

Those are a few ghost stories from my family.

Virginia City, Nevada

Virginia City Cemetery, Nevada
Virginia City Cemetery, Nevada

Ghost stories told to me by my friends.

There is a town in Nevada said to be haunted. Actually Nevada has some really good hauntings going on there. One just has to visit the cemetery in Virginia City to know what I am talking about. It happens to be one of my favorite places to visit when I am with family in Reno. But the town I am talking about is Tonopah. I dated a guy that was a geologist and worked in Tonopah. He lived in an old building that had been turned into a place for the geologist to live. It was a very old building but can't for the world of me think what it had been used for. One night he woke up to someone tugging on his foot. He thought it was one of the other guys. Without turning on the light because he was tired he just said, "knock it off". Few minutes later it happened again, but this time he turned on the light. No one was there. I think after that he kept the light on for the rest of the evening. He had other strange encounters while living in that old building.

My current boyfriend lives in a house that is about 100 years old in a small town in Iowa. He will tell you up front that they have a female ghost in their house. I also think he has a male ghost since he had this weird thing happen about a year ago. He was on the phone with me when he said someone was there. He never locks his door and thought someone had come in. He got up and no one was there. We carried on our converstation and he said again I think someone is here. He got up again and still nothing. Then he said someone peaked around the corner, then it happened again. This time he got up and said there is no one there. Now he has me going and I'm a 100 miles away. He looks around thinking it is his eldest son playing a joke on him. My boyfriend looks up the stairs and no one is there. He sits back down and the person peers around the corner. It appeared to be a young male and seemed to be "playing around". I have been there when doors have closed or opened for no reason. I have seen the female ghost walk across the living room. One night someone slammed a few cupboard doors in the kitchen. I got up, made my boyfriend get up too but there was nothing. Oh well!

I know a Realtor who went to check on a vacant house. She had her daughter in the car with her when she went out to the house. It is an old victorian and had some water damage that had been fixed. She was stopping by to have a look. Her daughter stayed in the car. When she got back in the car the daughter had said, "I thought the house was empty". The Mom looked at her and said yes it had been vacant for about two weeks. The daughter said, "then who was that lady standing up in that window". There was another incident involving a Realtor but do not remember all the particulars. All I remember was that she never wanted to go into the house alone and not in the dark.

Final thoughts on our ghostly inhaditants

Whether true or not everyone enjoys a good ghost story.  Many of us have had some weird unexplained experiences that can not be explained away.  I remember being in Dublin Ireland and I took some photos of Trinity College.  I felt nothing at the time even though Ireland puts off a lot of spiritual vibrations.  When I got my pictures back, I was sitting in the kitchen talking with my Mom as I went thought them.  I got to one I had taken at Trinity College, my hands began to shake and the hair stood up on my neck.  I call it my haunted picture.  I have never reacted to a picture like that.  There was no reason for the picture to be messed up.  All the other pictures taken before or after where fine.

 You never know what you might encounter. 

Have you ever had a ghostly encounter?

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    • mkott profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Reno, Nevada


      Many stories about the cemetery at Virginia City. From what I've heard there seems to be a lot of activity at the Catholic section of the cemetery. Talk of glowing headstones and orbs have been seen by locals, and maybe you. :) I think I remember a story about an undertaker that buried people alive out in that area of the cemetery. Can't remember where I heard it and trying to find some reference to it.

      I have yet to go up there at night but maybe this summer I might venture up there.

      Have fun on Halloween.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I live in Reno,NV not too far from Virginia City. Me and a couple of friends thought it could be cool to go to the cemetery at 3:00 AM on Halloween. I brought my girlfriend too which could've been a big mistake. We didn't want to get busted so we parked a hill away and started walking. My girlfriend was already scared and my friends had been drinking so they kept messing with her and trying to scare her. She only made it to the front gate when they did it one more time and she was so angry she decided to go back (plus she had to work in the morning). I took her back to the car and told them we'd be waiting for them. One of my friends called me and kept trying to convince me to come. Then he started yelling "Tony!TONY!!" I asked him what happened and I guess he just ran away and left his phone with Travis. I told him to keep looking and if he hadn't found him in fifteen minutes to call me because we had to get going. He calls.. so I kissed my girlfriend as she turned over and went to sleep, locked the doors and took off running. On my way through the cemetery I noticed a light shining between some of the tombstones. It looked like a cell phone light so I approached it, but by the time I got to where the light was coming from it was gone. I looked around that section for a couple minutes and headed to the back toward the catholic section. Travis was standing at the gate and he still hadn't found Tony. I started heading into the catholic tombstones when I looked over toward the fence and I could see Tony crouching in the shadows.. "Dammit Tony! Why the hell you guys messin with me?" I was pissed.. "We weren't gonna let you come all this way without comin out here" He was right i guess.. "Have you guys even come in here yet?".. "Hell no! We were waitin for you" So I walked right in and began to tell them stories I'd heard. I pointed out a specific tombstone that would be found broken one day and back up another. It was an old marble slab that we tried to pick up and it didn't budge an inch.. then I started telling them about a light seen in a tree when I look up to the tree about 20 ft. away and there was a gliding and dark light(i know that doesn't make sense but it's the only way i can explain it). It freaked me out a lil bit but i was still mad so I thought I'd try to freak them out.. only ended up scaring myself more than I wanted to. As I was

      SPRINTING (and I mean sprinting) I could hear steady footsteps behind me. As I looked back I saw a near perfect silhouette of a large man.. I couldn't see it walking but no matter how fast I ran it stayed the same distance behind me until I got out the front gates. I stopped to lean against the fence to catch my breath when I saw 3 candlelights coming up the valley between the hill where the car was parked and the cemetery. That didn't help me catch my breath at all.. I slowly started walking down as they got closer, but then they turned and headed up the hill towards the car.. and my girlfriend. The protective instincts kicked in and so did the sprinting again. There was a tree at the bottom of the hill i had to pass behind to start heading up the other side and just before I did the candlelights were almost to the car. I've never had so much adrenaline pumping through my veins and I've never ran up a hill so fast. As I got to the car I hopped in and made sure my girlfriend was ok. She was still sleeping and I couldn't even talk. I just sat there trying to catch my breath and my sanity. After a couple of minutes she finally sat up and asked what was wrong...

      "Why did you unlock the car?"

      "I didn't, don't you have the keys?"

      "No... They're right here in the car where I left them" As I picked them out of the center dash..

      Call me crazy ,but I'm goin back again this halloween,with a camera and without my girlfriend.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Well now seems to me that no one has ever been hurt by no ghosts, yet. Why every one is so frightened of them is beyond me. A feller might would do a mischief to himself out of fear in the running from them. I never was afraid of dead people, that's why their dead, and dead don't hurt no more. Once as a youngin' I was scared of this cater walling in the night, come to find out it weren't nothin' but a Screech Owl. A good ghost story in the tellin' of it can be right fun in the tellin' tho', huh? Thanks and all those dead St's is why Ireland has so many. God don't want them. He didn't make them Saints, man did.


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