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My Human Our Human

Updated on November 20, 2013

One Thing in Common

We live on a planet. No matter our religion, race, location or circumstance; we have that in common. We are a part of a whole. There are many aspects of that whole. The pressing conversation that is needed is that our planet is being destroyed. It’s being destroyed not just as the result of prophesies; biblical, Mayan, or Mothman but rather because we are allowing it. We're allowing it because of unnecessary separation.

Beautiful tree in transition.
Beautiful tree in transition.

Who's to Blame?

In direct correlation to our bodies individually and collectively our planet is in recovery. Our sicknesses come from not using the earth as we should to nourish our own bodies. However, that has prompted many of us to go back to natural healing. It's a mutually beneficial relationship between us and the earth. The sickness we experienced or are experiencing is not the fault of the Atheist, non believers, Christians, aliens, reptiles or anyone else. It’s our fault. We allowed ourselves to be led. Now we are having a difficult time letting go and taking over the reigns in order to lead ourselves. Different groups of people taught us how they did it, and they taught us how those before us did it and those stories were beautiful. Then we called out for more leaders to show us the way. That didn’t work. Now, what’s our story? What have we done with those stories?

We were supposed to take the lessons from those stories and create something even more beautiful than what they thought was possible. Our children are waiting for us to be the awesome hero's of our story. We have failed them so far. We’ve taken the stories of our ancestors and fought over them even unto death. We forced them into boxes and limitations that even time passed needs, to comprehend what they originally intended. We’ve called each other less and become superior over each other.

We then used their stories as excuses not to do anything about the situation we’ve caused. Ironically prophesies that are discussed in the bible and other such mythologies all describe a situation very similar to the one we are in right now. We are in transition. With the support of each other we are going to come out better and more beautiful.

My Vehicle for Conscious Exploration
My Vehicle for Conscious Exploration

My Human

This is my story. This is my gift of energy, source, or spirit god presence. We all have the right to be. That’s why we are called human beings. There should be nothing standing in the way of us and what our true callings are. Our highest desires are our gifts to this world. If a man loves to build let him work on building something we can use to stay sustainable. If a child is an artist allow her to cast her paints without limitation because she will inspire the greatness in others. If a woman wants to care for and teach children, she should be able to do so, using her own creativity drawing out the best in the children without any other limitation. If a woman wants to contemplate throughout the day on humanity, allow her to be the philosopher she will never be named because she has no degree. If a man wants to play music, allow him to because the frequency’s that radiates from it are needed in the world. If a particular group of humans love to garden let them. They are the ones that will keep it safe, nurtured and loved. Every human should be allowed to reach their full souls potential and no other human can dictate that process or design for another one. That is what we are here for. To be in our most awesome joyful state; having a full appreciation for the god flowing through each of us.

Truthful Music

Do We Need All That?

What can you do without? What can you scale down in your everyday living that would allow you to be more of yourself? Our “needs” have changed tremendously. The things we’ve added to our needs list are more of a danger than a benefit. Most of these bought things that we have around us only feed those seeds planted by someone or more than likely, some company advertising what you need to be happy and feel valued. Just start knowing you’re valued. Value your environment. Plant foods you can eat. Build sustainable ways of energy around your areas. Get together and make bigger plans for energy in your areas. Then show how you did it so we can learn how too. Do what you love and save our world and yourselves.

Made from creation itself

Your Energy is Valuable

We should not be sitting behind desks, working for companies, we then have to pay to keep running, so they can pay us to pay them to survive a while longer. While we never live who we actually are? No! It’s not just how things are, it’s how we’ve allowed them to be and we can change it.

We have been waiting for a world to end and it has been ending all around us the whole time. Now it is up to us to make it what we want it. For those that are still waiting, maybe consider doing something while you are still “here”. We can live as one again in a whole new more beneficial way. We all have a lot of ideas of how to make this world better. We need to spend less time on how some other person or group is doing it wrong and more on executing our own plans of betterment. What are you giving? What are you doing with your energy? Maybe even more important, why are you doing it? Your intention aligned with your energy is what causes creation. What are you creating with your energy?

Energy is more valuable than money. It’s what generates it. Who are you giving your energy to? Where do you spend most of your time? Time is codeword for; your energy calculated. Don’t fall for it. There is no time other than right now and if you are not screaming happiness in it, go do what will drive that joy out of you. If you put your energy in the world that way, it will bring value to you; money or otherwise. You don’t have to spend your energy trying to make money to pay bills to buy more things you have to use your energy (work) to pay for.


A Question of Faith

From the principles of the Christian religion, of Kwanzaa and self- empowerment/enlightenment, faith is always a necessary tool. How do we live in faith and what are we to be faithful to?

If one is to have faith in God, I must breathe and take a minute to ask where is God located? When one says, “Let go and let God” where is he working on that from? Where does God live? Does he live above us somewhere in the cosmos? Does she dwell among us in manifestations unknown? God, Yahweh, Source, infinite creator; where does the being do its work? When your prayers are answered, from wince does it come?

Many religions subscribe to life being in the breath. God, breathing the breath of life into man in the bible or the principles of Qigong for example. It would seem then that maybe taking some time to appreciate that breath (meditation) would be in order.

There are specific situations in several religions and philosophies that mention the importance of the heart and the mind. To be able to appreciate your breath will allow you to clear your heart and your mind. Which by biblical standards contain the new law of God or just God if you will (Jemimah 31-34 KJV).

At some point we have to start feeling the life giving force in ourselves so that we can start feeling/seeing the life giving force that lives in all things, and honor it again. If we are to ever honor mother earth the way we need to, we must pick up our ancestors spirit of appreciating everything and every being.


See how they shape a heart, and how the clouds above look like a gown? What other love symbols can you see in this picture?
See how they shape a heart, and how the clouds above look like a gown? What other love symbols can you see in this picture?

Importance of Oneness

When we recognize our own power; become aware that we have a choice in our environment, we put down our different thoughts on God & creation, remember that we are (in this realm) human first , we don't have to be controlled, stop allowing what we have accumulated to control our lives, we can take back responsibility for our world and change things. The change can happen so swiftly. This is to be conscious. It's not how fast you can judge someone else. It's how fast you can recognize you in them and move accordingly.

Love is this force. That thing that draws you closer to you, in others. Compassion is how smoothly we finesse the conflicts with these differences in our experiences with others. Your example is your creation driven by how you treat or love yourself.

Higher consciousness explained in the most simplest terms is an awareness that you are a part of a great wholeness. An understanding that you have the responsibility of caring for that wholeness, so much, that you know caring for it, is caring for you. To come to this "enlightened state" where you recognize that you are light is the same thing. Understanding that the same spirit that occupied Yeshua or Jesus is working in you is the same thing. If you were to recognize that you and the earth are one or made from the same thing as the stars it would feel the same way. It's awesome to be in all those states but they mean nothing if you don't do something with them. You are to share that love and compassion with others. How? You live them. You make every decision with the whole of everything in mind and heart. All those that we admire were not popular, but compassionate. They broke the social norms and brought an end to old ways of thinking. It's our turn now.

Is Your Energy Well Spent?

Do you feel full of life for most of your day?

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I Intend to Inspire

My intention is to inspire thought and new ideas from other humans so that we can all grow. Please tell me if you have benefited in anyway from reading. Feel free to leave questions or comments. Thank you!

Videos That Make You Think

Please take a moment to check out these two videos. If you have only held on to your own perspectives on creation and religion, these two are great way to allow yourself to explore others perceptive. I highly recommend them both.

Spirit Science



If you would like to check out some of those aforementioned humans here are some of their works below and one additional suggestion.


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    • Kukata Kali profile imageAUTHOR

      Kukata Kali 

      5 years ago

      Thank you. Loving energy sent to you in abundance always~

    • manatita44 profile image


      5 years ago from london

      Cool. Positive articles. Keep it up. Loving thoughts.


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