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Mysterious Halo Cloud Over Moscow Attracts UFO Enthusiasts

Updated on October 14, 2009

Moscow Officials Deny UFO, Say It's an Optical Effect

An intriguing sight appeared in the skies over Moscow, Russia, days ago. This cloud, quickly becoming known as a "halo cloud" or "Moscow cloud," naturally has attracted UFO enthusiasts. Unlike so many other UFO sightings, however, this really looks like a cloud, albeit a strangely shaped one. There are UFO experts on both sides - some firm believers and others staunch skeptics.

While both sides believe in unexplained phenomena, as that is apparent, one side believes that intelligent life may be responsible for some UFO's. The other side points to the fact that there is simply no physical evidence to point to an extraterrestrial source. No matter what side you fall on personally, though, there is no reason to believe that this halo cloud over Moscow is anything but a cloud.

This cloud attracted attention because it supposedly looks like the spaceship hovering over Earth in the movie "Independence Day." While it looks like a cloud, some people will undoubtedly persist in trying to find something strange about it. Already, people are speculating about secret nuclear tests, trying to link it to Mayan predictions, etc. The fact remains that it looks like a cloud, and there is no reason to think otherwise.

I, for one, think it's perfectly plausible to think that there is intelligent life on other planets. There is just no credible evidence that those civilizations, if they exist, have the technology to get here or have actually been here before. And this halo cloud over Moscow means nothing in the overall discourse.

The Yahoo article on this halo-cloud phenomenon states that a Moscow official from their Weather Bureau said it was an optical effect caused by weather fronts, Arctic air, and sunlight. Of course, this seems like speculation. And this is why these strange phenomena like the Moscow cloud are so controversial. For some reason, people think that the government has all the answers. This is a huge assumption. Why would the government know anything about UFO's and similar phenomena? They generally don't know science more than corporations, and it is generally impossible to test such a phenomenon before it disappears.

Governments are incompetent. The language they use just tends to make these situations even more controversial. The truth is, no one knows for sure what caused this halo cloud. It is speculation, and government officials should not speak with such confidence. It is okay not to know everything. I mean, human society can't even figure out how to balance federal budgets, stop recessions, prevent crime, create jobs, etc. The world is full of mysteries.

At any rate, it is interesting to follow these phenomena, but the halo cloud frenzy in Moscow will likely disappear quickly, as it actually looks like a cloud. And that is the most likely answer even though we will never know for sure. Enjoy looking at it in the video below.

The "Halo Cloud" or "Moscow Cloud" Phenomenon


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