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Mystery and Horror of the Mothman

Updated on February 12, 2012

Urban Legend or figure ¿cryptozoology with multiple witnesses?

One of the most intriguing mysteries disseminated recently in our world is that of the appearances of the Mothman, a strange being whose appearance many people believe is usually a premonition of some disaster or UFO sightings. You should know a little more about the Mothman .

The first news of this strange creature sightings, dating from 1960 and are caused by Cornstalk, Virginia, United States, where a father and his daughter were traveling by car quietly, when they ran into a strange winged figure, but in human form, over 2 meters, large hypnotic eyes red and covered with dark gray hair. That vision only lasted a few seconds, but mark their lives.

His next appearance was in November 1966, when witnesses repeated the description of the creature modeled spotted five years ago, the legend began to spread like wildfire area.


On November 1 a resident of the city of Charleston who identified himself as Richard West informed the police that a winged humanoid being, about two meters high and about three major on its wings, stood at the top of a housing close to ascend vertically "like a helicopter." Highlighted their glowing red eyes.

On November 12, 1966 near Clendenin, Virginia. Five men were in the local cemetery preparing the grave for a burial, when something like a human being, took off from some nearby trees and flew over their heads. The men were confused as there seemed to be a bird, but rather a man with wings .

On the night of Nov. 14, two couples formed by Roger and Linda Scarberry and Steve and Mary Mallette by, strolling by car in Point Pleasant (West Virginia), along with some military depots, known as TNT, saw a creature of some 2 m high, with wings folded back and looking at them with two bright red eyes.

Accelerated, but despite reaching the 160 km / h the creature followed them closely and without apparent effort, just meters from the car and do not shake their huge wings over 3 meter wingspan. Only a thin chirp, similar to the one issued "by a big mouse," accompanied this strange winged creature until it disappeared.

The sheriff, excited to hear witnesses, immediately moved to the area, which housed an explosives factory and numerous storage tanks many of them underground, but found nothing, only a slight interference on your radio. "It was those two big red eyes like headlights, which overwhelmed us, "shortly after the witnesses would testify.

At 10 and a half of the night the same evening, Newell Partridge, a local contractor who lived in Salem about 90 miles from Point Pleasant, was watching television when the screen suddenly went dark. Your dog named "Bandit" began to howl on the front porch so Newell went out to see what was happening.

When he left the porch, Newell saw Bandit barking toward the barn that was a few meters from the house. Newell pointed the flashlight in that direction and saw two red circles that compared with a bicycle reflectors. The dog was shot out then those red eyes, while Newell came home to find his gun. Dam of absolute fear, decided not to go out and slept that night with his gun on the bed.


On day 16, also in the vicinity of the former military depot, another alleged witness said he saw the monster: "I saw the shadows, it was as if he had been dragging on the floor and slowly rising, gray and much higher than a man, with two terrible red eye " .

The next day Sheriff George Johnson held a press conference in which several witnesses recounted what they had seen the press. He was baptized immediately as Mothman or male moth.

Hysteria erupted. Dozens of people confessed to have seen the Mothman., And journalist Mary Hyre began publishing articles about this strange character in the newspaper "The Messenger" and began investigating, until he was visited by two strange men in black (another day talk about them), who advised him to stop publishing articles on the subject. Mary, claimed that almost every night she lay awake, the victim of a dream that was repeated every morning. Looked like the bridge of Silver Bridge, which stands at the entrance of Point Pleasant, collapsed, a premonition that I was not very far from reality

The next thing I got the shock of seeing the strange winged creature was Marcella Bennett, who clearly looked like a gray humanoid figure rising from the ground behind the vehicle. "It seemed like I was lying on the floor. He got up slowly. He was a big, gray, larger than a man with glowing red eyes, terrible. " The impression made on him was so great that be and the hypnotic effect of his eyes located on the torso so pervasive, that the witness fell stunned to the ground along with its small, entering the house of the hand of one of his companions. Entrenched in the house felt like creature roamed away for a few minutes, and even saw her looking through the windows into the house .

On 25 November, in a field of crops to 7:15 am, a witness testified that on his way to work, a human figure gray, rose vertically from the ground and lunged at his car. Accelerated, but the Mothman had been following him, turning on the car as if you were playing for several kilometers.

The next day, Ruth Foster noted the creature out of his house in his garden, and 27, the young Connie Carpenter saw a man dressed in gray wings unfurled a huge and went to his car, turning off when I was about to impact. "Those eyes. They were bright red, and once fixed on me, I could not take mine from them, "said the witness, the investigator John Keel, a prominent journalist, five times traveled to West Virginia to pick up hundreds of in situ testimonials and post them in his magazine "The willow fliying review" ("The Journal of flying saucers")

On December 4, several pilots belonging to the military base nearby Gallipoli, would also have seen the monster maneuvering and hovering over the river, and was able to calculate that about 100 m high and nearly 100 km per hour. Then I would have followed with their planes with the intention of photo opportunities, but said they could not because the would be gone in one of his movements near a thick forest and so followed the sightings with at least 100 witnesses.

In the midst of this fever, speculation began to break out, some said it was an angel who came to warn of a catastrophe, others that he was a demon who came to cause it, it was a creature mutated by radioactivity in the area, and even a curse 500 years ago by an Indian leader named Hokolesqua before dying ambushed.

Along with the appearances of the Mothman also multiplied UFO sightings and the presence of strange men dressed in black like the journalist who interviewed Mary Hyre


Coincidence or not, the Mothman sightings ceased on the night of December 15, 1967 when the Silver Bridge Bridge, 700 meters long, crossing the Ohio River collapsed, killing over 46 people, as was in the repetitive dream of Mary Hyre, who surprisingly, was at that time on the bridge along with several other witnesses of the apparitions .. The Mothman never again be seen there.

With all the material collected these years, John Keel, wrote "The Mothman Prophecies" (Mothman prophecies "), which would be made into a film in 2002 starring Richard Gere.

In Virginia, these events are still alive, and the producer of "The X Files", Cris Carter, also dedicated an episode of the popular series to the creature that certainly is one that has had more witnesses in the paranormal world .




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    • Buzzbee profile image

      Buzzbee 6 years ago from The County of the Winkies in Oz

      ziyena: thank you! And stay safe from the Mothman!

    • ziyena profile image

      ECLECTIC PLETHORA 6 years ago from LOST IN TIME

      Love it Love it Love it!

      My father hails from this area and so I'm very familiar with the old stories.


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