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Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle Anomalies

Updated on February 11, 2011

There may be many natural explanations for the mystery of the Bermuda Traingle

The Bermuda Triangle is mapped as the region in the illustration.
The Bermuda Triangle is mapped as the region in the illustration.
This unusual type of storm could be one of the causes behind disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.
This unusual type of storm could be one of the causes behind disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.
Ships can be sunk from below is there is reason for the loss of buoyancy.
Ships can be sunk from below is there is reason for the loss of buoyancy.
Some views hold that some form of superior technology is involved in the disappearances, whether Atlantian, UFO or inter-dimensional.
Some views hold that some form of superior technology is involved in the disappearances, whether Atlantian, UFO or inter-dimensional.
Ships lost to the Bermuda Triangle may be something as simple as a rogue wave. Though this is a storm surge, rogue waves of this size sometimes form on the high seas.
Ships lost to the Bermuda Triangle may be something as simple as a rogue wave. Though this is a storm surge, rogue waves of this size sometimes form on the high seas.

Is the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle based on fact or fiction?

Since the first disappearances occurred and all disappearances thereafter, the triangular region of the Atlantic covered between Bermuda, Miami Florida and Puerto Rica; there have been speculations as to the cause. The fact of the large numbers of disappearances thought-out history in this area of the world gives the Bermuda Triangle its mystery. Exact causes in many cases have been hard to determine. There have been many ideas ranging from space/time warps, magnetic anomalies, UFO and alien abduction/interventions, influences from Atlantis, cross dimensional gateways, hurricanes, out gassing of seabed methane, piracy and other causes. The fact of disappearances in this region is what has triggered curiosity and speculation as they are more apt to occur here than in other areas of the world's oceans with the exception of the southern roaring 40's.

Perhaps the most plausible of all causes behind the mystery is hurricanes and tropical storms. From the very beginning of European incursion into that region, there have been great shipping losses, often with large fortunes of plundered gold, silver and jewels. As a result treasure hunters have had more success in this region than most others. Piracy cannot be ruled out either, especially in the competitive days between the English and Spanish for new world wealth from the 16th to 18th centuries. These days, there is little mystery as to the origins of piracy in this area. Under Elizabeth I of England, “privateers” were dispatched to take territory and plunder from competing Spain. This was the legitimized origin of pirates of this region in history. Even today there is the risk or piracy in these waters, but this no longer has anything to do with Britain.

The region is also plagued by tropical storms and hurricanes due to the influence of the Gulf Stream that originates in this area. The Gulf Stream feeds warm moisture into the atmosphere that adds to cloud formation and storm development. During solar maximum periods and El-Nino years, these storms are more frequent and intense due to greater sea level evaporation from increased temperatures. Many ships and planes have been lost to hurricanes, tropical storms and sudden sea squalls especially in the times before sophisticated weather observation and prediction. Today we can cut losses due to these storms with our space born technology that allows us to see these storms well in advance and to make warnings to airlines and shipping.

Another plausible cause is sudden upwelling of methane from the seabed. It is known that methane "ice" exists in abundance on the seafloor in some areas. In other regions, underwater vegetable decay trapped under sediments builds pockets of methane which can erupt to the surface unpredictably en-masse. Experiments with boats demonstrate that a sudden upwelling of gas from under water causes loss of buoyancy and sinking as a result in the bubbling and foaming waters. Experiments with aircraft flying through a concentration of methane demonstrate that the engine is starved of oxygen and this causes the engine to cut off and stall. If the methane pocket is large enough, the pilot in the aircraft cannot restart the engine before a sea crash. Also, the lack of oxygen could affect the pilot if he is flying low and is not using oxygen support. Some aircraft pilots reported compass trouble before being lost for good. This too may have been caused by disorientation and oxygen deprecation.

Though the idea of space/time warps is an idea popular with some physicists, it remains unproven other than within the constraints of the extremes of general relativity. The fact that time dilation has been proven in many ways does not alter the reality that space/time warps do not exist in the strength to cause disappearances like what occurs in the triangle. To have a space time warp of sufficient strength so as to alter the Planck False Vacuum State would require a huge energy output that would affect the entire globe. Such states would literally tear matter apart and is found near the event horizon of a black hole or near powerful magnetars. Such a state does not exist on or near Earth. This cause is therefore ruled out.

Cross dimensional gateways are the stuff of string theory and wormholes, ideas that work by the numbers but have not been observed. Some hypothesis has the cosmos as part of a nine or ten dimensional manifold and that there are many cosmoses that co-exist in the same space. We cannot see them as we exist in a three dimensional and time dimension manifold. Other dimensions would be superior to us as we are to two dimensions. As a two dimensional flat world person could not sense us except when we penetrate through their world, we are not able to sense four or five dimensional beings unless they penetrate our three dimensional and time world. Cross dimensional penetration is possible provided the tenants of string theory are fact, which has not yet been substantially proven by observation or experiment.

Magnetic anomalies can cause compass confusion and the loss of bearing as a result. Magnetic anomalies have a few causes. One would be a large concentration of ferrous material like iron or nickel in the region. There is little support for a concentration of ferrous material in the whole of the triangle. On the contrary, there are indications of methane and oil in the region. Another cause for magnetic anomaly is due to the current changes in the geomagnetosphere. This has been observed to be developing over the last few decades with increasing severity. But the problem with this is that it is planet wide and not just restricted to the Bermuda triangle. In addition, the flipping magnetic poles are something that is truer now than in the past. Yet another would be a large magnetic transient event over the area from the sun or some other cause; again unlikely on such a local scale.

UFOs are often cited as causing car engines to stall and for compasses going wild. But, for many of the disappearances, there is no mention of strange aerial phenomena. UFOs piloted by aliens are highly unlikely. Most UFOs can be explained by other influences and phenomena. There is a school of though that the few unexplained UFOs can be explained by experimental aircraft developed from the Second World War and perfected over the decades. Patents exist on the books that look very much like some of the UFO forms that have described. It is possible in this case that the proximity of such craft, though unseen, could cause the loss of compass accuracy and subsequent disorientation of pilots, but it does not account for sinking ships.

Some people have the influence of Atlantean technology as being responsible for the mysteries and losses. However, for such technology to be operational, it would have to still be working after several thousand years. Our own experience with technology is that only the simplest forms can survive reasonably intact that long and only in a desert environment. The waters of the ocean can be very corrosive over time and sea life will wind up covering inundated areas with copious amounts of material. This cause is therefore one of the least likely.

Intact ships and planes have been found under water in the Bermuda Triangle area and this fact alone proves that there are mysteries and disappearances in the region. Then there are the treasure hunters who by now have uncovered vast lost fortunes in the area, which stands as proof that this area has been claiming ships for centuries. Until we actually record a strange event and find out what the cause is, the Bermuda Triangle will remain mostly a mystery. This then forms the basic fact of this mysterious region.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is explained by the "M" Theory or String Theory

    • profile image


      7 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      This is a well thought out hub.

    • profile image

      neal ganga persad 

      7 years ago

      this is so awesome


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