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Mystery of the Enchanted Mirror

Updated on October 2, 2019
Cheryl E Preston profile image

Cheryl enjoys writing poetry related to her personal faith in Christ and the things she had observed in life.

Strange things are happening

Mirrors have been a subject of fascination for thousands of years. For most, a mirror is simply a tool of reflecting images. For others, they are used for supernatural purposes. Television shows and movies have come up with scenarios to entertain us with magical, haunted, and enchanted mirrors for a long time. I had my own encounter if you will, related to a mirror in a home I once lived in. When my family moved to a different home in 1968, I slept in the downstairs bedroom in the same bed as my great grandmother. There were two more bedrooms upstairs and my grandmother occupied one of them. The other remained empty except when my brothers came to visit. I never knew why I was not allowed to have the empty bedroom as my own but did not put too much energy into thinking about it.

Almost immediately upon moving, I began experiencing strange occurrences. This is when I first began dealing with what I now know as night terrors and sleep paralysis. I also began having weird dreams related to the mirror on the dresser. All .of this only happened when I was in that particular bedroom

I would dream that I was looking into the mirror and making a face. I would stretch my mouth wide with my teeth almost touching and my eyebrows would arch as if I were making an evil face. In the dream when I relaxed to my normal look, my mirror image would continue to grimace and a feeling of horror would come over me. Waking up from this dream left me terrified because I thought this could happen in reality, but it never did. I would say I had this same or a similar dream at least eight or ten times from childhood into my late teens. When I was awake, nothing paranormal ever happened, although I did often feel cold and ill at ease in that bedroom. I also thought that the dresser and mirror looked from another time period. I have no reason as to why this dream recurred and I have no desire to figure it out all these years later. Now, looking back I wonder if perhaps something otherworldly had been attached to that dresser an mirror.

The ugly dresser

The dresser in the bedroom was similar to the one in the picture. The one difference is that ours had patterns on the sides as well as the top. Over the decades whenever I see one that is similar I recall my childhood dreams. Today people pay large sums of money for antique bedroom furniture and I sometimes wonder what happened to that old dresser after we moved to the city in 1979. I don't know how old it was but it belonged to my great-grandma.

I read a story on the Internet about roommates who encountered strange occurrences related to an old mirror. They said they were scratched and saw blood. I'm thankful I've never dealt with anything like that. None of us really know for certain what others have experienced so it is best to keep an open mind.

Mirror Mirror

The first time I ever heard about an enchanted mirror was in the Disney animated movie Snow White. That was quite a creepy scene when the evil queen would say, "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all. There was also the made for TV program "Alice through the looking glass" where Alice from Wonderland went into an enchanted world by going into a mirror. Recently on the METV network, I watched an episode of "Thriller" entitled "The Hungry Mirror." Donna Douglas who portrayed Ellie Mae Clampet in "The Beverly Hillbillies" was a woman who was obsessed with her looks and had numerous mirrors in the home. When she died they were all placed in the attic and newcomers who later bought the house encountered paranormal activity related to the mirrors. In an episode of Thriller entitled "The prisoner in the mirror," an evil magician was locked inside a mirror until he tricked someone to take place.

Mirrors have been used for centuries for magic and some consider them as portals to other dimensions. If, however, you are a believer in Jesus Christ, the Bible says in Ephesians 5:11 that we are not to have any fellowship with works of darkness. Christians are supposed to rely on the Holy Spirit and not become involved in anything that opens doors for other spirits. Yes, in this life we may encounter evil spirits but Christ said in Mark 15 to cast them out and not entertain them. I now pray over all items that come into my home and ask the Lord to bless them. I pray before I go to sleep and ask for protection from nightmares and bad dreams.


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    • profile image


      19 months ago

      Oh dear was interesting until it went all religious control mechanism

    • Cheryl E Preston profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheryl E Preston 

      19 months ago from Roanoke

      Wow that is an interesting story. I am finding that people He created as prophetic-psychic-m have these things in common.

    • The0NatureBoy profile image

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      19 months ago from Washington DC

      I to your name correct this time, Cheryl.

      A reoccurring dream I had first at about 7-years-old and every other time I questioned my purpose for life until after my New Conception interpreted my life from the time I left my mother's house, 1963, until 8 years after my 1976 New Birth. The first dream came while I was living in the country north of Grambling, LA and I was going to take a short cut through the woods to Grambling. As soon as I entered the woods I saw snakes like a blanket on the ground in front of me and I started to go back but they were circled around me. I watched until the circle was almost upon me and decided I needed to get out and decided to climb a tree but they were there hanging like ropes. So I jumped and swung on one like Tarzan and let go in mid air and caught another and when I let go I was in front of a Church on the edge of Grambling and walked into the town and began to tell the people about my experiences.

      That manifested when in '63 my mother told me either a girlfriend I had had to go or I would so I left her house. The snakes, little people know, is a symboled of wisdom, was saying I was going to obtain the wisdom of this world, go back to the Christian church and beyond to eventually return to Grambling and share my understanding of life as I did August, 1984.

      I shared that short version of the interpretation because I believe you need to seek Spirit for the meaning of that mirror dream. What I just felt suggests the face you saw in the mirror is someone you are/were and to become the spiritual person a change must take place in you that you, at this time, don't recognize you can be.


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