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NDEs: Is “It’s Not Your Time” Based on Medical Technology?

Updated on August 21, 2019
Lorra Garrick profile image

In addition to fitness and exercise, I've always had an interest in the paranormal and "unexplained," particularly lucid dreaming and NDEs.

"It's Not Your Time" is based on someone nearby knowing CPR?

Why is it that people who’re told, “It’s not your time,” during NDEs usually have a medical condition that can be solved with CPR? Before CPR was discovered, were people who were in the same NDE boat told it WAS their time?

Perhaps there’s some rule, for lack of a better term, that allows people to “go back” if they have a medical condition that has the potential to be corrected by whatever medical technology exists at the time.

Nobody whose body has ever been cut in half or crushed to pieces has ever been told during an NDE, “It’s not your time.”

But what if, say…5,000 years from now, humankind has the medical technology to save a person who’s been cut in half or who’s sustained a round of bullets to the head and chest?

Let’s suppose that 50 centuries from now, people are automatically equipped with some kind of robotic device, wherever they go in life, that immediately gets to work at repairing their body should they be flattened by a truck or a hail of bullets.

This means that if they have an NDE – while their legs and torso are separated by an explosion – they’ll be told, “It’s not your time.”

Of course, contemporaneously, such individuals die 100 percent of the time. There is no going back to their body because medicine isn’t advanced enough to fix such profound injuries.

Is “It’s Not Your Time” a mistake by whomever’s in charge up there?

One of the recurring factors in NDE experiences is that the realm is a place of all-knowing, a place of having all the answers to every question imaginable.

One NDE’er stated that she was instantaneously infused with the knowledge of everything that ever happened in the universe.

Many others report similar experiences, in which they suddenly know the answers to everything (presumably, once they’re back in their body, this knowledge is wiped from their memory).

If the afterlife holds the answers to every question and contains the information and data for everything that’s ever occurred since the beginning of time…then how is it that every so often, there’s a blip -- in that someone ends up in the NDE realm by mistake?

Who’s not keeping track up there?

I don’t mean to be facetious. This is a valid question.

When the “guide,” “angel” or deceased family member tells the NDE’er that it’s not his or her time…this assumes that the spirit being knows with 100 percent certainty that resuscitation attempts will be successful.

But what if at the last moment, the only person available to perform CPR suddenly has a heart attack? Will the being then change his mind and tell the NDE’er, “Woops, my bad, it IS your time”?

When NDE’ers Are Asked to Choose

Many NDE’ers report they were told that if they cross a threshold of some sort, there’d be no going back. They were then asked if they wanted to stay (cross over) or “go back.”

They were sent back – seemingly based on their choice rather than forced back.

But what if the only person who knows CPR suddenly drops from a stroke?

The NDE’er just said she wanted to go back. But now…there’s nobody around to revive her.

What happens then?

What about cases in which resuscitation would be successful…but there was never anyone around to perform it in the first place? For example, a person gets struck by lightning while on a solitary hike, or chokes on food while alone in their house and can’t get to a phone.

When they’re having an NDE (induced by a flat-lined heart), are they automatically ushered across that threshold?

How do the beings up there know that if they waited just 20 more seconds, a person wouldn’t suddenly appear on that hiking trail to give CPR?

Or maybe they know the future – and know that the injured person won’t be discovered for another 45 minutes – more than enough time after which CPR would be futile.

How does the spirit guide know that a snoopy neighbor wouldn’t be peering into the window in another 20 seconds and spot the person choking, open the unlocked door and administer the Heimlich maneuver?

The best explanation for all of this seems to be a predetermined destiny or future that the being knows of. The being already knows the future for each individual, e.g., that nobody will come around to give CPR, or that the person who’s delivering the resuscitation won’t be interrupted by a heart attack or another lightning strike.

Forced to Go Back

And then there are the cases in which the NDE’er is forced back into his body against his will. This, too, seems to be based on the spirit guide knowing how the future will unfold as far as medical help. But this theory kind of sinks when you consider that some NDE’ers are GIVEN A CHOICE.

I’m sure that once we all cross over, we’ll receive a perfectly logical, much simpler explanation for how all of this works.


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