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Nameing a Baby & The Feast after Gift.[Ganapathi Video]

Updated on February 21, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Must First Worship before any God's Worship.

Lord Ganesh'sPicture Courtesy:-
Lord Ganesh'sPicture Courtesy:-

Shri.Ganesh's,Dance - Moria,Meaning,Come Soon]

There are many things in a Name.Bihar for a JOKE.

No soon or even before and soon after wedding the married couple start debating,arguing,dreaming and quarreling on what name is to be given to the newly born,when born.Even the girls parents and Boy's parents start discussing and even writing the names that would bring fame to the family.Boy or Girl the first is welcome.If it's a girl they want a Boy and the second is sure to come.That is a different storey.

The only need in many family is a Boy though they are more henpecked after marriage like all the papa's.There are exceptions of course

There are parents who dictate what should be the name,there are rules that the name must start with a alphabet for the baby's future.There are families that insist the name must be that of the star that was shining on the exact time of the birth of a baby.There are traditions that name must be that of the baby's father's father's name.They take a owe that the name will be that of the family deity if a boy is born.The family deity's name will always be a Male God.Even there are traditions that the name should start with that of the place of birth followed by the second name that of the father's and finally the real name.This is in one community.There are another communities which must have compulsorily a name indicating the actual cast.Now a day's those that indicted this aspect was kept hidden it is now prominently displayed at the end of there name like ADIGA or Iyangar or Gowda and many more that are premium in getting jobs in many places.There are indeed many with the present day's Name Culture.

Astrologers are consulted for names and that is kept as a secret till a function is kept pooja's are performed,the first pooja will be always that of Lord Ganapathy who is the destroyer of every obstacle.The Photo shown above is that of Lord Ganapathi with the Head of an elephant.Why the elephant's head is another episode.

The Name indicates in many cases so many things.

Ganapathi Rao will be Bramhin.

Ganapathi Iyangar will be a Bramhin but wordhiper of Lord Tirupathi.

Ganapathi Bhatt will be a Bramhin Cook.

Ganapathi Purohit will be a priest.

Ganapathi Achar will be a 2nd grade cook.

Ganapathi Sa will be a Tailor.

Ganapathi Acharya will be a sanskrit Expert.

Ganapathi Thayagaraj will be a cross between a Iyangar & Iyer.

Ganapathi Shukla will be a Bramhin in North India.

Ganapathi Iyer will be a cross between Bramhin and Iyer.

Ganapathi Pujari will be a 2nd class preist.

Ganapathi Pujarappa will be a flower seller.

Ganapathi Menon will be from Kerala.

Ganapathi Nair will be a cross between a Nair and Namboodari and Menon

Ganapathi Namboodari will be a Non Veggie Bramhin.

Ganpathi Tyagi will be a man from Bihar.

Ganapathi Swamy will be a Carpenter.

Ganapathi Gowda will be a farmer.

Ganapathi Kulkarni will be a accountant.

Ganapathi Has will be a Jeweler.

Ganapathi Garu will be a Andhra Bramhin.

Ganapathi Naidu will be a Mechanic.

Ganapathi Babu will be a Cloth Merchant.

Ganapathi Shastry will be an astrologer.

Ganapathi Shetty will be a grocery store owner.

Ganapathi Shanbhog will the village Head Man.

Ganapathi Khoday will be a weaver.

Ganapathi Asari - will be a Painter.

Ganapathi Halappa - will be a Milkman

Ganapathi Kesana - will be a Hair Dresser.

Ganapathi Thotappa - will be a Gardner.

Ganapathi is also an International Worshiped God.

Here is something about a baby's name that goes with a surname in Bihar.

At the end of 4 years he distributed sweets to his colleagues in office stating that his wife had delivered a son.
His colleagues were quite shocked and they asked how this "Happy event" happened when he had not even seen his wife for four years....
The man said it is common in Bihar that neighbours take care of the wife (good Samaritans) when men are away.

The colleagues asked him, "What name will you give to the son?"

The man explained: "If its the second neighbour who has taken care,then the name would be "DWIVEDI";
If it is the third neighbour then it wouldc be "TRIVEDI",
If it is the fourth neighbour then it would be "CHATURVEDI";
If it is the fifth neighbIfour then it would "PANDEY"...
After listening to this, questions followed:
What if it is a mixture of neighbours?
Then the boy would be named "MISHRA"...
And what if the wife is too shy to tell the name of the neighbour?
Then it would be "SHARMA"......
But what if she refuses to divulge the name of the neighbour?Then the name of the child would be "GUPTA"...
If she does not remember the name then?"It is YAAD-AV"
But who knows whether the child resulted from a rape?
Then it will be named "DOSHI".....
Finally, if the child happened because of wife's burning desire?
Then he will be named "JOSHI"...
And if the whole Bihar had made efforts for the happy arrival?.... ..


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