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The Supernatural and Psychic Index Hub

Updated on February 25, 2016
Through the Veil Public Domain
Through the Veil Public Domain

Psychic and the Supernatural Index

The Psychic and the Supernatural have always been a source of wonder and intrigue throughout the World. Ever since the beginning of time people have wondered what was out there. Are there really such things as Angels? Perhaps we have our own Angelic Guardian. And what about ghosts? Do they really exist or are they purely a figment of our imagination.

One of the most intriguing of paranormal experiences has to be reincarnation. There are so many stories from around the globe telling us of children who claim that they have lived before. But its not only children who have had these experiences.

Many adults claim to have had a past life experience or have undergone regression therapy. Some of their stories are absolutely amazing. Time travel is another subject that fascinates the reader. There are many tales of time travel, and some that have been documented by various witnesses who state that they too have had the same experience in the same town or City.

Here you will find a collection of Psychic, Ghosts, Angels, Time Travel and Reincarnation articles for you to get your teeth into. If you didn't believe before maybe you will after reading these true stories from the world of the supernatural.

Time Travel

The Liverpool Time Slips- Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. In Liverpool England there is a street that seems to slip in and out of time. Many people have experienced this phenomena. Is it really a time slip or is there another explanation?

Time Travel Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain- Two friends at the start of the 20th Century decide to go on a day trip to Versailles France. Little did they know they would come face to face with Marie Antoinette who had died in 1789. Did they see the ghost of Versaille? You decide.


The True Story of the Children who have Lived Before- Children are the most truthful of people. What they see and hear, dream or remember is based on their own experiences. All children have a great imagination too, but what happens when their stories become real? Can they really remember a past life? We can dismiss it as childhood fantasies but what happens when they say, 'Mummy I used to be a pilot' and then say name of a real life person who had died in the war? Read on for this fascinating look into real life regression.

Jenny Cockell The True Story Of The Woman Who Has Lived Before- Why was an ordinary mother from England with two children, dreaming of a past life? Was it purely her imagination or was she really the reincarnation of Mary Sutton, an Irish women who had lived in the year 1897? Some would say it was just a dream. But when she found the children of Mary, suddenly the dream turned into reality.


Angels Do You Believe?-Angels are portrayed as beings from Heaven who come to those in need whenever they suffer a crisis of faith or pain. But what if they walk amongst us? Sometimes help can come from unexpected places. A friend of mine tells her story of the night she and her sister were driving home when suddenly out of nowhere they saw a woman standing in the middle of the road. She was waving her arms above her head, and trying to stop the car. The two sisters quickly stopped and climbed out to see what the woman wanted. Read on to find out what happened.

Angels Public Domain
Angels Public Domain
Ghostly encounters Public Domain
Ghostly encounters Public Domain

Precognition Dreams and Ghosts

Precognition and Premonition Can we Really Foresee The Future?-For thousands of years prophets and shaman have foretold the future. But documented evidence now shows that actually we may all be able to do it.

How many times have you dreamed something is going to happen and then to your amazement it actually does? A fascinating look at how many people have experienced precognition and how science is beginning to believe in the impossible.

Dreams Did a ghost tell me the future?-Is it possible that our dreams are more than just pictures and memories from our past, or even an event that happened the day before? Sometimes in the dark of the night, our minds latch onto something that is lurking just beyond our senses. The mind is sleeping sometimes the veil of worlds is broken, and a voice penetrates the ether. This is the time of ghosts.

Do Ghosts and Spirits Really Exist Or Is There Something Else Out There?-Many people believe in ghosts. There are lots of TV programs that insist ghosts really do exist and they have proof. But what if there is another explanation? This article discusses whether ghosts really exist, and if not what exactly are people seeing?

Rosemary Brown Psychic Medium And Her Spirit Composers-Writing music takes many years of hard practice. To write wonderful compositions takes a skill that not many people manage to achieve.Rosemary brown is such a woman but her teachers are somewhat surprising. They are the ghosts of dead composers!


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