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The Kabbalah Talks about Your Good Fortune!

Updated on May 29, 2013

Heart and Mind SERIES

Abracadabra is an Aramaic word, (the language that was extant during the centuries around Christ's time. His last words on the cross - "Eloi, Eloi, Lamai Sabachthanai" (spelled for phonetics) was Aramaic. This word has passed into the mythology of magic and medieval lore as being a kind of incantation that brings the answer, or the result of the trick.

The Kabbalah, because of recent efforts on the part of certain Rabbis has become much more popular than it ever was. It was locked in secrecy by Judaism. It was said that it was better not to study it because neophytes and the innocent would stumble, thinking they understood it, but become damaged by half-way knowledge and false certitude. The word Abracadabra and the Kabbalah itself are said to be much more ancient than scholars would have it.

"The Tree of Life" -

While the Kabbalah was said to be originally written in the first two centuries AD, and then formalized in Spain in the 1200's, it is actually said to be so ancient that it goes back into pre-history. The "splendor" of the Kabbalah is that it deals with symbolic and coded language. I remember in reading the Zohar, that a simple part of a sentence would have scores of pages describing all of the symbolic meaning contained therein. It is definitely a deep and complex system that does give one the feeling of bringing more depth, (but not necessarily more clarity) the more one reads. When the Kabbalah talks about the "Tree of Life", it is talking about how material becomes manifest from the Unseen World. It can be said that the control and mastery of the unseen world is what the Kabbalah and the Zohar are attempting to accomplish.

A quote from the Zohar speaks of the importance of the two sides of the Tree of Life: "Come and behold: the Tree of Life, WHICH IS ZEIR ANPIN, is attached from above downwards. The light of this sun, WHICH IS ZEIR ANPIN, that shines upon all, begins from the top, THAT IS, CHOCHMAH, BINAH AND DA'AT, and spreads to the trunk of the tree, WHICH IS TIFERET, in a straight path. Two sides are attached to it, one to the north and one to the south, one right, WHICH IS CHESED, and one left, WHICH IS GVURAH. When the sun illuminates from the trunk of the tree, as we have learned, it FIRST strengthens the right arm, WHICH IS CHESED, and shines with force. From that force OF THE RIGHT, the left illuminates, WHICH IS GVURAH, and is included in its light."

Balancing -

For a basic understanding of these two sides (similar to Yin and Yang in Asian thought) Chesed should be seen as Mercy and Gvurah as Judgment. It is the BALANCING of these two forces from which power comes. When an individual, or a social movement or a series of historical events become overweighted in one direction or another, a balancing is sought by Nature. A few minutes of thought about history will reveal that when the emphasis is on too much MERCY, a time of judgment tends to come to even out events and trends. The same is true for JUDGMENT. When things become too harsh and structured, there is a tendency to seek out more mercy.

Dr. Yitzak (Isaac) Hayutman put it this way when he spoke of Healing at a conference. "Take the notion of the right side as Love or Grace (Hesed), giving because it is its nature to give, even without regard to the recipient's needs. The left side is the side of Judgment (Din) and Rigour (Gvurah) and wants to weigh and restrict. Their proper balance is the quality of Compassion (Rahamim), of giving judiciously to the extent of need. We could say that the center is objective and the sides are subjective."

When It Comes Down To You -

A person that I know who is always in a struggle with resources and material need complained to me about "making things happen". He said, what would you say is the key to "making things happen". He was referring to acquiring items and materials to increase his sense of security. I chose not to address the specifics of his situation, but addressed his question emphasizing the above issues. I said, "When chesed is out of balance in a person's life, they are wishing for forgiveness and excessive grace and hoping that judgment holds back it hand. That's natural", I said, we all wish for as much grace and mercy as we can acquire." Then I focused a bit on his life. "When you flee from the structure of gvurah and pretend that you can live your life fleeing from the constraints of structure, then life will seek to balance that force in your life by giving you more structure and judgment."

A Wonderful Exercise -

The Abacadabra of "Making Things Happen" has to do with a pre-requirement of balancing "chesed and gvurah". A wonderful exercise in examining your life is to try to balance both of these powerful aspects of the tree of life. Healing, blessing, bringing things into manifestation occur when they go to the middle, playing off and emanating from both sides.

Depending upon the individual, judgment and structure can be strongly out of balance in some, and mercy can be constrained. Then there are those individuals who are out of balance with mercy and are awash in a non-structured world which is begging for judgment. Life being what it is, we can see the action of this balancing going on all the time without our awareness of it. However, when we become conscious of this process and begin to be more balanced in our outlook, philosophy and self-management, then we can move toward COMPASSION and seeing the judicious giving according to need. There is a natural economy that reveals itself here.

Your Needs or The Lottery -

The abacadabra of life really lies in the "give us this day our daily bread" maxim. The magic of making things happen is when the human in the midst of the natural interplay of the forces of chesed and gvurah is able to not be out of balance with the world, but be happily participating in the work and the play of the around. If you want something way out of the ordinary in terms of healing, or power or magical manifestation, I would declare that before those things happen, you will still need to have achieved a true and real balance of mercy and judgment in your life. These are essentials. The magic is in knowing that these powerful forces are always there making things manifest. If you win the Lottery, as Americans like to speculate about, one of the first things that would naturally happen would be that you would fall into an EXCESSIVE state of Chesed. And, for your own contemplation, what would that then predict for that Lottery Winner?

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