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Original Proverbs for Inspiration

Updated on January 2, 2020
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Christofer has been a counselor, contract administrator and has studied astrology with his mother since the 70s. He has eight grandchildren.

Angelic Deliverer to our Realm

Original Proverbs That Work For Everybody

Text Messages for the Soul - Original Proverbs for Enlightenment, Healing and Humor

Ecstasy, Wine and Words - These Poetic Proverbial Observations, Gleaned from a Thousand Books and a "Draw Down" from Somewhere, are "Text Messages for the Soul". Scrawling out what seems an Ancient Code for some Deep Reprogramming of the Inner Part of Us. They are for Enlightenment, Healing and Humor. While there is not a Wise Saying that can finally plumb the Depths of Ecstasy, the Heights of Joy, or Deeply Realized Experience, we still try --Over Sacramental Wine or Beer and Pretzels, We craft this small are for the Immortal Human Heart.

Tale of Triumph - Its a walk. And sometimes a run, but its always Your Sacred Journey. As you come over each rise, You expand your Vision. You are meant to be Exactly Where You Are Right Now! A hundred thousand factors have put you here. What is ahead is VICTORY. A Tale of Triumph. And when you win and have come to the end, you will rejoice in every foot of that Path. And you will see in intricate detail, how everything worked together to help you arrive at this your Glorious Spot. And the Goal won't be where you are, but alas -- What You Are!

Listen for the Oboes -

If you are looking for Messages from the Divine, think of your life as a Symphony Orchestra. What makes it wonderful is its Totality. The blending of the Myriad Melodic Music. The drums adn the cymbals are had to ignore. But a Symphony has oboes and cellos too. The Sense and Meaning of it all, comes when the fullness is completely heard. If you are missing a piece, a superior realization, heighten your hearing and absorb all you can. An off-hand remark from a Stranger or Child might be the thing that gives you your "Breakthrough". In the Symphony of Life, listen for the Oboes.

Cavalry in the Woods - Keep your Cavalry in the Woods, if your fellows will be off put by its presence. Indicate that you have Cavalry in the Woods, if you think a vague threat is what you need. Show them you have Cavalry in the Woods, if you anticipate that Saber Rattling will help you. But remember, if you actually use your Cavalry in he Woods, the Game will be up, and you could be ambushed, suffer some losses, and you you will no longer have the benefit of having your Cavalry in the Woods.

A Leap off a Precipice -

What has always worked for you in the Past might not always work for you in the Future. That which yhou developed a Fear of in Youth might be an elixir as you march into middle age. That rut taht you have so deeply engineered was first dug after a Leap of Faith or Survival. Winsome Wiinning Ways get perpetuated often because of Habit, Momentum and Ease. Its hard to know why you are missing in Life, just because we are "comfortable in our channels". Change can feel like a leap off a precipice, when its really just a nudge of a curb.

The Grinning Fox - Like a fox mouthing a fresh egg in the dawn light, boiling envy robs the Other of their Glory and makes a flowing tear in the hopeful Face of Acccomplishment and mounting confidence. Robbing credit, blowing away acknowledgement, Envy creates crime and deprivation. The human urge to Envy is a corrosive solvent, its fumes penetrate the nostrils and the gut. It leaves a puzzling emptiness. The egg stolen in the morning light does not satisfy. Envy is a low blood sugar event that just leaves you hungrier.

The Essential Essence - All plants have essential oils, that if they were properly extruded, go straight to your head throught their sweet essential smell. Those oils contain the essence of the plant deep in their cellular housing guarding their special value. Life has its essential oils that could bring continuous joy. In the eyes of your friends, see their souls. In the eyes of your mate, see the companions of your past. In ALL you meet look for the smell of the Immortal Breath of the Divine.

The Serpentine Rollercoaster -

You can feel Life tremble, pulsate. You can feel it quiver and delight in just Being Alive. From some power station in the sky, the urge to manifest crackles with high voltage. Stand next to a massive Black Angus Bull and life will push at you with quiety magnificence. A 5 year old who has no time for pausing is building up procreative current for tomorrow. And little rounds balls of Puppy Life bounce in the ageless eyes their St. Bernard Mother. Life is a Serpentine Rollecoaster, undulating through Time! Roaring and Seeing and Manifesting and Manifesting again. Oh how life loves to be itself!

Puttin' us on our Fanny -

When that goes around actually does come around and puts us on our Fanny, you know who usually blames "external forces". when external forces come around and put us on our fanny, you know who usually blames "god". When suffering comes around and exacts its maximum, because of our bad behavior, you know who blames our upbringing, or fate. When we experience victory and success, we pat ourselves on the back, but do not see that there's a whole nother round of goes around coming put us on our fanny.

Blessing in Disguise -

She said her name was "Blessing". Didn't get her first name. I was distracted by the clothes and made a remark about her "disguise". She put me in my place, told me to straighten out my life, pretty tough for a total stranger. I protested. Insulted her. Told her to mind her own business. She told me about all this potential I had. She was a real drag. Changed my life after that. Straightened out and flew different. Never will forget that girl, that Blessing in Disguise. She was the worst!

Proud Failing - They say the Definition of Insanity is doing the same done thing that's not working, over and over and over and getting the same continuous results. Failure and Pride often go together in some knotted up way inside some people's heads. There is, I guess, a strange comfort in the Pride, and maybe its just there to keep your efforts out of the gene pool of life's future DNA. Pride goeth before a Fall, Nero's only Joy was in calling himself an Artist as he died amidst ruination.

The Prohibition Against Inhibition -

There seems to be a Prohibition against Inhibition. When booze loosens lips, when familiarity pushes too hard, when offense is caused. Sometimes people should remember how life was much easier when they were younger and maybe more inhibited. Its not some chronic condition, or some congenital defect. It could sound sweet some day. "Oh I am just a little inhibited."

Fuzzy Sighted Fools -

When you see something in your Love that makes you wonder why you ever Fell, Dont forget that Marvelous Malady that comes over all in Love - that shaky-eyed, fuzzy sighted trembling condition that makes us Fools. We see our virtues in a more radiant light. We become blind to those irritants that rub and wear. We enlarge the mercies and tenderness and leave in a dark room the aspects that whither love. We drink to that blinded condition and declare, "Thank God that we are Fuzzy Sighted Fools."

Religious Map Makers -

Religion makes maps of the beliefs on which we stand. Our lives and our believing hearts become bound in by the maps. And then of course, there are the arguments over the accuracy of the maps and the discrediting of old maps. Those who push their fingers along the maps become called expert map readers. But, those religious map makers are not being judged by the map, but the beliefs on which they stand. A drink of chamomile tea and a non self-involved moment would disclose that.

Distracted -

Driven to distraction off the Road of Life. Somehow our "busyness" becomes our purpose. Thinking we are always headed toward something greater, grander, more completely occupying than the every present littleness of the daily concerns, we head at breakneck speed in our Full Distraction: only occasionally coming to a Screeching Halt. When we busy ourselves mashing on the Accelerator, as we idle at the Stop Light.



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