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Text Messages - About Ecstasy, Triumph, Not Going Mad, Loving the Rain, Rebirth, Narcissus, Being Alone, Your Soul Mate.

Updated on March 23, 2020
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Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

Poems for the Soul Arise from the Subconscious, But they are Food for the Mind

For the HEART FEELING that you get when your Memories Go Soaring in Your Head!

1. Ecstasy 6. Self Love

2. Tales 7. Loneliness

3. Normalcy 8. In a Moment

4. Seeds 9. Swamp Thing

5. Rebirth 10.. Uniting with a Soul

11. "No-ing" 12.. Believing

Text Messages for The Soul for the Comforting of a Troubled Soul

Text Messages for the Soul - Original Proverbs for Enlightenment, Healing and Humor

1. Ecstasy, Wine and Words -

These Poetic Proverbial Observations, Gleaned from a Thousand Books and a "Draw Down" from Somewhere, are "Text Messages for the Soul".

Scrawling out what seems an Ancient Code for some Deep Reprogramming of the Inner Part of Us.

They are for Enlightenment, Healing and Humor.

While there is not a Wise Saying that can finally plumb the Depths of Ecstasy, the Heights of Joy, or Deeply Realized Experience,

We still try --Over Sacramental Wine or Beer and Pretzels, We craft this small are for the Immortal Human Heart.

2. Tale of Triumph -

Its a walk. And sometimes a run, but its always Your Sacred Journey.

As you come over each rise, You expand your Vision. You are meant to be Exactly Where You Are Right Now!

A hundred thousand factors have put you here. What is ahead is VICTORY.

A Tale of Triumph.

And when you win and have come to the end, you will rejoice in every foot of that Path.

And you will see in intricate detail, how everything worked together to help you arrive at this your Glorious Spot. And the Goal won't be where you are, but alas -- What You Are!

3. Get Back to Normal -

Ego, the constantly reviving Criminal and Con Man takes the germinal essence of Divine Handiwork - "suffering" and "hard knocks", and tells you to bury it. Ignore it. Stifle.

The world and the Ego say: "Get back to Normal". The Ego thinks it is the Real You and will not permit its own transformatiion without a fight.

Get back to normal is the message of Ego Continuity. It also has the hidden message.

"Get back to the old suffering we are all used to." Don't work with suffering and you will "get back to normal".

4. Seeds - Don't Get Mad at the Rain.

All those "external problems" that make you anguish, come not from without, but from within.

There are certain issues that turn you inside out. These issues are not their for anguish, but for growth.

A seed does not get mad at the rain because it comes out of itself and grows! You can curse the rain if you will. But, you are Full of Seeds!

5. Momentum of Lifetimes -

Why be amazed that so many people are set in their ways?

The Momentum of Lifetimes has made you quite proud of who you are!

Maybe all those strange people are proud of themselves too!

6. Generic Narcissus -

The person who is Full of Himself will give little and take naturally. He does not think he is being Selfish.

He thinks he is giving you an Opportunity to Give.

He will never understand why you are disappointed with him.

Notice the Amazement in his eyes, when you express your outrage. And after you vent, he looks at you with Pitying Condescension.

If you let this person into your heart, you can blame yourself.

7. Try to be Alone More -

Except for Agoraphobics and Shut-ins and Recluses, people are not alone much these days.

There are a couple easy ways to tell, if you might just need to be alone more.

If people drain you, try to be alone more. If you drain other people try to be alone more. If you feel like all your "commitments" will cause you to be committed, try to be alone more!

8. No Thyself -

You have a degree of Enlightenment, Elevated Consciousness and thus, Personal Power, if you simply know when you are being boring, tedious, selfish, overbearing and insufferable.

At those times you grab yourself by the Scruff of Your Self Awareness, and with a simple act of Will - you - "No Thyself".

9. The Uses of a Moment -

There can be marvelous space in a Moment.

In the moment, you can crowd your thoughts with the overwhelming and the irritating and there is no where to go for respite.

In the moment you can be in a Heaven or a Hell. Stop. Start. Right there in the now. Conscious decisions about your personal state are Moment to Moment.

10. Swamp Thing -

The Swamp. You know those Patterns of Thought that make you obsess, keep you sleepless and over take large mounds of time?

That place that you get in is somehow comfortable, but in a demotivating, self involved, sorry for yourself kind of way. And soon you feel like you are in a languid swamp.

Somehow, it is both comfortable and energy sapping at the same time. Suddenly, you come to yourself and grab yourself by your own hair and throw yourself on the marshy shore and declare;

"I have become a Creature in a Swamp of My Own Making".

11. Soul Mate -

A Soul Mate found is a Great Blessing from Heaven.

Its signals earth's groaning and heaven's yearning that a glorious thing will happen that has not happened before.

A new creation of Love. The Divine, Spirits and Earth's Ambassadors watch as the Two make something brand new.

12.. Belief - What You Might Wish You Didn't But Do -

Belief is not where you wish you lived, it lives inside you. Belief is your collected individual opinion about the world, the forces you acknowledge, others, you and how all those go together.

Belief is what you might wish you didn't but do. Watch what you choose to believe. The saddest stories in Humanity are beliefs that explode inside the Believer and harm the rest of us.

If your beliefs see you as a Contributor, that would be a belief you could belief you could.

About "Text Messages" for the Soul

It's a Modern Term and it has a specific origin.

Its an electronic message that is not a voice message, but is news and information for the specific person or persons.

With these particular Text Messages, you decide IF ITS FOR YOU.

You can also decide if you OWN it like it. Want to Benefit from it. Enjoy.

© 2009 Christofer French


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