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New Things in my Life

Updated on January 24, 2013
Lunar Shadows at the Celtic Faerie Festival
Lunar Shadows at the Celtic Faerie Festival
Morganna, Lala, and I.  The orange and green costumes were made by my teacher.
Morganna, Lala, and I. The orange and green costumes were made by my teacher.
Beltane's Esbat Full Moon Ritual
Beltane's Esbat Full Moon Ritual
Beltane 2012
Beltane 2012
My new haircut.. Got my Flock of Seagulls going on
My new haircut.. Got my Flock of Seagulls going on

Belly Dancing:

Where do I begin? Well my co-owner and I went looking for a new person to replace the other chick who left and we had a meet and greet with this new chick named Lala. We all did some dancing and we all felt we really clicked together and she joined our Lunar Shadows Group. It was a good thing we found her in time because a couple weeks later was the 8th Annual Celtic Faerie Festival. We were to perform on a Sunday at 10am. Of course that weekend had to be in 100’s and so we danced for about a half an hour and it was good, because we rocked the stage. Now that we performed as a new group we are looking forward to performing at Pagan Pride Day: Harvest Festival in September. We’re also beginning to start belly dancing classes for anyone who wants to learn. It’s all very exciting.

My Studies with C.O.C:

Like you all know I passed my 1st year studies and I got dedicated on Spring Equinox. It was a very special celebration and very emotional. After Spring Equinox we took a break from class for a couple of months because we had festivals to attend and some people still had college classes to finish. Classes start back up on July 13th. I cannot wait. My teacher told me that my 2nd year is going to be tough and hard because it’s all about you. She say’s “get those skeletons out of your closet”. I’m so ready to begin. I did however ask her if I could maybe get initiated sooner than go through the whole year and she had to talk to the council about it. After a few weeks she came back to me and said that almost everyone in the council is in agreement and that I needed to talk to the high priest about the subject. I talked with him last weekend and he said if I study real hard and focus he will allow me to be initiated on Winter Solstice. So I basically have 3 months to learn a whole year before I have to switch my energy into initiation. I was born ready to do this. I want this so bad. My teacher even said that she and her husband are the only other people in the circle who have been initiated sooner than going through the whole year. So this is BIG! I also got tasked to do all the Esbat full moon rituals for the year. I’ve done 3 so far, 10 to go. There is nothing I want more than this. I mean getting initiated on Winter Solstice is the best birthday present I could ever get in my whole entire life! Plus I’ll be the first in the circle to be initiated on that Sabbat. YAY!

Everything else in my life right now couldn’t be better. I had one of my best friends cut my hair. It’s hella short. She even shaved some of it. I got this really cool spiky look to it. I truly love my life.


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    • sublimegurl439 profile image

      sublimegurl439 4 years ago from Granite Bay, CA

      Thank you Always Exploring. I was very happy

    • profile image

      marellen 5 years ago

      I'm glad that things are so good for you and that your happy. That is the best thing a Mom could ask for. ? Mom

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      You sound so happy and contented with your life...Wonderful..Best wishes.