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New Age & Metaphysical Myth, Misinformation, Inspiration & Truth – Idealism vs. Realism

Updated on April 7, 2013

We certainly appreciate the value of inspirational messages that are rooted in truth. However, at the present time, an over-abundance of spiritual misinformation is flooding the metaphysical market by those whom we call the New Age Cheerleaders.

They're usually well-meaning, but denying the reality that adversity is an unavoidable part of everyone's life, that it has a divine purpose, and instead promoting false promises is a disservice to consumers. Ultimately, a lot of the excitement and hype only serves to increase book sales and seminar profits and can do more damage than good.

Throughout the past 20 plus years of being involved in the self-help, New Age, and metaphysical industry, we've seen it time and time again: participants of inspirational seminars and devotees of rosy passages in best-selling "spiritual" books grab hold of the false claims that the "experts" offer ("the perfect relationship and infinite abundance are right around the corner for you-it's your birthright!") and end up being disappointed after all the hype has faded. Too many "experts" claim, " can ‘create' whatever you want and be whatever you want." Based on our extensive research, we've found this to be false.

Further popular myths in the New Age movement include the following: "The era we are in is more ‘potent' than ever. Therefore, we are more able, than ever before, to create what we want--we can have it all;" "We are moving from a time of ‘cause and effect' to a time of ‘resonant causation,' which means that we can now create whatever we want through the power of intent;" "It's possible to dodge the karma you don't feel like dealing with through the power of forgiveness;" "Astrology and numerology aren't applicable to those who have increased their vibration through love and wisdom."

Many of the Cheerleaders claim that fate doesn't exist or that it is only applicable for select parts of life. In our opinion, they lack the right to deny the theory of destined life conditions until they first disprove the predictive sciences of numerology and astrology.

Hypothesis or theory can't be proven, it can only be invalidated. Numerology and astrology have yet to be shown scientifically invalid. In order to accomplish this, two things are necessary: long-term, objective observation of the circumstances in the lives of many people and extensive personality and predictive work involving these ancient sciences.

Until then, the Cheerleaders are denying a more than 2000 year esoteric tradition (which has been wrongfully dishonored by the world's organized religions--one of the greatest spiritual injustices in recorded history--and greatly distorted by the 17th/18th century Age of Reason/Rationalism) involving the prediction of life circumstances through numerology and astrology. In doing so and promoting their baseless promises of the power to "create" anything anyone wants and erase life challenges, they lead astray those seeking wisdom.

However trendy it is these days to reject the idea of predestination (events that are unavoidable), our research shows that fated circumstances (rewarding and challenging) are part of everyone's life. Since 1992 we've scrutinized the numerology and astrology charts, and observed the representative circumstances (past and present) of thousands of people.

Furthermore, whether a person believes in karma and fate or not, they are still bound by it, as we constantly witness.

Once you see, as we have, the constant repetition of numerological and astrological patterns entirely corresponding to circumstances in peoples' lives, it is easy to stop rejecting the concept of fate.

Furthermore, though we are grateful for our guides and angels in spirit form and regularly work with Archangels, just because certain information feels good, is quoted by someone famous, or is "channeled" doesn't mean it's true for this dimension.

Additionally, the so-called divine messages of many popular metaphysical teachings too often get distorted through the human filters called the ego-self and conscious mind. The "I made millions/cured my disease/met the perfect mate; you can do it too!" messages beg for provisions such as, "...however, it may not be your karma and fate to accomplish what I did, so I can't guarantee the same success I've had..."

We respectfully and compassionately would like to remind New Age inspirational authors and speakers that fate, dharma, and karma must be included in New Age communications (even if they are just indirectly alluded to). Otherwise, as we've seen, fictional inspirational communications can unfortunately send people down the primrose path of illusion and leave them utterly disappointed, not to mention further discredit the New Age movement.

Instead of misleading people into thinking they can erase their tough karma and create anything they want, we feel more emphasis should be placed on the following philosophy: much of life is karmic and fated, the "good" and the "bad," there's no avoiding what is meant to be, but there's good news: you have free will to react the way you choose to your life's predestined events and make the most of your time here on earth.

What exactly is the benefit of working with predictive numerology, astrology, and past life regression aside from constantly seeing fate in action? The benefits include self-knowledge, spiritual growth through awareness, wisdom, the ability to plan for the future, the understanding that order exists in the universe and that there are no victims, that life is void of randomness, and that there is meaning to everyone's life.

In doing so, you'll also find that the ancient mystics and Gnostics were right: Fate cannot be cheated, but it can be viewed in a way that makes life a heck of a lot easier.

Why do we repeat what we do about destiny and free will over and over? We feel these ideas are very valuable and that it's our duty to share this sacred information and to expose New Age myths and misleading practices.

We want to share what we and multitudes of mystics throughout history have found as truth because with awareness comes clarity, and with clarity comes a more rewarding life.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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