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Night Terrors Forbidden

Updated on October 31, 2009


Thoughts that wander through an addled mind, give rise to labored hopes.  Here you stand forgetting the path losing touch with realities and staring into the night.  Why do things just fall apart so easily with no respect for anyone? Attacks that leave one drained and beaten are becoming common place.  While you are taking steps that crumble beneath your feet, to send you tumbling into the darkened abyss that is your life. 


The sun is shining yet the darkness pervades your mind, and draws you to a place of desolation that you try successfully to hide at least for the moment.  You are being torn apart and you don’t understand why or how.  Where do you go to hide from the horror of what you feel inside? 


Cover your eyes and shut out the sounds, retreat to the silence of yesterday.    Which way do you turn, and how do you survive this desolation?  Look up, take your eyes off the terrors that surround you and see in the distance the flickering light that is hope.  Reach for it knowing that Christ is at its center and that He is there for you as you are overwhelmed by these night terrors that threaten to destroy you and all that you stand for.


Feel the warmth that is His presence enfolds you, as you are surrounded with the peace that comes only from Him.  Know that you are safe in his presence and that no harm can befall you as long as you place your trust in him. These terrors that you face are nothing but the fleeting efforts of Satan to destroy the peace and serenity that God gives.  Keep your eyes on the prize (Christ Jesus) and there is no way that Satan can take away that which is given by the Father.



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    • Gicky Soriano profile image

      Gicky Soriano 8 years ago from California

      I love the way you paint your intense word pictures with high contrast images - from the darkened abyss to the flickering light that is hope. I pray that you continue to press on toward the prize in Christ. God bless your writing ministry.