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No Spiritual Gifts Bestowed Upon Anyone By The Lord Jesus Should Then Be Packaged And Sold....

Updated on August 26, 2015

No Spiritual Gifts Bestowed Upon Anyone By The Lord Jesus Should Then Be Packaged And Sold....

One of the most egregious aspects, carried out by some preachers who make up the modern Body-of-Christ, is the selling of the Gospel and its attendant gifts in some form or the other. We have heard and proven that some popular preachers of the Gospel, especially those who are the mammon-loving shepherds of the mega-churches, not deigning to visit a given church unless that church comes up with a certain monetary amount for said mega-church preachers to give that particular small church an audience. For those of us who know the Word of the Lord, I want you to really ponder this... that there are preachers who have been bestowed the blessing of conveying Christ Jesus' Salvation to a lost world would charge others to hear the Gospel. The question that begs itself is where in the Bible did you hear or read that Christ Jesus charging to preach His Salvation in Bethesda, Corazon or Jerusalem, yet, these men whom the Lord's Grace saved are charging to hear Christ's Gospel.

The Apostle Paul - whose ancestral lineage should be richer than Carlos Slim or Bill Gates - because the Apostle's authorship of close to one third of the New Testament Gospels to the Gentiles spelled out the many gifts (seven) of the Spirit in 1st Corinthians 12. Did the Apostle Paul, who the Lord used as a conduit to convey the Gospel to the Gentiles, including some of these same mammon grubbing mega-preachers, charge a price for what he wrote on parchments all those years ago? No Spiritual gifts bestowed upon anyone by the Lord Jesus should then be packaged and sold like a common commodity!

Look at the religious channels - Day Star or TBN - and one would see this selling of the Gospel and the gifts thereof; is it any different than when Jesus walked into the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and turned over the tables because they were selling doves and other animals - but this is worst because it is the selling of the gifts of the Gospel. At this juncture, I have to call out some who are selling or enabling others to sell the Gospel/gifts of the Spirits. There is a popular show call It Is Supernatural, hosted by Sid Roth, and, on that show, Mr. Roth brings on those, who supposedly have certain gifts, and like salesmen, these supposed gifts are shown.. with the attendant 'oohs' and 'aahes' from Mr. Roth's audience. The problem is that, at the end of every show, whatever the supposed gift the guess was bestowed with, is packaged and sold to the studio and viewing audience. Once again, tell me if that seems moral from Christ Jesus' point of view?

When the Apostle Paul and Peter's hankies, used to wipe their sweat, were subsequently used to heal the sick, did Peter or Paul received any filthy lucre for the healings (Acts 19:12)? As a matter of fact, one man, Simon the sorcerer, came to Christ and wanted to purchase the gift of imparting the Holy Spirit like Peter was doing. What did Peter tell that man: May your money perish with you... (Acts 8:20). Now my brethren and sistren, extrapolate and ask yourselves that if we are selling the Gospel and its gifts, what would happen if those of us who do this were gifted with the gift to raise the dead, Ala Lazarus, through Christ Jesus?

My brothers and sisters be careful of the preachers, who, every year or so, are pushing a book that they wrote. This is where the gift that the Lord gave these preachers has become an idol unto itself. Joel Osteen and the T.D Jakes' will always write books because it has become a lucrative venture, but they will never tell you that what they have written can be had freely from the Bible. If, as a Christian, I have a problem with pornography and there is a preacher with the know-how to overcome that spirit, why should I have to purchase it? Once again, neither Jesus nor His Apostles sought money for imparting the gifts of the Spirit... yet, we have modern, noted Christians making a mint for essentially selling the Gospel and, moreover, thinking that there is nothing morally wrong for doing so.

On a personal note, I have a brother whose gift is delivering those who are influenced by demons - you may have seen his posts on Face-Book under the Monika, The Deliverance Chronicles. Incidentally, I have witnessed these deliverances myself - but if my brother were to mammonize (sell) the gift that the Lord has so richly bestowed on him, I would publicly call him out, though we shared our beloved mother's womb. All the manifold gifts that Christ's Gospel offers are ours by seeking out our brothers and sisters that have these gifts - but you should also know that when these gifts of the Spirit are being perverted by their selling and packaging.

It is true too that we should give the men and women of God gifts to help them to eat and take care of their traveling expenses, etc, but not the blatant asking for astronomical amounts of money to preach the Gospel that they received freely from the Father of Lights. Perhaps, that is why we do not see the miracles we should be seeing, because, many of us, though, gifted with these seven gifts of the Spirit, said gifts are dormant and not being manifested because it would go to our heads (being puffed up) were we in abundance to start healing the sick and raising the dead. Lest we forget that these gifts were promised by the Lord when He said greater deeds we are promised to do than when the Lord Himself walked the earth in the flesh (John 14:12).

I must underscore, that this blog, in no way, is advocating that one should not pay his or her tithes because the secular world is not going to spread the Gospel, as it is commanded by the Lord in all four Gospels; in addition, we are commanded to take care of those who are the modern equivalent of the Priestly class (Aaron). I also hope that this blog will not be misconstrued in thinking in error that a Christian cannot and should not be wealthy. Our Bible gainsay such a lie from Hell because Joseph of Arimathea, Nicodemus, Cornelius, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel), King David, King Solomon, were all wealthy and served the Living God through His Son, the Christ. And for those of you Christians who are going to get technical by telling me that those named above in the Old Testament never knew Christ Jesus - you are woefully mistaken. What did Jesus say to the Jews: Before Abraham was I Am (John 8:58)!


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    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 2 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      Verily Prime. I agree with you. There is a big difference between supporting your church to keep the doors open, and compensating your pastor, then charging or, expecting some monetary reward for spiritual gifts given by the spirit for the work of the Lord. The lines are becoming blurred as some pastors lust for power and greed; and as they rake in tithes and offerings their hearts become hardened as the promise blessings to a desperate congregation who they know are hurting. Don't get me wrong. I am a strong christian who attends church regularly and I love my pastor and church family. But at the end of the day I know he is just a man whose prone to weaknesses such as , titles and ranks and offices and so forth. We are in a world where everyone wants to be a star- even preachers - I pay my tithes and offerings because it is a commandment and allow God to deal with His people.

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 2 years ago from New York

      So when Jesus said some of those who believe in him will do greater deeds than He did - was He lying? I believe everything that is written in the Bible and there is nothing anyone can tell me contrary and no where does it say modern healing is evil... once again, show me where it says that in the Bible?

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 2 years ago from Jamaica

      if you have the power of healing in this day and age it is not of the lord but of some evil illusion. Thats why they want money. The days of profits and healers are long gone and only when your jesus returns shall you see miracle

    • profile image

      kemosabi223 2 years ago

      In the bible it talked about going house to house preaching the Gospel. When you have any money involved, it is titheing, which was for the poor families that were in the congregation. So, early Christians did not need these mega churches, with the tare spirit on them. They had the Pharisees, and their mega churches. Why do you think they went house to house? To get away from mega complexes, and into the meat of the scriptures.

      So, who are the blind leading the blind? Not the Holy Spirit, and the children of God. God is in your heart. Not in any denomination. No matter what YOU think of it. Take that to God...If you dare.

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 2 years ago from New York

      I do not mind paying for the church or even a good salary for the preachers because who is going to pay for the spreading of the Gospel- those who do not believe? My issue has to do with the gifts the Lord gave some of us to assist in this life: healing, etc - it was not meant for sale. If I am wrong, then show me in the Bible where those with those same gifts packaged and sold said gifts?

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 2 years ago from Jamaica

      The Gospel is not for sale, but look at it this way. When a pastor opens up a church for yo all to sit in and worship some god it cost money, and that money is coming from your pockets right? So in essence you are still payng for the Gospel. When you buy a book of Christ it has to be printed and the paper and ink is not free. Even if the company was giving away the book, somewhere along the line cash came in. In this life my friend, nothing is free on this enslaved planet, that is why we are tagged at birth and given a stock number. We are all born free slaves on this planet.