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Nobility, The South African Rainbow Party.

Updated on January 28, 2016

Nobility liberating the masses, from the chains of class.


Nobility, breaking the chains of class, liberating the masses.


‎Honorary Members of the ANC

P Gundi Mkhize Othello Prof, Dr Hlengiwe Mkhize ‎

Delegates of the South African Rainbow Party.

The masses the population which constitutes our wonderful land.

‎The new democracy formed in 1994.
We have come a long way since our newly formed democratic state.
Over 2.4 million home now have electricity and running water.
There are more people of color in universities then ever before.‎We have world class infrastructure, 6 lane high ways.The Gautrain.‎Over 7 stadiums ‎that have a capacity to hold more than a 50 000 capacity crowd.

We have over 11 official languages including English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Sotho and Xhosa.
Our sports stars in our primary sports soccer, rugby, cricket, and swimming, are amongst the highest paid athletes in the continent of Africa.
Our arts and entertainment industry, artists are able to afford their lifestyle, as well as support their families. There has been growth in our economy.

Corruption in the broader sense is on a decline.

The police force is well equipped and efficient.

‎Yet Unemployment, is triumph.
‎Mainly due to the high levels of high school leavers, teenage pregnancies, and learners that never get a fair chance to study at universities.

‎This is a pressing societal issue.

‎Mainly the responsibility of grooming the children is not done in the house hold.Children are raised in dis functional families.Where there is poverty a unjust manifestation.
‎Lack of role models.No stable bread winner.It is often left to the children to find role models from the community, or unrealistic ‎world of showbiz.

Religion is a good source of hope.

‎Yet missionaries do not care about uplifting the community in most cases, just how much they can collect from offerings and marketing events which generate the religious institutions millions of rands annually, enough to sustain all broken homes, yet why is this not happening, seldom do members of the religious institutions reap the fruits of their devolution and communion.

What are we to do to aid the youth.Focus on serial education.The importance and intimacy of sex, that is should be done with someone you care for deeply.If not, it may lead to unwanted children.More problems for society, the cycle of evil, breeds.

Plan your future.Set goals for your self.Would you like to uplift your family to a better social class?Would you like to be a young professional?Would you just like to have fun, and see what life throws at you, and see how cruel the world can be when you are all alone?

What would you like to do with your gift of life?

Once we have identified what drives our youth, we can analyse and decide where is our society going? Will it be a better life for those still with us?Those that are yet to come? As well as those that lived before us, have we done them proud?

The government can aid our families literally and tangibly.
Laws that reward citizens and the youth who are morally conscious.Members of society who plan before they start a family.Citizens who abide by our laws not commiting petty crimes.Citizens who respect the law, individuals who have never been offenders to domestic violence, violent and brutal crimes.
Without alienating our offenders of our laws and constitution as we are a democratic state, find a way to make our streets peaceful and safe again.

Dialysis:The South African Rainbow Party.
Let us unite once again, for a better quality of life.

Nobility crafted in the loving effective of my guardians P Gundi Mkhize and Prof. Hlengiwe Mkhize.with your POWER, compassion, intellectual resources South Africa can be a first world country.

Ps Happy Happy 38th Wedding Anniversary For Londiwe, Zinzi, Bongiwe, Fezile Nolizwe, Nqobizwe with regards Nkosinathi.

God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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