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None can escape the effects of past deeds, however mighty he may be!

Updated on May 20, 2017


Sometimes we are caught in a piquant situation!

Sometimes, we find ourselves in a very piquant situation and there seems to be no escape route! We are caught between the devils and deep-sea! Everyone used to undergo such experience at some point of life. The reasons may not be clear to us but evil planets do influence our life during such testing times. We can safely conclude that such evil effects are the results of our past evil deeds! There are no effects without a cause. The cause may not be visible to us now but lies deep in our past. It may be in this birth or even the results of bad deeds of some past birth! Whether we believe it or not, accounts are maintained for each and every soul from the time evolution started. This account does not pertain to this particular birth alone. All our past is dutifully recorded in a mysterious way. This recording goes on from our birth on earth and continues till our death. Even our inner most thoughts and resolutions are recorded even if we do not express them explicitly. The moment thought rises in the mind, it is being recorded.

You invited it.

There is subtle recordings of all our thoughts, emotions and deeds in the mind!

Today we are conversant with computer. There is hard disc, Ram and Rom, the CPU and power box. There is a facility to save documents, music, video, chats and mails. Apart from internal storage, we can save them or back up in external CDs, hard drives and other means like clouds and drop boxes. In the computer system, there is cache memory and cookies which help the computer to perform tasks faster! The computer is programmed to perform all these tasks in addition to computing and arithmetic operations. In a similar way, there are memory cells in our brain which dutifully records all that happens in the physical level as well as mental level. When the individual dies, the last breath snatches the mind which contains the memory capsule in a subtle way. According to the good or bad deeds performed, the thought patterns and emotions, the individual get a suitable birth in an appropriate family. I will have to explain a little more regarding the ‘appropriate family’. In every life, we enter into transactions with many like giving and taking. If we borrow money from someone and fail to return it before we depart, we have become a ‘’debtor’. With the death of the individual, the loan is not written off in the books of accounts maintained somewhere in the realms of god. Usually those souls which have lent us money will take birth as sons or daughters and realize their dues in many ways. But, without knowing that they have lent money in their previous births they realize their dues from parents. Some people might have taken loan from us but the loan becomes due if not returned during the particular birth. Again the debtor takes birth in the family and pays back their dues in their own ways without knowing that it is the loan being returned. This is how each and every one of our past deeds bears fruit!

Our behaviour!

An episode in epic Ramayana!

Debts need not be in the form of money alone. It may be service in many ways. We serve many people through our body. This is also past effects. Either we receive service from others or do service ourselves! Many people criticize and curse us and this is also linked to past. Debt, murder and enmity will bear fruit duly and these can not be brushed aside easily. Hence sometimes we are wounded by others though we are innocent. Many unusual incidents happen in the world like war, natural calamities, terrorism and serious epidemics. These are all the cumulative effects of evil deeds of many souls who are reaping retribution in mass scale. If some one feels that he can go Scot free after committing a crime, he is thoroughly mistaken. The effects will haunt us even if we run to the other parts of the globe! Here, I remember a fine story from the epic Ramayana! King Dasaratha had no issues though he married three queens one after the other. Hence he performed a fire ritual seeking the blessings of god for progeny. From the fire pit arose a Divine celestial who handed over a container with sweet puddings. It was handed over with the instructions that it should be equally distributed between his three queens. As predicted by the Divine being, all the three queens conceived and delivered male children. Before that I would like to narrate a connected episode which stood in the way of the King to beget children. Very long ago, King Dasaratha was riding through a thick forest. He was on a hunting expedition.

Wise quotes!

King Dasaratha incur curse of death!

King Dasaratha had a peculiar ability. By hearing sounds, he could correctly shoot arrows to the targets. Once he heard some sound from a water body. Thinking that a wild beast may be there to drink water, he aimed a sharp arrow at the direction of the sound! Alas! It was a human cry. Dasaratha immediately rushed to the spot. To his dismay, he found a boy carrying water fell down due to the arrow. Seeing the approaching king, he pleaded the king to take the water to the nearby hut where his blind parents were living. They are thirsty. First give them water and then you may inform about the bizarre happenings. Accordingly the king approached the hut and gave water to the blind ones. Without drinking they asked him why he was late? The king unable to lie told them how he has mistakenly shot an arrow in the direction of a sound thinking that it is a wild beast. Instantly, the blind father cursed him for his irresponsible hunting ways. They said, “as we depart unable to tolerate the death of our only boy, one day you will die due to the painful separation of your son! Cursing thus, they shed their mortal body! Unable to bear the grief, the king performed the rites to the dead and left sadly for the kingdom. At that time, he was childless and there was one thought of consolation. The curse will become effective only after a child is born to him. Thus the king got four boys due to the fire ritual.

How Dasaratha got son and he died of separation from son?

When the boys have grown into youth and learned whatever has to be learned, the King wanted to anoint his elder son as the heir apparent to the kingdom. Though everyone exulted at the idea, due to the evil plan of a maid, the youngest queen pleaded with the king to coronate his son and sends his eldest son to forest for fourteen years. Dasaratha loved his eldest son Rama as his soul since Rama was embodiment of all virtues and righteousness. He could not concede to the idea of sending his darling son to forest. But fate has dealt a very cruel blow since the youngest queen had already been promised two boons and she could claim at any time. She demanded that her son be made the heir apparent and Rama banished to the forest. Due to the blow of fate, the king could not survive long. Soon after Rama left for forest as a dutiful son, Dasaratha breathed his last. This is due to curse pronounced by the blind couple! Hence none can escape fate which is nothing but the cumulative effects of the past!

We reap what we sow!

Do you believe that what we reap now is the result of past deeds?

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