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None can really prove anything!

Updated on October 2, 2013

Lord Narasimha slays demon,blesses Prahlada.

Faith and belief are personal to each individual.

The arguments goes on for ever. No side seems to relent, nor anyone could prove their theory or belief! Yes, I am talking about spiritual beliefs on the one hand and the agnostics on the other hand.Many may be aware of the pun, "God is nowhere and God is now here! There is no difference except a little gap between now and here! What a fine subject to debate and discuss? But unfortunately neither of them could clearly prove about their pet aversions.

It happened many many thousands or years ago, nay a lakh of years ago! A demon named Hiranyakasibu was arguing with his little son Prahlada! "

Hiranyakashibu: "Where is your God Narayana?

Prahlada, the son: "He is everywhere. There is no place where he is absent!

Hiranyakashibu: "Is your God in the iron pillar?

Prahlada: "Yes, He is verily in the pillar too!

At this point, the demon king hit the pillar with his iron mace! The pillar was broken in the middle! There arose a ferocious, man lion form, frightening to look at. He caught hold of the king, took him to the entrance threshold, placed him on his lap, teared the intestines with his sharp nails! All demigods who were watching the gory scene were out of their wit, the anger of the lion man Narashimha! Hence the child Prahlada unable to bear the fearful form, prayed to Lord Narayana to cool down. The Lion man form tenderly graced the child Prahlada with his blissful vision and cooled down!

You may either consider the above as a story or folklore or real. It depends upon the faith in the scriptures. But many people in India, who believe in the incarnations of the Lord (ten in numbers) take it as very much real that happened long ago. There are many temples throughout India for worshiping Lord Narasimha, the man lion incarnation.

Now reverting to our theme, the atheists will aver that it is not real but an imagination of ancient writers. These are like cock and bull story. They need solid proof about the incarnation. They consider all the scriptures as a way of promoting Hindu Religion. For them, God simply does not exist and it is the figment of imagination of the theists.

Now a question arise. "Which is true? Whether such incarnations have really taken place? It is all a question of faith, avers the theists. This arguments goes on from time immemorial.I don't mean to offend the sentiments of both. But a simple analogy will prove those things which are not visible. A preceptor asked an atheist showing a vessel of milk, "Is there butter in this milk? What answer will the atheist give? Naturally he will affirm the existence of butter in the milk. The preceptor asked him, "Show me the butter! The atheist will naturally argue, "How it will be visible? There is a process through which butter can be isolated! Boil the milk, cool it. Add a little curd and keep it there for 12 hours without disturbance. After twelve hours, the milk would have become curd. Now churn the curd adding a little water. Butter will come to the surface" This is the reply anybody will give. Now the ball is in the preceptor's court!

"Exactly my dear! Though God is not visible for our vision, there is a process by which god can be discerned. Become empty without any thoughts, feelings or opinions. Meditate on the Self within. You will come to realize your oneness with the Self. This is how you can reach the Divine! Of course, these arguments will satisfy normal people but not the atheists. Ask him, "How the body functions involuntarily or how the planets are moving in the sky? He will aver that every thing is "Natural". It is according to Physical laws or Chemical laws, he will say!

Well gentleman! I don't want to enter into any further argument on this with our respected rationalists. They want proof for every thing! Who is your father? ask them. They will say, "So and So is my father. Ask him "How do you know"? "My mother told me so" will be the correct answer. OK Sir, You win. You believe in the words of your mother. You have not elicited any more proof. Thank you for believing your mother since she won't lie to their children!

Let us conclude this topic with the assertion "None can prove anything!


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