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Nostradamus - Freakishly Gifted, Astro Scholar, Author of Books; Suffered Losses and Escaped Death Threats. Best Seller!

Updated on May 4, 2020
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Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

500 Years After he lived, this Man is associated with the Twin Towers!

...and the hoax involved in pretending he, Nostradamus had written a certain prophecy, which in fact he had not.

They say millions of searches were engendered just after 9/11 looking for what he might have said.

Nostradamus was a Predictor of the Death of Royalty, Among a Myriad of Other Predictions

What Did Nostradamus Do Days?

I am in awe of all that his writings have spawned and the legions of followers he now has. But I would like to emphasize that he did have a day job.

Up In The Attic Above his Snoring Kids

They say his quatrains were all written in just a two year period. We are drawn into the mystic mood as we see him up at the top of his stone house in Southern France. His sleeping children and wife are below him. He retires not to the comfort of the arms of Morpheus, but rather to a room that puts him in a "special state" and allows him to conjure up views of the future, while he writes descriptions which have a two-fold purpose. He is trying to both draw a picture and hide what he is saying.

His enemies - the Inquisition and the Pope -

They made him write in distinctly unclear images which if he were arrested for writing would cause the prosecutor not to have an open and shut case. His images were too obscure, they say, to warrant a prosecution.

This is the activity for which the world and millions now remember him. But, it was what he did with his daily life that bears recognition.

A Doctor and A Counselor

Yes, he had a Jewish forebear who was the initial source of his learning. The rise of Kabbalism in Spain in the 1300's made his kind of special knowledge, a secret, but also a new and intriguing body of knowledge. The reason the Inquisition was so powerful is because the Catholics were losing power all during this period. They had great suppressive power, but the consciousness of the public was changing. He learned the arts of healing, science, as it was for the day, and the occult arts - astrology and the ancient wisdom from the Middle East.

Healing Practices, "Bleeding", Casting Charts

His days were spent with the sick and reading and experimenting with new and humane ways of helping the sick. He, of course, did do "bleeding", but he also knew there were other ways. He cast horoscopes for individuals and provided special advice. His boldness in predicting the King of France's possible demise was the prediction that "put him on the map" and made him a super celebrity of the day.

I am not obsessed with him as a celebrity though. I would prefer to think of him as a bold healer who was constantly giving of himself to provide special knowledge to a world locked in fearful darkness. One commentator declared: "Think of what it took to make a trip to Paris in his day. He could only do 10 or 15 miles a day on horseback. Roads were really trails. Travel was perilous and yet he made his way around Europe doing good."

And then another declares: "He could cast his own horoscope, he KNEW that he was in danger, and yet he continued quietly, but boldly carving a special life out in a turbulent world."

Nostradamus Was Not a Mayan

If he were to come back today, and have an interview with a reporter he might say: "Did you find my lost book with all my predictions in it?" Reporter: "Yes, we have found your lost book, and everyone has taken notice. They are busy interpreting all the symbols. Say, now that I have you, do you know when the end is coming?" Nostradamus: "Well..." Reporter: "Everyone is saying its December of 2012. Nostradamus: " I think there are some variables, but if everyone is convinced its December of 2012, that might actually help make it happen, if you know what I mean? Say, tell me about all the miracle drugs they have now." Reporter: "Why do you care about that?" Nostradamus: "That's what I cared about. Healing people and helping them work their ways through their astrological challenges". Reporter: "Oh yeah, OK, well anyway, everybody wants to talk about the end of days, not miracle drugs and making people feel better!" Nostradamus: "I don't know if you know this or not, but the "end of days" has been a hot topic for thousands of years. Paul was sure about the End of Days, but he was wrong, so have many many other people." Reporter: "But what's important...."

Healing the Human Body and the Human Heart

Nostradamus: "What's important is the healing of the human body and the human heart. That's what I spent most of my time on. Those visions happened, and yes, I saw some incredible stuff. But if you notice, I did not make things really clear on those prophecies." Reporter: "And that's why we need you to go on the record about the future"... Nostradamus: "If I went on the record, would I be left alone?" Reporter: "Well probably not." Nostradamus: "I would like to find a small village where I can heal people and write books. Can you help me with that?"

Reporter: "Oh, Mr. Nostradamus, wouldn't you rather be famous?e famous?"

Chris's New Vision of New Arts.

When you see his "quatrains", or his "crystal ball" or bowl of special water, you Wonder.

They say he was peering into the cosmic consciousness or the "akashic" record and could watch it like a movie, as he cast his special horoscope charts late at night lending special wisdom with special meaning.

This guy invented himself by virtue of Special Knowledge.

He could predict and name "special Afflictions" and tell when strange eye accidents would pierce a certain life.


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