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Not What It Seems

Updated on October 30, 2012

If You Understood You Would Choose The Truth

Not real. This is what I've learned. I thought I had a grasp of how the world works, the how's and why's of who is who and how they got there. But I was wrong.

I thought I understood, but there is so much more. The deceptions are blacker than the normal eye can see, more sinister than the normal mind can perceive, deeper than most analytical thoughts can unearth.

I don't believe in Super Hero's, though I liked to read about them as a child. The idea of good winning over bad thrilled me then. Still does.

At the time, I didn't understand why. Now I think I do. My need for security flows deeper than words can express. But...

The world is a puzzle. The missing pieces are kept under lock and key. We're not meant to complete the challenge. Those who don't want the masses to know the truth are the only ones who know where that key is kept... and the hidden pieces.

The joke is on them though. While they seek to deceive and build their empires, the lies they have believed ravage their spirit and murder their minds. The rapacious nature of their soul makes them hunger after all that which they can never possess... not really. Essentially, they are victims of their own device.

They crave. They scheme. They dream up visions of immortality where no mutilation permeates, where strength and youth live beyond what is normal, to render them 'as gods'. What a farce.

When they finally come to comprehend what they have given in order to receive "nothing", what they have surrendered, only to be "defrauded", they will shout in anguish and gnash their teeth.

Who will hear them when all is said and done? No one. No one.

The losses will be incurred individually. The pain will be suffered alone.

Truth Is Truth. Nothing Changes Truth.

I can hardly believe what I have discovered. I was sick over it for a day, then two. I felt as though I was entertaining a mouthful of bile. Repulsive awareness churned at my stomach.

Then I remembered, in WHOM I BELIEVE, in WHOM I stand, in WHOM I TRUST; and I remembered nothing surprises HIM. HE KNOWS EVERYTHING.

That which caused me to stiffen in shock, is old news to GOD. What I have discovered about the depth of man's manipulative deceptions is one more reason, out of the millions of reasons why...


Me. In HIM I have liberty. In HIM I am free... truly, absolutely, utterly, completely free.

Nothing is what it seems, but oh the GLORY I now surrender to my KING, THE SOVEREIGN ALMIGHTY, WONDROUS GOD of THE HOLY BIBLE! HIS NAME GIVES me freedom. HIS SHED BLOOD has made me whole and builds me up.

This Truth changes not.

I will not perish for lack of knowledge. I will revel in the knowledge that UNDER THE CANOPY of THE LIVING GOD, THE SOVEREIGN RULER of ALL CREATION, I am, can and will always be SAVED.

How wondrous this security. Nothing else on earth could have helped me swallow what I have been forced to accept. If I am forced to accept... (I have not decided yet...)

For those of you who think you know... let me tell you... you do not. I thought I did. I was wrong.

Search, Beloved. Search. As you do, I pray in THE NAME of JESUS that HE WILL GRACIOUSLY ALLOW you to find... not more than you can chew, only a little at a time. Too much will cause you to choke. I almost did.

As you grow in your faith, you will be grown in your knowledge. As you grow in knowledge, you will learn to discern. As you discern you will grow in wisdom. As you grow in wisdom, you will make decisions that have the power to change the world around you. Despite whatever shackles, seen and unseen, are clasped around your being, you can prosper.

You will not achieve more than those who own you allow in the material world, but what you will succeed in accomplishing will be worth more than all the gold, power, resources, dignity and liberty they steal from you put together. In the end, you will have won. For you will be walking in the truth. The leaden scales that weigh down their vision now, will become scales of justice, pronouncing the sentence against them, based on their own actions, words, agendas and desires, when the Judgment Day arrives.

The foundation of all they've believed will drop out from under them then. Like Humpty Dumpty, all the King's horses and all the King's men won't be able to put them together again.

Some Are Better Not Knowing

The truth would be too much for some individuals to handle. Just like Jack Nicholson said in one movie, "You can't handle the truth!" The beauty of that statement was the context of the words.

A Few Good Men demonstrated well how the truth for one has the potential to establish itself within parameters that are very different from the actual truth. How is this possible?

Here's one thought: As the world of men chooses to embrace applications that have nothing to do with the standards of life that brace reality, that undergird fact, and are necessary for vital interactions to exist inside the sphere of righteousness and love, the newly formed ideas grounded upon that which has no foundation turns that which is into that which has no boundaries; therefore, no formerly recognized reactions to the actions that might be encountered, may be considered normal by the majority. A point in case: situational ethics, the driving force of all media presentations, distorts the definition of truth, honesty, integrity, what is right, what is wrong, and what is, in favor of what has the potential to be, and what brings instant gratification, even if only temporarily.

Individuals who watch a lot of television have the potential of becoming indoctrinated to believe that anything goes. Theories, opinions, sensationalistic attitudes, views and undefined applications suddenly become the desired goals, prompted by tantalizing visions of unrealistic achievements that have nothing to do with real life in a real world. Individuals who have no real ethics or sense of morality absorbing such flawed ideologies fall prey to the promises of heightened sensual engagements or enlightenments, not realizing that both their character and sense of discernment are being torn down when thoughts that have no basis for reliance are entertained.

Individuals who allow themselves to be soaked in such false pretenses don't need to know the truth. Perhaps, these are the ones who would not know how to handle it. Perhaps.

I don't believe that though. I believe that given the opportunity everyone. every one would learn to make the most of what "is" in favor of stumbling along like a doggie on a leash, believing 'all is well' because it fills the needs of the ones who are slowly invading humanity's liberties, encroaching, yet, ingeniously hiding behind celebrity dance challenges, the latest electronic or digital devices, and promises of fame, fortune, fulfillment...

What's The Point?

The point is, everyone has a right to know. Everyone should have the opportunity to choose. If, when given the truth, in bits and bites at first, until learning to rise to the challenge each human being grows capable of moving forward with dignity and strength, that individual chooses to discard what is in favor of what might never otherwise be, then so be it.

However... Everyone on the planet has the right to know. Everyone.

That's why I revere my faith and the Subject of my faith, so passionately. GOD TEACHES me to use my brain. HE Gives us a mind in order to use the faculties, skills and abilities that this organ permits. When you consider that the human brain has the capacity of an unknown number of computers, does that not blow you away?

Of course, there are so many people who don't use even a fraction of that capability. Yet, for the ones who do, what use is that brain being put to? Is it being used in order to manipulate those of lesser capabilities to be simple-minded plebeians who ask for nothing, know nothing, can do nothing, will desire nothing? If so, that is a travesty to both the manipulator and the manipulated.

Therefore, though I've said a thousand times, in a variable manifestation of ways, I continue to express my deep set desire to THANK THE LIVING GOD, WHOSE Instruction makes me want more. Not necessarily because I'm greedy... only because I have the right.

I hope those of you who read this and can, will contemplate what is being shared here. I'm not writing any of this for any other reason than this: I believe we are all equal in terms that speak of the right to know, and the spark of life that should be propelled to find out as a result!

GOD BLESS you richly as you decide where you stand... and begin to realize your freedom(s) hang in the balance.


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