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Not a leaf quivers without the will of Divine!

Updated on April 14, 2015

Do it for the glory of God!

Every little happening is the will of Supreme God!

It is said in great scriptures, “Not a leaf moves without the will of God”. Those who have perfect faith in the content of scriptures do believe this in Toto! What about the so called ‘rationalists’ who never believe in the concept of God? Yes, for them, God is a mere fantasy, an imagination conceived by the superstitious minds.

Logic makes us to believe, “Whatever we perceive in the world is real. Senses convey the inputs through sensory organs, which are transmitted to the brain. The brain though construct or observe the perception, without the mind, it cannot be conveyed to the individual consciousness! This is one of the riddle of human beings. He cannot act without a mind element. The mind too needs a body to function. No mind can exist without a corresponding body. The body and mind are inseparable. Only death snatches the mind with the last breath of the individual. This formless entity mind contains all the information pertaining to the individual from the beginning of creation! Yes, Mark my words! Our birth as a human being is not an isolated incident. It is a continuous process. I will explain this in the paras below.

The scientists aver that the creations started as an ameba many millions of years ago in the crevices of rock and earth. Even prior to that there were minerals when combined with gases enabled some form of single cell. Many millions of years evolved before the origin of first human being. Also Darwin theory states about ‘adaptability and survival theory’. These single celled organisms slowly evolved in water and finally adapted to live on earth. Plants were the first form along with innumerable insects. Fishes, frogs and many aquatic creatures slowly evolved. Then we had tortoises, frogs, snakes and other forms which lived both on water and earth. From then, small animal species which lived in burrows under the earth. Birds are simultaneous creations which occupied the trees and bushes.

All forms of tree dwelling creatures evolved slowly. It is understood that man is a close descendent of some tree dwelling monkey species. Hence man has not come all of a sudden when the creation began. It was a very slow evolution. God was not satisfied when no creature could imagine the glory of God and praise Him. Hence he had to create man with a special faculty. He has given him “discrimination’ and choice making faculties’. But he has pronounced an irrevocable law. Whatever man does out of his own will, he has to bear the results without fail. It is imperative that if one does good deeds, the end results will also be good. If he performs bad deeds, he will reap only grief and pain. God is a mere witness of the actions of man. He has already blessed man with discrimination. How he will interfere in the choice making faculty of man?

But there are many sages and saints, who merge their will in the Omni will of God. They never feel that they are the ‘doers’. They consider themselves as mere instruments in the hands of God! A small example will clarify our doubts here. We use pens to write. The pen is an inert instrument. It is the man who decides what is to be written and how it is to be written. Wise persons consider themselves as inert instruments in the hands of God and they never retain an individual will or plan. Whatever happens, they consider it as a will of God. In a way, they have relinquished their body attachment or Ego and harmoniously merge in god consciousness instead of world consciousness. Such exalted beings will look ‘mad’ to the ordinary worldly beings! They are not attached to wealth or properties. They are not attached to the families though sometimes they reside with their families. There are several examples of household saints in India. Prominent among them is “Ramakrishna Paramahamsa” who lived among people, yet aloof from the worldly attachments. He considered his wife as an embodiment of goddess. Hence he treated her as ‘mother goddess’ and never considered as his wife or slept with her!

Worldly people can never gauge the depth of Divinity of such exalted souls. They easily comment on such saints connecting them to the world. Once, a copper coin was kept underneath the mattress of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. He was about to sit. But he jumped from the bed as though he had undergone an electric shock. Even the presence of copper coin was sensed by his body and he could not tolerate it. Such holy persons lived on earth purely for guiding the ignorant worldly minded towards God!

Doers of His words


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Faith conquers. We need more and more man of Faith on earth! Thank you once again.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Carry on Bro. Great Hub.