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Updated on May 21, 2012


Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid problems and heartache because you had the wisdom to make the right choices?

My quest this year is to study the book of Proverbs and learn from the wisest person who ever lived so that I can become wiser and avoid making the wrong decisions and thus avoid a lot of heartache and pain.

Here are my notes from the wisest person who ever lived from the first four chapters.

A wise person is just and fair and understanding. They know how to act in every situation.

A wise person sees the potential problems ahead and avoids or diverts them.

They become wiser still are seeking personal development and growth everyday.

A wise person makes a great leader. They explore the depths of the nuggets of truth. They trust in the Lord and have a healthy fear of the Lord.

They listen to the wisdom of their father and mother and heed their instruction. They honor their parents.

A wise person avoids bad company and seeks out wise people for counsel and friendship. They are not motivated by the lure of evil,nor do they allow people to influence them. They run the other way when tempted. In fact, they stay out of situations, so they aren’t tempted!

A wise person hears God's voice and listens to His rebuke and instruction and quickly turns and does what is right.

They make wise choices daily and God pours out upon them the Spirit of Wisdom and they become even wiser still.

In fact, because they hear God's voice, when they cry out to God he hears their cry and answers quickly.

A wise person will listen and obey and be given more wisdom and good sense.

They will search out wisdom as if it were the most precious possession in the world!

They increase in wisdom and knowledge and learn the importance of reverence for the Lord and trusting Him.

The wise person knows that true wisdom comes from God and they treasure every word of God.

They have good sense and don't fall into the problems and troubles that other people do. They have guarded themselves and their pathway on which they travel is good because they have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.

A wise person's very center of being is filled with JOY!

They know how to stay away from evil people and keep good company and godly friends. They keep themselves from sexual temptations and realize the dangers of it and follow the steps of the godly.

They stay on the right path. They enjoy life to the FULLEST!

A wise person always remembers what God has taught him/her and they live a long satisfying life.

They are loyal and kind and hold those virtues tightly in their heart.

They have favor with God and man and a good reputation for good judgment and common sense.

They trust in the Lord rather then in their own self. They put God first place in their life.

The Lord directs their path and they have good success. They are not conceited, but trust and reverence the Lord.

They turn their back on evil and have renewed health and vitality!

They give God a portion of all their income because they love and honor Him.

The Lord blesses them back with plenty and abundance. They realize the value of the Lord's discipline and they know that He corrects them

because He loves them and wants the best for them. The Lord knows if He can show them the right way that they will avoid a lot of heartache and pain.

So, they receive the Lord's discipline and change their ways.

The wise person is happier than a person who does what is wrong and yet has lots of money. He realizes that wisdom and having it is far more

valuable than anything else in the whole world!

The wise person knows that wisdom will give him/her a long good life, riches, honor, pleasure, and peace! Nothing else can do that!

They know that wisdom is a tree of life to those who eat its fruit.

And HAPPY is the person who eats from wisdom's fruit.

A wise person has two goals: To get wisdom and to use common sense.

Because they have been eating from the tree of life they have lots of energy, honor and respect. They are safe from defeat and disaster and from stumbling off the trail.

They sleep without fear of evil and know the Lord is protecting them.

They pay their debts and are good to their neighbors. They do them only good.

They don't envy others or copy their evil ways. They are friends of God and the blessing of the Lord is upon them. The Lord helps them when they are in need. They are promoted to honor!

Wow! I don't know about you, but that's a lot of wisdom from just four chapters!

I can think of lots of problems in my life I could have avoided had I known these truths!

It's my life's mission to learn these truths and get them into my inner being so I can act upon them!

Be watching for the next few chapters from "Notes from a Wise Person".

Until next time...

Linda CrossPlease email me any questions or comments!

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Thoughts By Sarah

What am I going to do today?  Have you ever asked that question? Why not decide what is the most important and valuable thing to do today...and then do it. When you get to the end of your can say "My life was valuable".
What am I going to do today? Have you ever asked that question? Why not decide what is the most important and valuable thing to do today...and then do it. When you get to the end of your can say "My life was valuable". | Source

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