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Now a days being black is naked in the eyes of justice.

Updated on July 10, 2015

Being black in the eyes of Justice.


Now a days being black in the eyes of justice.

Now a days being black is naked in the eyes of ‎justice.

Now a days being black is naked even in the eyes

of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Now a days the young black male is in prisons

jails, asylums.

For armed robbery. extortion, kidnapping, rape,

murder, racketeering.

Yet I see Past the political agenda.

HIV And Aids got the black race extinct like the panda.

Now a days when we go to bed we go to sleep

behind a six foot ‎high wall. ‎We have burglars on our


We lock our doors.

Before we can close our eyes and pray to the sweet

lord Jesus, we turn the alarm on.

We have dobermans, alsations, german shepard's

and rotwillers ‎protecting us‎.

Yet God would not come through a six foot high

wall to get ‎into our house.

Lord Jesus ‎Buddha Krisha Mohammad they live in

our hearts.

so we fear man even though man told us about


Hold on something is wrong with that picture.

Forget men.

Praise God‎.

Peace to the Goddesses.

A women that is made in the image of God.

Gods Poet Nkosi


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