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What is Numerology and Master Numbers

Updated on February 13, 2017

Are You A Master Number? You hold the key to being a Leader. Find Out

Numbers and Master Numbers

In numerology, there are three master numbers: 11, 22 and 33. But what are master numbers? People who are born on 11th or 22nd are master numbers. Also, people whose date of birth adds to 11, 22 or 33 are master numbers.

Master numbers are given the name ‘master’ because people who have these numbers are very talented and skilled. It is believed that the presence of master numbers indicated the presence of a spiritual entity who will guide you to make a difference to society at large, Inherent potential of such people is very high. They also display high leadership qualities that help them take on initiatives that are big. They can help people by these skills if applied correctly.

But despite their talents, such people have a have a negative side to them. They can cause a great deal of tension to those who are in contact with them. As a result, people are often fearful of them.

Master Number 11

Number 11 is a dreamer and people who are ruled by this number have strong intuitive powers. Such people have a lot of charisma and are known leaders. They should use their intuitive power to guide them through life, especially when making important decisions. Such individuals usually far-sighted and can think and take action that is well ahead of the times. People who have this number should capitalise on their intuition to help themselves, and those that come in contact with them. Using their inner voice can provide many benefits and help them make decisions that are wise and practical.

Master Number 22

The 22 are known as the ‘master builder’. These people are potentially the most talented and successful number of all the numbers. They can turn the most ambitious dreams into reality. The number 22 includes double 2s, which makes them a practical and disciplined number: which are also the traits of number 4. People should use these traits to benefit themselves. Most twenty-twos are highly spiritual but they have difficulty in managing relationships. Control can be a real issue for the number 22. Many times the people born into the twenty-two-life path will seek to have control over all aspects of life. This can drive people away from them.

Another important point is the fact that Master Numbers can be contradictory to each other. For example, the 22 is a double 2—all about emotions, intuition, peace and cooperation, but the 4, is about hard work, stability and control. The peaceful number 2 can clash with the controlling number 4.

Master Number 33

The 33 are the most influential of all numbers. Which is why it is called the 'master teacher'. The 33 combines the 11 and the 22. 33 is the path of the teacher. This brings their potential to a greater level. 3 is a creative and emotional number. This indicates that they have a natural emotional sensitivity to people, places, and circumstances as well as an aesthetic appreciation for beautiful things in the world.

This number is a very fortunate number for starting a new business - selecting a name that has a combination of numbers of this value can be very progressive and help the business grow. In fact, this number is sometimes given to a teacher of high command such as Dalai Lama. A rare number to have in the charts, but should it appear, it is an indication of a high level of spirituality.


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    • profile image

      Deborah Sexton 

      7 years ago

      Great hub.

      Unfortunately I have a Karmic debt birth date number of 16.

      My birth date adds up to 30/3 making me the communicator, the teacher and I have inner gifts of sensitivity - I have seen the future more than once and I am an empath.

      I enjoyed this article.


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