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Numerology a tool to test ?

Updated on May 28, 2016
Swami Vivekanada
Swami Vivekanada | Source

Reading books, biographies and autobiographies of different God men and spiritually realized souls I noticed that I had read all about their glories without having had the chance to meet these illustrious beings. Was I to accept the glories of these realized beings verbatim? That would not be acceptable to a scientific thinking mind. My approach to investigating these God like personalities had no intention of being profane-it was purely curiosity. I needed an acceptable yardstick to confirm traits of sainthood even in their absence. I decided to utilize the science of Numerology as given by Pythagoras in my evaluation. A student of yoga, the life of Swami Vivekananda was very known to me. Swami Vivekananda was born on 12th January 1863. This young illustrious Swami who had swept the masses of the world with his teachings of yoga was the best way to decipher if my technique of numerology was authentic enough to confirm the mesmerizing charm this young saint had cast on the world as a whole.

A numerical chart is a combination of numbers that result both from the date of birth as well as the name given to an individual at birth. The combination of the date of birth and the letters of the name determine the destiny of each individual. The date of birth, month and year reduced to a single digit is the Talent number (12+1+1+8+6+3=31).

It represents the essential ingredients of an individual. Swamiji had a compound talent number 31. Individuals with this compound talent number are thoughtful, self-introspective and mentally far superior to their fellow beings. Number 31 has a unique quality where people cast aside material pleasures not because of circumstance but because of willful volition. The compound talent number reduced to a single digit is 4. Number 4 is associated with the planet Uranus. It indicates deep concentrated and intense effort put forth for developing the mental faculty. Advances in astrology, occultism and telepathy are suggested by this number. The destiny number fortells opportunities and environment that will mould the life of an individual. The Destiny number is calculated from the name given to the child at birth - Narendra Vishwanath Datta. Swamiji’s destiny number is 1. Number 1 brings with it individuals who are born leaders. Leaders whom people can look forward to for guidance and assistance. Proceeding with calculation and building up a numerical chart with Swami Vivekananda’s name and birth date, the numbers that appear suggest a wise, intelligent and a realized soul. Number 9 is an intuitive number appearing on his Physical Plane suggesting strong energy channelized towards lecturing, writing, publication, artistic activities. Number 11 on the mental plane is an exceptional occurrence, it forebodes the numerical combination of a realized being. It demonstrates an exemplary capacity of imagination, self illumination and universal thought. A number 3 on Swamiji’s intuitive plane suggests sensitivity to ideas from beyond. These individuals share their wisdom with the world out of love and sympathy. A Physical number like 4 on the emotional plane suggest that desires, wants feelings, emotions and inspiration were all within the system, controlled by the order of the mind. A numerical chart is unique to only one individual and yet reveals so much of the physical , emotional , mental and spiritual capacity of an individual. For an agnostic who wished to confirm that the identity of a 39 year old was not blown out of proportion just because of his popularity index, numerology helped confirm his true potential. Although a realized soul requires no necessity to present proof of his awakening, for those who vicariously receive an introduction to a Saint through books and pictures, the measure of numerology proves sturdy enough to substantiate the claims. Indeed, Swami Vivekanda was illustrious enough to be lined in the ranks of realized saints.


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