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OH Merwin

Updated on August 5, 2010

STOP WHINING ABOUT NOT HAVING SHOES... just look at the person with no feet.

You know that saying is every bit as silly and ill considered as the saying... "You have no right to complain... if you didn't vote!"

Is this still the land of Liberty? I think a person has every right to voice their political opinion whether they voted or not. Likewise a person may complain about circumstances that burden them without the censure or the guilt that some may attempt to heap upon them because they don't want to hear someone "whine" about what they do not have.

To illustrate this I believe I was "gifted" with this analogy...

This guy sent himself to hell for the usual reason, and upon his arrival the pitchfork crew chained him face up on this huge pile of festering, stench emitting, dung, and of course he started wailing straight away. This went on and on, and as he continued his lament he noticed not far away an even larger pile of dung, perhaps twice as large. And at the top of that pile, he could see through the blur of fumes, a man, chained face down.

The guy's sobbing and whining went on for a few hundred years, day and night without letting up.

Well the guy on the larger pile looked down on this guy whose complaints had become too much to bear and he yelled down to him... "Hey... new guy... why don't you just shut up? You think you got problems? Have you seen this pile that I'm chained to? I'm not sniveling like you and my pile is easily twice as big as yours!"

The newby yelled back... "Just because your pile is bigger than mine, doesn't make my pile smell any better!"

The moral..? You may complain about whatever you like, as much as you like, do not let anyone tell you that your burdens do not warrant a groan.

Please know however that there may be those who will try and persuade you to stop by pointing out that your "pile" is smaller than someone else's. And also know that whoever is attempting to guilt you about your lamentations lacks Godly compassion or just plain does not want to hear it at that time.

Jesus will hear all your petitions without fail and without guilt tripping you, He is your Betrothed, your best friend and comforter.


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