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Obediance is better than sacrifice - Sermon Transcript of Dr. Kevin Zadai

Updated on September 8, 2020

I spoke to you and you went and did it. You never questioned me about it.


The favor of the Lord I was shown because Jesus explained to me that favor is when the father just smiles at you

Jesus said that with every life failure was already put in the equation. You’re still going to make it. He showed me where he left space. If we decided that we knew more than him it was already in the equation so the math at the end still came out as though you had not done anything wrong.

It still works out all things work together. It’s a math problem all things work together to those who love God are called according to their purpose. You don’t plan on failing you. Jesus told me, he said tell the people, it’s already in the equation. It hasn’t caught him off guard at all. You can start right now and get back on your track because we need you, we need you to be on your track.

We are a body right. We all suffer if you get crazy. I need crazy friends. I just need the righteous ones. Now one of the things that was said to me, that’s very profound is Jesus was explaining to me that at 31 years old I had completed everything that he had asked me to do. I said well yeah but you know what about 120 years old. What about going for the goal of 120 years on the earth and he said, it’s not it’s not quantity it’s quality. You obeyed me. He said in heaven you’re known and he equated faith with obedience. He said you’re known in heaven because you always dropped what you were doing even as a little boy when I spoke to you and you went and did it. You never questioned me about it. I said well that’s what you do.

He goes well that’s rare on the earth. He said you’re known in heaven. I said you’ve got to be kidding me and he wasn’t joking. It really touched me that people in heaven knew our lives down here. And he said, you need to do this and he just started going through the whole game plan. I'm looking around thinking has this really happened. He’s got his feet up on his desk in heaven in heaven with his hands behind his head. He’s talking to me about the greatest move and the greatest harvest.

And then I met Boaz in the in the bible. Boaz oh my gosh. He was rich. This a little Jewish man with these little curls he was very wealthy. He taught me the most amazing lesson and Jesus is standing right there with him. He taught me about the kinsmen redeemer. Jesus let him teach me I understand what my father and your father is doing right now. It’s time for him to love on you. He’s redeemed you but now the show begins because he’s going to show his glory to the world and he’s going to use us his children.

Enoch walked with God and he was not because he pleased God. Enoch didn’t hide in a cave and watch DVDs on the antichrist with his rice and beans. He went out and he prophesied repentance to all those cities. I saw him take his last step. I was shown his last step on the earth.

I saw Elijah get into a chariot. There was this whirlwind of fire around them. God got them out of their cave. We’re not going to make the same mistake in these last days. When people ask me who you voting for I go I just started saying thus saith the Lord this nation shall not. I just start prophesying about our country. I don’t answer the question the question’s already been answered in heaven. It’s about the body of Christ now. It’s about justice in this country but see when people ask you certain things you just start prophesying to them.

This is what I used to do at work. The ministry is in the marketplace. Right here this is the five-fold ministry. Ministering to the body right here. This is a believer’s meeting. I'm to prophesy to you and build you up so that you get out of pampers and put your bottle away and then you go. Where’s the beef? I'm in Texas where’s the brisket see you want to get out of your diapers. You want to get dressed up, look good and you want to eat meat. You don’t want pampers. Why because this is God’s season. This is what he ordained for this time.

The body of Christ would be built up by the five-fold ministry, Jesus explained this to me in May it’s so sad I've been to two bible schools, been to heaven a couple times and he comes and has to explain Ephesians chapter four to me and when he does it, it hit me so hard that we’re so off. I couldn’t even talk which was good because I already know what I know. It was better for him to talk but we will come back. We’ll come back with him this is going to happen. I've already saw it.

It’s already set in motion so what God has written about you in your books is what he expects to come back to him. So many people have not been made aware that psalms 139 even exists and nobody comes against me with about abortion. Because my whole ministry is is based on Psalms 139:16. No one even says a peep about it. Because they know what they’re going to get.

This is what you do with your life. You let people know this is what I believe and then they just like gingerly approach you because they already know where you stand.

The favor of the Lord I was shown because Jesus explained to me that favor is when the father just smiles at you. His beams from his face hit you and he will sit back and start laughing because all these things in your life will start happening because he smiled. I'm not kidding you. I'm not even oversimplifying it when God smiles at you it’s not going to be fair to your enemies. They’re going to think you’ve got to be kidding me.

They burn down your building, next thing you know you own the city and they don’t even know how. We’ve got to change the way we think but your father smiles and when he smiles it’s jubilee. Debt is canceled. It’s unexplained so you need to take hold of this you need to continue to work and be diligent and do everything you can. If he tells you to invest you invest. If you don’t know what to invest in well just find an orphan or a widow. Just find a child just find a single parent. I don’t care if it’s a can of beans just do something for someone and get God in a corner which he will not be put into a corner you put him. You put him in a place where he has to pay you back because those people can’t.

I do it all the time. I do it every day. I have a supernatural thing happen every day just ask my staff. We have something supernatural happen every day because we chose not to do this ourselves. We’ve chosen not to do it ourselves. How many of you are getting tired at the controls.

The secret is Jesus told me that His next exhale is my inhale - Practice the presence of God

Think about this, that my students ask me this all the time how can I practice the presence of God. This is the secret. The secret is Jesus told me that his next exhale is my inhale. It’s mouth-to-mouth. I'm telling you what there ain’t nothing like the breath of Jesus. He’s life and His words are life. His words are spirit and they are life. That’s what he said. You imagine him giving you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. He does it every day why because on the other side I couldn’t get back into my body. I had died so I couldn’t save myself. I couldn’t bring myself back and unless he gave the command.

He had to give the command for my spirit to return to my body and that’s why I stay humble. It’s because I have no control. I'm just brave enough to admit it. Most ministers won’t. This is not my show, my show is on my back porch with my wife in retirement drinking tea unsweetened Throwing rocks at alligators that’s my gig. But Jesus the times and the seasons have come for. Nobody’s to come forth and Jesus told me if the adults don’t do it the children will. I'm already getting that ready because I've met these kids. You want to be humbled real quick.

Give a mic to a child who has the power of God in their lives and they start prophesied. All of a sudden you just want to go home and read your bible. One of the first things that Jesus talked to me about when he appeared to me was my words. He said that you’ll be held accountable for every idol word that comes out of your mouth and he said I meant that and he explained to me that the worlds were formed by words. He explained to me that this is the way that him and his father chose to do creation.

All the laws in motion that we encounter even gravity, it’s all because of his words everything was set in motion and it continues on even in a fallen state. Adam still lived 930 years outside the garden that’s how much life was in that man. All those people for hundreds of years still lived even though they’re in the same condition we’re in spiritually before the fall. Now it’s deteriorated to where we’re. We’re wanting to live 80 - 90 years but what happens if the seasons are changing and God allows this generation to live longer. What if it’s about to turn and the doctors will be scratching their heads. This is the way I think because that’s the way my father thinks.

He said I can do anything I want if I want this generation to last longer to fulfill prophecy. I'll do it and he doesn’t even have to get up off his throne to do it. He just gives out the command and I realized that we’re his children. We’re in his house, we’re his family, we don’t have to knock we don’t have to set up an appointment. Do you realize that we’re family so Jesus said when I was talking about removing mountains in mark 11: 23-24 I wasn’t quoting Kenneth Hagen. That’s in red he said this is the way it was set up. I'm teaching you through these scriptures on how we’re supposed to operate because it’s already set in motion that way. We have to watch our words. He said Kevin we should only be talking our destination. we should only be talking about where we’re going.

Are you ready to be flipped out. He took me and showed me all the different things I own like my car all my keyboards, all my instruments everything we own that has a serial number on it. He said as those people were assembling your car it was your car. When that little Chinese guy was doing your cello he was doing that for you handmade. All the little things would have serial numbers on them. He said it was in heaven that you would have that before it was made so even though people who might not even know God they were doing God’s work. It was for you. You are you getting it. Somebody made the chair you’re sitting in.

Somebody made that chair they might have not even wanted to go to work that day. But God knew that someday you would sit in that chair and hear his good news. Those cameras the first camera we bought, me and Kathy worked extra at our jobs to buy our first camera. But that serial number on there that was always designated as being part of Warrior Notes and when the Lord said give this camera to this church we took the one of our cameras and gave it. We give them to churches. He already knew that. In this room right now he knows those who have ears to hear and are going to put into motion what they’ve heard because Jesus loves manifestation.

He wants your back to be healed right now especially like right down there where in where it hurts. Right here in the middle of your back, right here he’s been telling me that since we started a service that he wants to heal back so right there in that small part where it’s hurting right now where all that joins you know your hip and everything joins back.

That’s it, you receive it anybody else just receive your healing right now and then all those vertebrae in your neck too. Let’s just go ahead and get rid of that pain right now in Jesus name and you’ll feel really warm. I feel the warmth. It’s oil, it’s literally the healing balm of Gilead. The healing balm of Gilead right now see it’s time do you realize October 6th. It’ll be 40 years I've been waiting for this. I was called to this 40 years ago and it’s just starting to happen now. Anybody else want to receive a healing, anybody else want to just go ahead and receive there’s oil.

It’s not this receiving is easy. It’s as a child you don’t have to build up your faith it’s here just take it. That’s your faith take it. There’s the ear pain all kinds of ear things going on of the equilibrium type things too with your inner ear. The Lord is healing you right now so what is your mountain you need to speak to it but you speak to it from your heart not from your head.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jacob


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