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Church courtesy ...

Updated on September 21, 2011

*just a friendly reminder...

In an Arab country like where we are in United Arab Emirates, nationalities from india, philippines, lebanon, syria, armenia, pakistan, bangladesh, china, russia, korea, america, canada, africa, ethiopia, sril lanka and many others from different religions abound even though that this is a tradtional Muslim country where most of the street corners you will find mosques ( muslim place of worship) big or small, depending on its vicinity or location.

However, we are lucky enough that this multi-cultural and modern government has allowed all other religions from protestants, anglicans, orthodox, christians, and others to practice their faith and have their worship places. Luckily for us catholics, we have four (4) major churches around the UAE where residents or non-residents, of any creed, color or race are welcomed to attend the daily holy masses dutifully and faithfully served by our (multi-national devoted) parish priests, and headed by Reverend Bishop Paul Hinder, OFM Vicar of Arabia.

We have the St. Joseph's Church in Abu Dhabi, St. Francis De Assisi Church in Jebel Ali, St. Mary's Church in Dubai, and St. Michael's Church in Sharjah (where i am a resident and attendee). These being the four (4) major churches where catholic devotees are welcome to attend the holy masses that starts as early as 6:00 in the morning and at 8:00 in the evenings, seven days a week, 360 days the whole year through.

For most of the week, Friday being the "day-offs" for most working expatriates like us, this is the day church becomes so full as we often come to attend either the english mass or the philippine dialect "tagalog" mass held by our ever patient and dedicated filipino priests assigned for "friday & sunday" tagalog holy mass; and there are the "indian language" holy masses by the indian reverend priests; and the "arabic language" holy masses conducted by arabic reverend priests as well.

It is always a delight to see hundreds or maybe thousands of devotees attending these holy masses especially during Fridays and Sundays and special holidays. is sometimes very disappointing that some churchgoers seemingly forget the teachings from our parents, or the lessons we learned in school for Religion & GMRC (Good Moral and Right Conduct) during our childhood days regarding church etiquette.

We seem to forget that the Church is a holy place of God. It is necessary that we pay respect not only in making sure that we dress appropriately, listen at tentively to every word and hymn while the mass is going, avoid staring at people or making unnecessary talk with the person beside you, and please remember to kindly put your mobile phones "on silent" so as not to disturb or disrupt the holy mass with its ringing, and most of all, DO NOT ANSWER YOUR MOBILE PHONE/CELLFONES or TALK ON YOUR PHONES whilst the holy mass is going on or you are still inside the church premises. Anything that seems to be urgent, excuse yourself and attend your mobile phone calls outside the church premises. *just a friendly reminder*

I've written these out of my thoughts...remembering the other day whilst attending a mass, and it's not only been very disturbing, but honestly very disgusting!!! God wasn't surely very pleased by that and i will be committing a new sin by cursing at anyone who does the same next time...*may the Lord forgive me* :((


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