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Of Flies and Men

Updated on May 2, 2015

Positive Romance by Rudy Lopez


Flies have a unified view of man;

He exists in a moment for that moment,

Mischief is a constant thought.

On the earth he is meek,

Arms too thin to be wings.

He is of self mind;

Left all alone he'll warp like a worm

Wibbling and retreating

From consequences

That leave him ashamed.

The wind is on its way

Stirred by the babble of tongues.

Man is being observed;

He'll just keep on falling

Until God hears his call.


 Aspects of friendship and love are viewed in a positive light in a short story collection in my book Positive Romance. We all have needs; to attract someone, a friend or shoulder to lean on or correct a relationship gone bad.This book looks at all matters of the heart with encouraging and compromising attitudes. This stirring-uplifting collection reveals secret passions and self sacrifice to the many ways of working through the complexities of relationships.

Positive Romance is available on any major online bookstore or you may request it at your local library.


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