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Of Jesus

Updated on November 1, 2009

Simple Spiritual Affirmations For Growing Holy

For Jesus, the Christ has called, chosen and bought me

By that great and holy blood that Jesus shed for us good catholics and


When I think I can, then through Him

All things are within my capability.

I can do, I can put upon and I can get whatever I need.

I can see any possibility accomplished,

When I set out to do in all things

According to the Will Of God

That power which now worketh within me

Where so very much is to be done or perhaps finished.

I have freedom by the Spirit Of God

Which does strengthen me.

I am happy by God’s joy @my requests for wisdom and spiritual understanding.

In Jesus, I am truly able to do anything worthwhile.

Worth writing and worth reading and that is through the Holy Spirit

Where He graces me with humility by faith

To do wonderous things and also beautiful things

That I see in my imagination of what was and what will be.

My God inspires me

For this personal, yet mystical vision of possibility

And I rejoice with hope to bring glory to the Only Wise God

Who maintains His Blessed Kingdom where we keep on seeking His Glory

and His Love.

For by God’s grace, He reigns with us forever and ever.


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