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Of My Mystical Thoughts On Here

Updated on July 13, 2012

Mystical Thought

Of Mystical Thoughts

I was reading and thinking of such great holy books

And learning to make prayers of new discovery through the Holy Catholic Church.

I always look within for building spiritual thoughts of myself or Jesus.

I have been in love with Him and He does give me key signs and evidences of Him.

And I only believe His Presence is wherever I may be for we may discover Him here.

Of the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I seek Him more by prayers and fasting and attending Holy Mass.

And of the Holy Scriptures Of Jesus, I do believe.

By this yearning today to be of another religious order, I am supposed to make calls.

I only wish to get further with our Lord and of my spirirtuality.

Wherever God takes me, I will come. I repent of my sin and ask for more goodness, then.

I am wholly Jesus’s and He is wholly mine. Us together we become very holy and righteous for ways

Of mysticism will grow within through works of mercy and love and definitely by prayers.

God calling me to do that, and true, and real, will be all that work I do plan on doing.

Today I remember and become motivated for ever again my work is important and true.

By Shea Jubelirer

Finished July 13, 2012


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