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Off Task

Updated on March 16, 2013

Off Task

I’m not sure if this is good,

But I can’t resist the fight.

I should focus on the task at hand instead of wandering off course,

but all I can be is me.

So to lessen the distress of missing this chance to share

what it feels like to walk a walk you don’t have to talk;

To live a life that’s full of faults,

Receiving signs from Love,

The Alpha and Omega shining a light onto your path from above.

No words can express

how real it feels

to live a life that feels like secrets are being revealed through simple coincidences,

such as tuning into the right radio station the exact time your favorite song comes on….

Or like sitting down to watch a movie that mimic’s your life…

or like a rain shower symbolizing power and a cleansing of the sins and negative distractions

that cloud the ability to dream.

So dream on dreamer until your dream is realized.

Don’t fight the fire inside!

Instead, douse the flames of the world that surround you!

During the off beats and the down seasons of life,

When the burning sensations that vibe inside fall into place

and began to play a familiar tune that excites your senses

and your rhythm excels its regular tune

and it feels like you’re speeding

or falling from the sky, but you are not afraid…

or like you are keeping a secret of fortunes that you can’t wait to reveal;

a scary and different feeling indeed; to have hope to succeed despite the storms that come.

Just one seed, watered correctly, watch it grow.

God takes care of His own, this I know.

It takes a positive perception to rise against slave conditions ,

and a dangerous mind to perceive positivity amidst adversity.

Yet, the asset has proven its ability to run the course of time, love, and pain;

And neither course has ever run smooth; nor have they been avoided.


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    • LaWandaDenise profile imageAUTHOR

      Le Fe Del 

      5 years ago from Georgia

      This piece is particularly special to me because it was written before I experienced the holy ghost for the first time in my life. After receiving the blessing, I pulled out this piece and it seemed as if I was reading it for the first time. I had recorded the event in this poem before I even experienced it. This piece has magnified my belief and trust in my Savior and I am very excited about His return.


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