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Office of the Apostles Explained Lesson 3 Joseph and Moses

Updated on November 22, 2008

The reason this study is important to learn is because God is coming back sooner than any of us realize. With that said, true Five Fold Ministry must be taught and implimented in our churches for the tribulation that is ahead. As I stated in the previous lessons, we don't need anymore new churches, we need to perfect the ones that are in existence.

As discussed in Leson 1 and 2, The Office of the Apostle Explained is a very in depth lesson to be learned. For all those who haven't read those parts, should read them before reading this one.

Remember we are all one body in Christ and Jesus is our head. It is time to put aside denominations and false doctrines that has kept us in spiritual bondage for centuries. The Bible says the word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path. Knowing this, as long as we seek the wisdom of God, he will never see us perish due to our own lack of knowledge. NOR will he have us ignorant to the devil's devices.

I made it my promise to God and to the body of Christ to find the truth in all things. We can not move forward until the lies are exposed and the truth nurtures the church.


In this lesson we will learn the Apostolic Office of Joseph and Moses.

We all know the story of Joseph. He was the youngest out of all his brothers, favored by his father, given the coat of many colors, thrown into a well (pit/hole), sold into slavery, and ruler over Egypt.

What made Joseph move in the Apostlic Office? Good question right? We can simply say that he was an Apostle because he ruled over Egypt. But the answer is not that simple. Bibles please.?

Genesis 37

As always, I will parahrase unless a direct quote is needed.

As always, I will parahrase unless a direct quote is needed.

Joseph in this chapter had a dream. We can safely call it a vision. God gives visions to the Apostles and the Prophets confirms and execute the visions.


Paul and Ananias. Paul being the Apostle saw the vision that God gave to him and the Prophet Ananias confirmed such before Paul even came on the scene.( Acts chapter 9)

Remember in Amos, the Lord will do nothing unless it is revealed through the prophets. The Prophets work together with the Apostles. In Paul's, Joseph's, and in Moses case all of them had a prophet to declare the vision that was given to the Apostle.

Back to Joseph......

In his vision the sheaves of his brothers fell subject to his sheave. Remember in part 2 of this series Apostles are given dominion to rule over such a place. Well Joseph had that same dominion. The thing that got me with this scripture was Joseph's father Jacob.

Jacob being a forefather of our faith, whenever people referred to God back then, the referred God as being the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Three major prophets who walked in the Apostlic office in their time and day. All of them built altars for the Lord. All of them were visited by the Lord in one way shape, or form. All of them declared the word of the Lord prophetically.

But there is an important lesson to be learned about Joseph's father. Although he had a personal relationship with God, his disbelief in the Apostle Joseph's vision caused him much pain and heartache.

Let me tell you this.....

An Apostle (well any true Christian more so the Apostles) will undergo mad persecution. Joseph suffered such persection just as the Christians suffered persectution before Paul. Paul said it best that Apostles are always contending for their faith. We all should be contenders Apostles or not...

A TRUE APOSTLE is always at war in the spirit. That is why Paul specifically instructed us how we should dress for such warfare in Ephesians 6:10-18. Joseph was in this same kind of warfare when his brothers put him into the pit and sold him into slavery. The only salvation Jospeh had was his vision that the Lord gave to him.


How many of us can sincerely say that as long as we have Jesus, everything is going to work out? How many of us can (no matter what) stand firm on the word of the Lord?

One thing I do know for sure ( and this may seem such a cliché..) but God will never give any of us a vision without making provisions. Our provisions may not be what we expect them to be, but they are what they need to be. Joseph never even imagined what persecution he was going to endure. All he knew was he would rule. A true Apostle stands on the promises of God.

Enough about Joseph because I can go on and on about him....

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Born a Hebrew, raised Egyptian, the deliverer of the Israelites, defined the true essence of an Apostle. Without getting too deep but think about this. Before Moses, there was no name for God. They knew him as Elohim and Yahweh, but never had a proper name for God. It wasn't unil Moses stepped foot in the presence of the Lord did God give him a name for him. I am was and is his name.

Remember a true Apostle saw the Lord in one way or another. Moses saw God in the form of the BURNING BUSH that never was consumed. How do we know this? Because evertime Moses went before the Lord, his apperance changed.

Lets fast forward a little....

Remember when Jesus was on the mountain and he took two of his disciples with him what happened? Moses and Elijah appeared to him and Jesus had transfigured. That is another topic to be discussed. But the fact that I am making is Moses transfigured as well. Whenever we are in the presence of God there should be a transfigurement that should take place. Something about us should be changed forever.

Apostles are law givers. We didn't have such laws until Moses received them from the Great I Am. So not only did Moses see the Lord, but he also gave the law of the Lord to his people. How many of us are giving the right doctrines to our churches. Are we feeding the flock scraps from the master's table? OR are we feeding the flock manner from heaven? A TRUE Apostle feeds the flock manner from heaven. Nothing but the best. I made it my sincerest vow to feed everyone nothing but the best that God gives me to feed.

Who really has the time to administer watered down doctrines that doesn't line up with the word of God? Those who do that are practicing the witchraft of manipulation. They manipulate God's word to suit their own needs and lead people to ignorance.

Moses didn't do such. In fact when Moses came down from the mountain and saw them worshipping another god what did he do about it? He preached righteousness all the way till the end of Deuteronomy.

Moses Ordaines Aaron
Moses Ordaines Aaron
Moses and Aaron before the Pharoah
Moses and Aaron before the Pharoah

Moses saw the Lord.

Moses received the Law.

Moses gave the Law.

Moses built the tabernacle.

Moses preached righteousness.

These are all the characteristics of a True Apostle.

Food for thought: Moses was the type and sign of God the Father. His ability as the 'Deliverer' diplicts God's Amighty power. Only God could do the impossible by delivering the Israelites out of the bondage of Egypt. Before there were judges, Moses was the judge over them. When someone sinned against the Law, the people went to Moses to render a judgement and administer the sentence. God is the judge of us all. With God's authority, Moses was permitted to judge according to the statutes of the Law. It wasn't until after the death of Moses, that Israelites appoint judges. Moses was the mouthpiece of God's word spoken. He relayed the word to his brother Aaron and Aaron spoke to the people. Moses would receive divine instructions from the Lord, and Aaron bore witness and implemented the word of the Lord as the typ and sign of God's son Jesus Christ. Jesus was the manifested word in human form. He didn't come into this world to condemn but to fulfill the Law. God gave Jesus the mandate for establishing His kingdom the same way he mandated Moses and Aaron to do the same.

Moses didn't possess the excellence of speech. Although Moses was the deliverer, he still had issues when it came to speaking with the pharoah. Aaron spoke for him. The wonderful part was the fact that Moses and Aaron went together. Just as God and Jesus. Jesus said it best that he and his father are one. If you have seen Jesus than you have seen the Father. Who was second in command? Aaron. He carried out the word of God just as Jesus corrected the Law through his sacrifice. But there are plenty of comparisons between Moses and Aaron correlating to God the Father and Jesus the Son. That is a whole new lesson.

The next lesson, we will learn about women who have occupied the Office of the Apostle in both Old and New Testiment. I look forward to that lesson as well. If you are being blessed by these teachings or have any questions, comments, or concerns, please send me a request and I'll be so happy to answer.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I have read lots of blogs and some books about Apostles but yours is unique and complete im even catching new revelations frm your blog and wil continue to follow up. This is wht we need before taking d wrong direction. More grace to U in Jesus name. James

    • profile image

      Kaston Muzamba 

      7 years ago

      Thank you very much for putting together all the important lessons which are lacking and discouraged in the body of Christ today. The five fold Ministry especially the prophetic-apostolic offices. This burns in my heart and want a complete training in the apostolic ministry.

      God bless you and give you more insight .

      Pastor Kaston Muzamba.

    • profile image


      10 years ago


    • Lady LaShonda profile imageAUTHOR

      Lady LaShonda 

      11 years ago from Atlantic City, New Jersey

      Hello Dave,

      Joseph died way before Moses and Aaron.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Who was the prophet that worked with Joseph

      Moses and Aaron Joseph and Who?


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